Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Me? A School Bus Driver?

First off let me say that today the pictures have nothing to do with the rest of the content.
I am just adding some random shots to break up the commentary. The title of this post kind of says it all.
Back in 1979 I had no desire to become a school bus driver.
I had been told by my doctor that I needed to get a job outside of the home.
He felt it would be good for my mental health.
Jake and I were living 8 miles from the nearest town and had only one vehicle,
which Jake needed to get to his work.
Our son was starting school in September,so what was I to do?
I had heard of the need for a bus driver for our rural one room school.
This sounded good,but I was quite sure that I could never do this sort of thing.
I didn't really 'want' this job,but after talking abut this with Jake and also some
of our friends,I thought I might be able to do it for a year or two.
I decided to not apply for the job,but,I do remember one morning
during my devotions,praying about it.
I soon found out that God has a sense of humor.
My prayer had gone something like this,
"Lord, I am not going to call about this job,but,if you want me to have it
let them call me".Amen.
I had no sooner said 'Amen',when the phone rang.
The voice on the other end was the person in charge of hiring a bus driver.
He asked if I would be interested in this job.
I started to hem and haw,and then could almost hear God say,
'What did you just pray?'
At this point I said,'Yes,I would like to have the job.'
I signed some papers that same day and started my training.
Back then training meant to upgrade my license to a higher class.
This was fairly easy and by the middle of October 1979,
I was the official school bus driver for the Mason School.


  1. Ruth, I had I feeling that I missed this first part of your schoolbus story. This is good! I love your prayer and I love the answer. How could you turn THAT down?

  2. That's just great. He does answer almost before we call. That's kind of like when I was trying to sell my house, which was in an undesirable part of town. I prayed for God to send me a buyer, so when one showed up with the money (cash) in a brown paper bag, I could not turn him down, although it was a little less than my asking price. I felt that God had sent him.

  3. What a story, Ruth! God had the perfect job just for YOU even though you didn't think you could do it - amazing! (be careful what ya pray for ;-) haha! How nice - extra money - time with your child - what more could you ask?

  4. Ruth: It is neat to share your life as a schoo; bus driver.

  5. A very brave women is one who drives a school bus! I taught school for 35 years and after having 36 students in one classroom for 90 min. I often do those school bus drivers do it?? lol! You must have be a very patient person!! Good story, Ruth!

  6. Ruth, I really enjoyed reading this and can see that God chose you for the job. It is funny, because I did a similar thing about the little part time job that I have typing now. I didn't know how to get a job after so many years of not working and told God that if he wanted me to have one he would have to dump it in my lap because I didn't know how to get one. Well, like you, they called me rather then me calling them and now with Mike not working, I'm glad to at least have the few hours that I have. Every little bit helps.

  7. Sometimes we have to listen to God even when we don't want to. I went into management that way, God just would not let me say no.


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