Monday, November 2, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane 14

Today on our Walk Down Memory Lane I want to introduce you to  our families.

This first picture is Jake's family.
At the top are two pictures of Jake's Dad and Step Mom.
The right hand picture also show two Grandchildren.
The little fellow is our so ,Steve.
On the left,Steve on Jake's Grandpa Friesen's lap.
Center is a family wedding day.
Steve was the ring bearer for Uncle Dan(on the left).
The next picture,a wedding shower for me.
Mom Hiebert and Mom Janzen beside me.
The avid hunters are Jake's two brothers.

And finally a picture showing Jake's Aunts and Uncles.
Unfortunately I do not have a picture of Jake's birth mother.
She died when he was a teenager,and later Dad married the mother in the pictures.
Both of Jake's parents have gone on to wait for us in Heaven,as have several of the Aunties and Uncles.

The above picture is my family,the Janzen's.
On the right are my parents and little Stevie.
To their left is a photo of yours truly.
In the upper left is my Dad,he was an avid John Deere fan.
Center is Dad and two of his sisters.
All three of these loved ones have joined Mom in heaven.
Bottom left is a family trip to Texas,this being in Houston at the Space Center.
Bottom right,my Dad  with my Sister-in-law Hilda,my sister Becky and me.
Dad was already a sick man at this time.

This series is of Jake and Me as we start our life together.
Starting at the top left,the first four pictures were taken on our honeymoon to Banff and Jasper.
The middle picture speaks for itself.
This is the first day at home with our bundle of joy,Steve.
Bottom left show the family in Banff on yet another vacation.
Center is a birthday party,for ,guess who.
And finally a family portrait of Jake,Ruth and Steve.

I end today by showing you a four generation picture.
Grandmother Hiebert,Dad,Abe Hiebert,Jake and Baby Steve.
One of the reasons I show this is to show how the slide scans can be improved.
The top picture is original,then some improvements using Picasa,
and finally more improvements using Photoshop Elements 5.
Next week we will be back to birds and scenery.

As the years add up,God's faithfulness keeps multiplying.


  1. Good Morning, Ruth! THese are great collages of your families!!! Boy, you sure can do a lot to clean up the old slides!!
    I did some of that with mine and I need to go ahead a finish cleaning all of them up.

  2. Ijust love love love your new header. That red leaf on a rock is just simple but beautiful.

    Aren't family pictures fun? I love to get out ours and go down that memory lane... hours spent reminicsing ... Thanks for show ing up yours.. Makes us all realize how much we have to be thankful for.

  3. Hi Ruth, I LOVE seeing old family photos.. As much as I love seeing the birds and the critters, I think I enjoy seeing family pictures the most. You have some great pictures-and I love the way you portrayed them.

    How old is Steve now? How is he doing??? Does he live nearby?

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I loved your family portraits as well. Looks like a wonderful family! You have quite a talent with the photo software. Nice job on the remakes of those slides. I need to keep practicing. I get so goofed up when I use elements. I should get a book or something - just never enough time! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Your new Header is gorgeous. The trip down memory lane was well worth taking. Nice post.

  6. What a wonderful job you did on sharing those pictures and slides with us! Such lovely families! I enjoy all your pictures - you are a very talented photographer. Oh, and I love your new header!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories!

  7. Thanks for the look into your family, Ruth, and seeing a little more into who you are. You have a wonderful family tree and a beautiful spot to live in.

  8. It is wonderful to have such family memories.

  9. I just love looking at old family pictures. What a handsome family you have.

  10. Thankss for sharing your family with us. These pictures obviously hold many happy memories for your entire family.

  11. Lovely pictures of your beautiful family!

  12. I like the way you have taken the photos and made collages. I still have so much to learn about what I can do with what I have. I have Photoshop Elements 6, but don't have the foggiest about what I can do with it.

    These collages are so nice of the old photos. I like the photo of your Dad with the John Deere in the foreground.

  13. How nice to see your family! I think the older we get the more we want to look back at our loved ones and remember. Everytime you mention Steve, I smile, because my son is named Steven, too. That is great how you were able to improve those photos. I haven't tried scanning slides yet.

  14. Ruth: A Wonderful look back through the generations.

  15. Ruth,
    Such a nice tribute to your family..what wonderful photo mosaics of special times in your nice it is to have pictures and all those wonderful memories to re-live. You did a very nice job presenting them!

  16. What beautiful pictures and wonderful memories..thanks for sharing..

  17. Thanks for sharing you family photos, Ruth. The collages are great!


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