Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ducks and Geese

 On November 11,Jake and I spent the day in Winnipeg,mostly at St.Vital Park.

The park has a nice pond and is a good place to photograph waterfowl.

This Mallard was sitting right beside the path and had no intentions of moving.

I think that I was being told to move on.
Oh well,I got my pictures so that was fine.
This looks like it could be a young male,with just a tinge of green on the head.

You know I have to take at least some reflection pictures.
For now this  one will have to do,but there are more.

This might be a good one for 'what is it?'
This is the back of a Canada Goose.
I only cropped it a little bit,so you can see I was very close to the bird.
The detail in the feathers is amazing.This is just another facet of God's creation.

I liked the blue in the wing.I'm not sure about that look.Does she look angry or sleepy?

This couple was busy preening.Just take a look at the color on his head,almost like brown velvet.

The geese were so close that with the 400mm lens I had a hard time getting them on the picture.
I like this one for the reflections.
God has created a world of such diversity and beauty,we only need to stop and enjoy it

The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.


  1. Hi Ruth
    Love your photos! So glad that you share your gifts with us :)

  2. Great pictures, Ruth... You really did get close to both the Mallards and the Geese. I think that Mallard was talking to you!!!!! ha

    Great pictures.

  3. Great pictures of your Ducks and Geese. Also enjoyed your pictures on FlickR. I'll go back and look more later. Hope you have a great day!

  4. Beautiful photos! The up-close one of the goose's back is amazing--the feathers are so tightly packed together.

  5. Wow Ruth! Every time we are in Winnipeg we probably drive by St. Vital Park on the way to church! One of these times I need to go - all by myself - and have a wonderful visit there! What fantastic pictures you take! Such beauties and even close up!

  6. These are wonderful photos of the ducks and geese. I really like your close ups, and the reflections are beautiful.

  7. It looks like you had some really good luck getting close, and you have done a splendid job on these guys.
    Thanks for another great walk Ruth and Jake.

  8. Ruth: Outstanding photos of the ducks and geese. You are right about the close-up for a WII. That would have been really hard.

  9. What beautiful pictures! The detail on the birds is wonderful.

  10. These are absolutely stunning Ruth! WOW!

  11. Wonderful! I always love the female Mallard's feathers. Her back has such lovely patterns. How neat that you caught the blue....they awlays seem to have it hidden when I have the camera on them :-)

  12. Love the duck faces! My favorite is the one of the Canada goose feathers - really neat.
    God surely is amazing - giving us such variety to enjoy!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. I'm LOVING those feathers! You must've been very very close. Isn't that blue on miss mallard's wing just perfect? Great shots :)


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