Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What a Difference!

These pictures were taken exactly one year ago today.
The color was so spectacular,it didn't matter which way
one turned,there was beauty everywhere.

The yellow tree is a Silver Maple,standing in the middle of our yard.
In the background you can see the Chokecherry bushes in red.
Just another picture to show the lovely colors. And again,the same tree. I guess I get a little carried away when I have my camera in hand.
I took this just to the west of Morden,along part of the Trans-Canada trail.
And now I give you today.
I believe in trying to see beauty all around me.
This is my attempt at being creative.
This picture shows the snow/rain drops on my school bus windshield.
The red you see are the lights of the bus standing ahead of mine,
reflected in the snow.
Here is another view through the bus windshield.
This little tree is just across the fence,in front of my bus.
It is probably not a good idea to shoot while driving,
but that is what I did for this picture.
I am on my way to work ,this afternoon.
Did I mention that we have had snow coming down most of the day?
The ground is still not frozen,so the snow melts fairly quickly.
This is part of our Lilac hedge.
You can see the leaves are still nice and green.
Here we are looking at our yard from the back door.
Last year at this time,the leaves seen here were colors of gold and red. I don't exactly want the snow yet,but,it is beautiful.
Today enjoy God's handiwork,
His finger prints and loving touches
that abound in nature.


  1. Your pictures are spectacular, Ruth. Last year's reds and golds are so pretty, even the snow pictures and especially the first one through the windshield.

  2. Isn't it amazing, Ruth, how one year can be so different from another???? Everyone is complaining about not getting too much color this year. Wonder why that is??? We have a little color here in spots--but not the vivid colors we sometimes have...BUT--we don't have SNOW (thank goodness). As much as I love snow--I don't want it now.
    Betsy--From my laptop in Georgia

  3. Snow already! How sad to have such a short autumn. I'm thinking we might be in for this winter. With all of the precipitation we've had this year, if it continues through the winter...I don't even want to think about it.

  4. That WAS a short autumn you had there! I like snow but I REALLY like the colorful fall season!!

  5. Lovely Ruth! Hopefully you won't get a lot of snow!

  6. Last year was beautiful and colorful there as well as here, but we too are lacking in autumn vibrancy this year! We are expecting that snow you showed here tonight! Already... I can't believe it. But as you point out, there is beauty all around. Praise God! Thanks for the beautiful bouquet.

  7. Lovely series of photos. I like your creative side!

  8. Oh, my....the colors are great and I don't envy you the snow already at all! Be careful as you drive...God be with you and the kids in bad weather this year.

  9. Oh Ruth, I'm not ready for this! I am so thankful for my camera and that we can capture such beautiful images to savor on days like this. The trees are gorgeous, but I'm wondering what this bout of early winter will do to them.
    Take care and drive careful.
    We're having snow too, but just light.

  10. Your photos are always so lovely. I really like the one with the snow in the green leaves, very pretty.

  11. What beautiful autumn colours to look out on - the trees and bushes are lovely. What a difference from last year at this time. We've had snow as well, but a lot of it has already melted. I love that first picture of the snow on your windshield. Take care on the roads.

  12. Ruth: I do hope the weather breaks and the trees get to do a beautiful color change for you. Every year is so different depending how the systems move.

  13. Wow, winter has arrived! Yuk! Really interesting photos as always! Stay warm!

  14. Ruth, your header with all those beautiful orange poppies is so inviting! Even though they aren't blooming now their colors are perfect for the season, aren't they? You certainly showed a contrast between last year and this year. Funny how so many of you in the upper midwest got snow earlier this week, and we, here in California, got deluged with rain (much needed rain) this past Tuesday. Take care and stay warm; I do hope you get a few Indian summer days your way before winter actually settles in.

  15. Great comparison photos Ruth !

  16. Well, if I had to choose I would take the fall colors.

  17. Great selection of pictures Ruth..Lovely compositions and a nice mixture of autumn colors and that crisp white snow!! Glad to hear it is melting as it really is too soon to have to deal with snow!!

  18. Love the snow and water on the wind shield pictures. Those kind of pictures always intrigue me. Not too far south of us got snow the last couple days. It sure is cold enough to snow here, but thankfully it has not yet. I'm just not ready yet!! My husbands out cutting the lawn right now - trying to mulch in some of the leaves that have fallen. I still have flowers on the porch, I've just been too sick to go outside and do anything about putting all the summer stuff away. Hopefully it will hold off a little longer for us.

  19. Some of your cold weather (but not the snow) has made it down here to Tennessee. To tell the truth I like last year's view much better.


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