Saturday, November 14, 2009

LIvingston Nature Park

About a week ago,Jake and I had the privilege of taking our 
granddaughter along on a walk through Livingston Nature Park.
This is a small park in Morden,but there are several trails.

Kai is on her way to go 'hiking' as she put it.

Because Grandma and Grandpa carried cameras,she had to take her little one as well.

A fallen tree with 'steps' just begs to be walked on,with Grandpa's help of course.

The look tells me that she is pretty proud of her accomplishment.

I let her use my point and shoot camera and this is the result.
I know the picture is not perfectly sharp,but for a three year old she did pretty good.

Here she is again using my camera and taking a picture of this hole.
Unfortunately,this one was too blurred to post,but at least she is trying.

O.K. not all pictures are of or by Kai.
I thought this moss looked interesting.

I think here they are looking at some very small shells on the sand.

The water looks inviting,but much too cold and too deep for those little boots.

I couldn't resist this reflection shot.

The sign at the entrance held a special attraction.
Kai was quick to spot the tiny Ladybug before Jake or I had.

More than hearts can imagine or minds comprehend,
God.s bountiful gifts are ours without end.


  1. Ruth, these are wonderful pictures! What a cute little granddaughter! Sunday Blessings!

  2. Oh Ruth, These made me smile...I know how much that precious child means to you and Jake. What a marvelous hike you all had. Kai is gorgeous ---and she'll grow up to be as good a photographer as you and Jake... Just wait and see!!!! I love the picture she took of you two. How sweet....

    Thanks for sharing your hike and your granddaughter with us...

  3. How fun to have Grandma and Grandpa all to yourself and get to do something so fun. Nice picture of you and Jake, she did pretty good job.

  4. What a wonderful memory you have made. Enjoyed the pictures and your lovely grand daughter.

  5. Ruth, you have made my day! I have bben hoping to get another glimpse of that cute little moppet all yea. I remember so well the way you two were baking.
    Kai looks just like her grandma.

  6. Lovely photos. I thought Kai's shot of you two was wonderful.
    What a pretty place to visit.

  7. A fabulous post Ruth! Kai is adorable! And I'm so glad you are encouraging her with the camera...children can see the world in a whole new way behind the lens.
    Hope you have a Wonderful Day!

  8. Oh, what a blessed time with our grandchildren! They grow up so fast! I'm glad you had such a lovely outing - you are definitely passing on your keen sense for detail. Lovely photo of the two of you - great job. She is such a pretty little darling! Enjoy!

  9. Lovely pictures of the fun you are having with your granddaughter. So precious!

  10. She is a real doll and what a gift you are giving her to teach her about nature already. I think she took a wonderful photo of you two! Good for her!

  11. That looks like a beautiful park! I like the reflection shot and the shot of Kai holding hands with her grandpa looking in the water.

  12. Ruth: Kai is so cute and it is great that you could share your time with her at the park.

  13. Ruth, These are the times she will remember later in her life..the days she spent with her grandparents...such a nice post..and yes she did a great job of taking those pictures..a wonderful way for her to show you how she views her world..we always gave our kiddos their own throw-away camera when we went on holiday..It sure was a hoot to see shots of what they thought was interesting!!

  14. I really enjoyed your visit to the park with Kai! I have one grandson who used to LOVE photographing with my camera and it is surprising how well they listen and follow directions and are actually careful when we give them a chance! What a sweet post and great memories here!

  15. Thanks for sharing your outing with us! Love the lens on Jake's camera is that a f/2.8 ?

    And I love the fact that Kai has a camera in her hands. Train them up young! My sister in laws sister actually let her 2 year old wander around a baby shower with her xti and kit lens. He was just snapping everything. (I of course was panicking cause - well I couldn't afford to replace my camera if it was broken - but she is a doctor so I guess it isn't an issue). But the pictures he came up with - and he had no clue what he was even doing! Ha!

    Your little 3 year old did a nice job!
    Have a wonderful week! ~Valerie


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