Sunday, November 22, 2009

Scenes From A Recent Walk

 On November 7 Jake and I went for a walk with friends of ours.
The trail we took is part of the Trans-Canada Trail system,located near Morden.
I am showing you a few pictures from this walk,which was most enjoyable.

The birds were almost none existent,so we had to focus on other things.
We came upon this patch of Milkweed,spreading it's seeds.

This picture shows the seeds packed into the pod,just waiting to be released.

I know these plants are not well liked by all,but they are food for the Monarch Butterfly.

Trying to be creative.
The back-lit pod and seeds make a good shot.

This was the scene,as each one of us was trying to get that perfect shot.
Thanks Walter,Sally and Jake for this picture.
All three were too busy taking pictures,to notice me taking their picture.

I hope that the rainbow colors show up in this picture.
I only noticed that effect once I had the pictures on the computer.

One seed just barely hanging on.

The path took us down to a small creek.
I liked the way the water swirled among the stones.

Most of the leaves were already on the ground,but these ,back-lit ones peeked around the trunk of a tree.

A tree that has fallen,perhaps due to age.
The remaining stump makes a good photo subject.

Through a happy springtime,
And a summer filled with love,
May we walk into the autumn,
With our thoughts on God above.


  1. How wonderful to get out and have a walk with friends, especially friends who are also photographers! I like that old stump!!!

  2. Ruth: Great photos of the milkweed putting on its final show.

  3. I LOVED talking this virtual walk with you Ruth! And love that poem you have at the end....beautiful!

  4. Beautiful, Ruth... I know how enjoyable it must be to go hiking with friends--especially those who also love to take pictures. What JOY...

    Great photos---all of them.

  5. I've always wondered what milkweed looked like. I had never seen it before. Thanks for sharing.


  6. A beautiful post Ruth! Love to see the concentration in the gaggle of photographers and stunning irridescence you vaptured on the milkweed seeds.

    Blesss you my dear, you have such an eye for nature.

  7. Well I didn't know that the milkweed was food for the Monarchs!! Thanks - now I know!! I've always loved picking those pods apart and helping the seeds to escape! I've wondered if in the olden days people would collect the fluffy stuff and use it for filling pillows! You take awesome pics Ruth! I can't believe the size of cameras and lenses you all have! Nice surprise shot of your photographers!

  8. You've exposed the milkweed pod as a beautiful work of art. Well done. In the picture of the creek, don't you just love the way the water picks up the gorgeous color of the sky right now. Thanks, Ruth

  9. Even though they are all spent, these dried weeds are beautiful. We have lots of Milkweed seeds here floating around in the wind.

  10. Thanks for sharing the lovely milkweed. I love to see the pods break open like that in a field near us.

  11. Very nice series of photos. I like the Milkweed shots.

  12. Lovely lovely pictures Ruth, I love them all :)

  13. worth visiting here..hope you can find time to visit mine!God Bless!

  14. How fun to be with friends who have the same passions! I love the milkweed seed pods - especially the one just barely holding on - made me think of me this week! Love the poem at the end. God truly does shine in every season. Thanks for helping me to get a great start to my day!


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