Monday, November 9, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane 14

 I invite you to join me today on this Walk Down Memory Lane as we browse through a few of Jake's slides of birds.

The first picture is not actually a bird,but the work of the Pileated Woodpecker.
These birds can create a very large cavity in the tree.

Your truly trying to hand feed the Pine Siskins.

Here are three pictures showing the results of some edit work.The above is the original.
Note the branch across the bird and then take a look at the next one.

These  edits were down with Photoshop Elements 5.

Another picture of the Ruffed Grouse,drumming.

And again the edited version.

A Western Meadowlark in the glow of sunset.

Jake captured this one sitting in our old garage.

A House Wren busy feeding it's young.

Pine Siskin in a pretty pose.

This was probably our first sighting of a Great Egret.

Here is a Killdeer nest.

Feeding a Tennessee Warbler,both the above and below photo.

Oranges are a treat for a lot of the birds.

The Baltimore Orioles love them.

This little Tennessee Warbler is looking for some orange juice.

Obviously the Cape May Warbler also enjoys oranges.

A Common Redpoll hangs onto an icicle waiting for a turn at the feeder.

The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.


Anonymous said...

It is really nice to see another Nature blog like my own...Michelle

Karin said...

Beautiful, beautiful models for your wonderful pictures. I've never seen in bird hang onto an icicle - wow!! Amazing shot!

Dorothy said...

Ruth, these are wonderful pictures of your birds! I love to see them eating out of your hand!!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Wonderful pictures of your birds, Ruth. Love that picture of you trying to get them to eat out of your hand.

We have a tree with woodpecker holes in it just like the one Jake took. It's in our empty lot next door.

I've never put out an orange to attract birds. I need to do that sometime.

GREAT pictures.

Anonymous said...

I have had success with feeding squirrels oranges and also Baltimore Orioles, and nothing else. I really like your bird posted and I also like the handiwork of the tree worked on by the Pileated Woodpeckers.

Richard said...

Love Photoshop for correcting all my mistakes.

The last picture in my favorite even though they are all great.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Ruth: The wonders of your camera are certainly enhanced with PS. Your photos are wonderful.

April said...

Superb pictures of the birds! I like your editing work, too. Very nice!

Valerie said...

Amazing that a bird can create such a huge cavity. I had a pilleated woodpecker on a dead tree stump a few years back and left only a small square hole. That first picture was so incredible.

Nice work on the photo editing. I have elements 6 - but just cant find the time to figure it all out. I get frustrated very easily when I see the amount of time to make one little change. I can't seem to make sense of the layer business either. It just doesn't seem very user friendly to me, but I guess I expect everything to come easy to us these days.

Directions? Who needs directions? I can figure this out on my own ... well maybe I can't and that is why I am still struggling with the silly program!

Looks like good news for baby Stellan! Praising God for him being in that 20% success rate! So far things look good.

Diane said...

Boy, you're getting pretty close there feeding them. These are great shots. I'm going to try some oranges outside for them. In the wintertime, too?

Becky said...

These are fantastic Ruth! Each better than the previous! Now I'm also wondering how long you had to sit there before that Siskin came that close to eat from your hand?

Montanagirl said...

What a beautiful sereis of photos. Love the Redpoll hanging on the icicle! How do they manage to cling to an icicle???

George said...

These are beautiful pictures. I wish I had your editing skills We're going to have to put out some oranges for the birds. Perhaps that will help me get some good pictures.

Arija said...

What a wealth of marvellous bird photos! I love the Common Redpoll hanging off the icicle, seems like cold comfor to me.
Even if the birds did not eat out of your hand, they were comfortable enough with your presence to let you companion sit.

Mary said... had some great stuff here! I love the handfeeding of the birds...such patience you have! I will have to get Photoshop....I love how it removed that branch. I have so many shots ruined by things like that. That last shot on the icicle made me smile :-) What a cold perch.

Peggy said...

THESE ARE SO NICE! And seeing the grouse made my day!

Mimi said...

Hello there, I've come via Kerrie's place.
These are lovely. I especially like the bird with orange ones- never knew that birds liked oranges!