Monday, October 12, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane 11

Welcome to week 11 on our Walk Down Memory Lane.
Today has taken a different format,as I show you more pictures,
but in the form of collages.
The first collage is a series of pictures Jake has taken
of our gardens.I remind you that all these pictures were taken before the digital age.
Jake has scanned the old slides onto the computer,
making them easier to share with others.

Just for fun I decided to do one collage of gophers and squirrels.

Finally to end today's walk,I have chosen fall scenes.

All of these were taken locally.

The ones with the mist in the valley,are taken in the Pembina Valley.

The Pembina Valley is a good place to see fall colors,and in spring it is a Raptor migration point.

I hope you will join us again next week for another walk,
until then ....
Value the beauty of the changing seasons.


  1. These are beautiful photos of autumn, and flowers, and critters..
    Happy Monday!

  2. Hi Ruth, Beautiful collages.. I especially like the last one. GORGEOUS.

  3. WOW, I love what you have done! Beautiful pictures. Those critters are so cute, and I really like the fog shots. Much like here.
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. Your gardens are so beautiful, Ruth. Gorgeous shots. Also the little creatures are cute, love the squirrels with the light shining through their tails and the beautiful fall shots.

  5. Beautiful collages Ruth! LOVE the squirrel/gopher one!! And I may have missed wishing you Happy Thanksgiving - so Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you had a wonderful day!

  6. It looks like the old photos scanned very well. Your gardens look so pretty....very old-fashioned. Love the gophers and squirrels. I've never seen a gopher.

  7. I love all the collages! How cool! :)

  8. Things are changing here too. It seems like we had more things to dispose of this summer and fall.

  9. Ruth: What a neat look at the garden, squirrels and lake of your area.

  10. These are just delightful! Very nice pictures from you and Jake.

  11. That is such a cute collage of gophers and squirrels! Lovely fall photos, too!

  12. beautiful fall pics.. sure don't have to travel to far to see Gods beauty..right on our door step..Missed the fall colours in the hills this yr...did they even have a chance to turn?? I think it froze even before they could change ..

  13. Loved all these collages, but the gophers and squirrels were really funny... God Bless

  14. You are blessed to have these lovely pictures scanned for digital - so much fun to share these - they never get old! I especially enjoyed the squirrels and gophers and all the wonderful scenery!


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