Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Photo Collage

Birds pictured are left to right,starting at the top:
Red-headed Woodpecker,Red-tailed Hawk,Northern Mockingbird
Turkey Vulture,Barn Swallow,Red-breasted Nuthatch
Say's Phoebe,Nashville Warbler,Swainson's Hawk
American White Pelican,Nashville Warbler,Eastern Kingbird.
This is a collection of pictures taken over the last summer.
These are only a few of the many we have.
Value the beauty of the changing seasons.


  1. Wow, what beautiful photos! I particularly like the one of the red-tailed hawk and the one of the barn swallow, very nice :)

  2. I truly value the beauty of the changing seasons and I LOVE your photos that enhance this post. You're going to have to tell me how to make a collage - if I ever take enough photos, lol.

  3. Hi Ruth,
    Very nice collage of your birds!! Some of them are new to me.

  4. Wow, you have all kinds of different birds and you've put these into a great collage! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments.

  5. Hi Guys!
    I love your new header, so perfect for the month of October! Your birds are beautiful as well. Aren't those turkey vultures scary looking? Your picture makes them look beautiful - but boy do they have 'ugly' faces! Have a great week.

  6. Excellant display Ruth. Very nicely done. I like the Pelican..

  7. Ruth, I think this is one of the most beautiful collages I have seen.
    you should make a calendar with all of these lovely birds!!!

  8. Hi There, I always love seeing your bird pictures. You have some great ones taken all through the years. Thanks!!

  9. Hi Ruth! I love your banner and your bird collage. I'm acquainted with many of them from around here and in my travels. Thank you for putting them all together!
    Bless you...

  10. Great way to display your beautiful pictures, Ruth. I give up telling you which one I like the best, it's impossible. Have a great day.

  11. Beautiful birds of summer and a lovely collage! I agree - each season has its beauty.

  12. That is a very creative collage and of course each photo is stunning. Thanks for sharing them.

  13. Ruth: The birds that come through your area of Canada are just wonderful.

  14. It was fun to make that collage big and look at each bird - that red-headed woodpecker flying is really something!


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