Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer Flowers

I have been trying to catch up on editing my pictures,
I am so far behind.
As I was going through these pictures from earlier this summer
I found a few to share with you.
I am quite fond of this pink lily.
The ruffled edges add to its beauty.

Here is another of our lilies,now long done blooming.

AS I was out taking pictures one day,I saw this Begonia,back lit.

A visitor among the flowers allowed me a quick shot. The final picture is a macro of a Gallardia.
Most of our flowers have gone to seed and the beauty is past for now.
I can rest assured they will return in spring.
Today,look for the hand of God everywhere.


  1. I love the lilies, too, Ruth. You can enjoy your flowers all winter long if you want.I love the macro, too.

  2. Very good pictures. I've always thought of lilies as growing mostly in warm climates - I'm glad to know I was wrong.

  3. I love that ruffle-edged pink lily!! Wooo, they are all gorgeous! Thank you Lord for such variety in creation!

  4. Hi Ruth, It's neat to see pictures of summer flowers NOW---that most of ours are gone. Thank Goodness for the roses. That's about all of the color we have right now..

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great Labor Day Weekend.

  5. Such a lovely blooms! Thank God for His creation that brightens up our day.

  6. I love lilies and when we used to have our own home, I had many kinds around my gardens that I loved to take care of. Oh... how I miss them and I almost cry thinking about them but I am glad to see such pretty photos and that brings a smile back to my face.


  7. Beautiful shots! I especially like the Lily with the ruffles.

  8. I love your lilies. About the only flowers we have blooming now are our roses.

  9. I don't know how one could look at flowers and NOT see the hand of God! Beautiful!

  10. Beautiful pictures. The pink lily is very lovely.

  11. Nice shots..esp. that macro of the gallardia. Wow!! that is a pretty cool view!

  12. Oh Ruth these are just gorgeous flowers! Things are changing fast here too.
    I'm afraid Fall is upon us..

  13. Ruth, as usual, you show God's beauty in what you see with your camera. Your lilies look like what is called Star Gazer lilies, but I'm not positive. They sure are pretty. Thanks for sharing with us.

  14. Ruth: What a neat show of all the flowers and visitors to your gardem. Beautiful captures for certain.

  15. beautiful pics specially the macro of gaillardia. thanks for sharing.

  16. That ruffled lily is very pretty. Love the backlit begonia!

  17. I've never seen lilies with ruffles edges before...they are beautiful! Thanks for your comment.

  18. "God gave us memories so we can have roses in the winter.", not sure where that quote is from, I used to have a magnet with that on it. God also gave us the ability to photograph them so we remember them even better.


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