Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time For Some Photo Fun

Yesterday,October 21,turned out to be a foggy morning.
This meant a quick trip to see Lake Minnwasta.
The views were stunning in their own way.

A little later as the fog began to lift,the reflections in the lake were my focus.
Yes,there is a little color,and together with some mist over the water it is pretty.
Here is another view of the lake,framed by trees. Today,we finally had some sunshine,so that meant more pictures. This time it was time to have some fun with the Blue Jays. I might add no birds were harmed,except if too many peanuts mean harm. I put the bucket of peanuts down and let them help themselves. Let's reach a little farther.I think the peanuts down there taste better.
Trying to keep a balance while still getting the peanuts is not always easy.
Victory!Now it's time to make a quick get-away. I was zoomed in to close,so therefore didn't get the whole bird in the picture.
I hope you have enjoyed a look at just a sampling of the pictures I took today.
Value the beauty of the changing seasons.


  1. Foggy pictures are so secret. You have to guess what is on the other side.
    So clever about putting peanuts in a bucket. I must try that. I put out a big handfull on my feeder this morning, and they were gone in less than 15 minutes. Once the BlueJays discover the nuts, they just don't give up.
    Have a wonderful week-end. We're expecting alot of rain..

  2. I like the collages below too, but there is something about the foggy morning. Like the appearance it makes.

  3. Beautiful Ruth! I love the autumnally foggy scenes and the antics of the Blue Jays.
    I took 36 shots in half an hour yeasterday, no way can I show so many on the blog. Sometimes it is up to 500 in a day. We just see so much beauty all around us.

  4. The fog gives everything a beautiful, ethereal quality. I, too, love to enjoy the beauty of the fog but don't have such beautiful pictures as this. I think the blue jays are such clowns and thiefs. Great pictures of him.

  5. Oh, Ruth, I just love those shots of that bluejay getting his peanut treats...they are pretty birds to photograph and you did such a nice job!

  6. I enjoyed them very much! The Blue Jay series is great.

  7. Adorable photos of the bluejay!

  8. Ruth, I really like your fog and mist pictures, plus the tree-framed lake is very nice! The blue jays are really fun like that, and boy do they love some peanuts! Glad you got out for some fun. :-)

    P.S. Thanks for all your visits and kind words on my Mount Rainier posts, too!

  9. Love the Bluejay photos....such fun to watch them stealing peanuts. They don't visit me too often. I need to get some peanuts for all the birds that like them.

  10. I really like your foggy morning pictures. It's nice to sees the color. I also enjoyed your pictures of the persistent blue jay.

  11. Ruth: Beautiful captures. we had gray skies all day with no sun. Love your Jay photos.

  12. YOu sure had a good photo day, Ruth! I just love that picture of the lake framed by the trees! Those bluejays were fun to watch, I'm sure - cute!

  13. Alas the fall colour is all but finished here although we still have misty mornings on the lake when it isn't raining - we have had lots of that too! The blue jay photos are fun. They can be quite the clowns sometimes!

  14. Nice pictures of the lake and comical blue jay!

  15. Soooo cute bird! I in love with this one :)

    And the first two pics, I thought it is an approaching gray cloud in the sky....Nice captured!

    I too have some birds at my photo blog CLICK! You may like...


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