Monday, September 21, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane 8

On today's Walk Down Memory Lane,I continue to show you more fall scenes.
The pictures may have been taken years ago,but the beauty is timeless.
A reminder that all these are taken from Jake's old slides.

The next five pictures are at Lake Minniwasta,just west of our town.
Morden gets all it's water from this lake.
Doesn't this just make you feel like going for a walk?
Two more scenes of Lake Minniwasta.
This one is Rainbow Falls in the Whiteshell Provincial Park.
Walking across is our son Steve,obviously taken many years ago.
This is a road through our Pembina Valley.
Yet another thre views of our lake.
A road in the valley.
Here is a picture showing what we enjoy doing,hiking through the woods.
This is me(Ruth) and Steve.
Two more fall lake scenes,this time with some canoes.
I invite you to enjoy the rest of the pictures,without commentary.
Today,look for the hand prints of God everywhere.


  1. The eye and lens of a true artist. Beautiful shots, Jake. Any one is a masterpiece.

  2. Oh Ruth, These are incredible. I love looking at old slides.. Jake did a great job of turning them into digital photos.

    When I saw Rainbow Falls---I got excited. Thought I would see a waterfall.... ha

    Your area is just marvelous. Wish I could see it in person.

  3. Jake did a wonderful job with these pictures. I really like the pictures of the mist on the lake. It's easy to see why this is a favorite place for you and your family.

  4. These are all wonderful photos, but my very favorites are the ones showing the reflections in the lake!

  5. Each one reflecting the Majesty, power and beauty of our Creator!!! Blessings

  6. What an absolutely beautiful place that is. The Lake is just gorgeous in the fall...

    Thanks for sharing Ruth & Jake

  7. Absolutely Autumn! Gorgeous shots!

  8. What a wonderful walk Ruth and Jake. I'd like to go right now! BUT it's raining here :( Not too much Fall here yet, but it is sneaking up on us.
    Love the fog in the woods shots.
    Have a wonderful day.

  9. We are fortunate to enjoy such variation in our seasons. I like the pictures with the mist on the water. Fall mornings can be so still and lovely.

  10. I just love lake, creek, water shots of all kinds and you certainly gave me a a thrill with all these lake shots! Beautiful. I can always see clearly the handiwork of God in these kinds of shots! Thanks !

  11. I just love your walks..all your slides really turned out well in their new digital form..The scenery was lovely and the second and third shots of Minniwasta Lake actually have a haunting look to them...which I love. Very nice post Ruth, Thank u!

  12. What a gorgeous place, Ruth! You are blessed.

  13. Love place. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Great landscape...
    outstanding photography!

    Thank you very much for sharing

  15. The leaves are already turning gold on your beautiful lake! Fall is just starting to paint the leaves here, a little later than usual. It seems we are going to be treated to lots of scarlet this year. Each morning I wake to a little more colour. The lake is still warm enough for swimming but the mist each morning is an indication of how much heat is coming out of the water. Soon we will be putting the boats and swim raft away for spring.

  16. Oh what a peaceful and lovely walk down memory lane and around your area! The slides are excellent! Enjoyed my visit. Thanks!

  17. Such beautiful scenery! I would love a walk there or a trip in that canoe. The fall color is really pretty.

  18. Beautiful memories of a lovely colourful season! Just a fabulous collection!

  19. Looking at the pictures of the Roads brings to mind a 'Power Point" presentation I created a while back, with roads from all over the world (misison pictures). Some had nationals sitting in the middle with their animals, others were roads washed away by storms and others just beautiful paths cut thru the wilderness. I used the song by Point of Grace called "Any Road at Any Cost"

    I thought you would appreciate the words:

    Leaving the safe and familiar
    With their hearts set on a heavenly prize
    There were some who laid down their nets
    And some who laid down their lives
    Not sure where they were going
    But they did not have to know
    cause they knew who had called them
    And they said, we will go

    Down any road at any cost
    Wherever you lead we will follow
    Because we know that youve called us
    To take up our cross
    Down any road at any cost

    It may be fear that were feeling
    We see what we must sacrifice
    But you promised youll go with us
    So well trust with our lives

    (repeat chorus)

    Its your love that compels us
    To do what youve called us to do
    And be completely abandoned to you

    (repeat chorus)

    Because we know that youve called us
    To take up our cross
    Down any road at any cost

    Have a great weekend! I am off to make submarine sandwiches for the High School Band sale today!


  20. Gorgeous photos..this is what I like about Manitoba:)


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