Monday, November 23, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane 16

 Today I will show you a collection of nature scenes.
Each of these were taken by Jake using slide film and later scanned to the computer.
Yummy Raspberries remind us of summer now past.


Plumes of grass

A peaceful country scene.

Mushrooms on a tree trunk.

Shades of fall.

Even weeds have beauty.

Monarch Butterfly

Grasses reflected in the water.

Back-lit leaves.

A curtain of gold.

Many shades of green.

Pond of diamonds?

Amur Maples display their colors.

Frosty leaves.

Fall color on our yard.

  I trust that these pictures give you something to smile about.
Our God has created a world of such diversity and beauty,and we get to enjoy this if only we stop long enough to really see it.


  1. God's beauty IS all around us ---from maple leaves to weeds, Ruth... All of your pictures are gorgeous. I can't pick a favorite one.

    Have a great week.

  2. Lovely photos again! Those mushrooms look like a coiled up snake to me!

  3. I can't pick a favorite, Ruth, it's impossible. I do love the raspberries but they're all beautiful. Love the pond of diamonds, too. Gorgeous things.

  4. This is simply a terrific series of photos. Love the fall colors and it's exceptional camera work!

  5. Beautiful shots! Jake is quite a photographer!!!! Happy Thanksgiving! I'm going to be busy with company thru Sunday but will be back as soon as I can!

  6. God did give us such diversity, all of beautiful. Thanks for sharing some of it with us. Hard to pick a favorite.

  7. These shots are prettier than the ones in professional calendars. Great job!

  8. Beautiful and I just LOVE those leaves!!

    I hope you are doing well!
    I so appreciate your kind comments on my blog...they mean a lot to me :)

  9. What great beauty God has given us to enjoy! Your photos capture it so well.

  10. Jake, you have been taking wonderful nature photos for a long time with both your slides and digital! I love the backlit leaves and the mushrooms on the tree. So many lovely colors and shapes in this post. Fall at its best!

  11. Ditto to Karin about the snake-y mushrooms. I was wondering if someone else saw that.

    I'm glad to have found your site.

  12. Just Beautiful, especially those red maple leaves... Have a blessed Thanksgiving Ruth!

  13. Ruth, there are so many lovely shots here and I'm glad that Jake and you have taken the time to scan each one and enjoy it all over again! Do you know what I thought when I looked at the mushrooms on the tree? I thought it was a nest of young fledglings - maybe quail? Isn't that funny? Then I read your description. I especially like the picture of the fall leaves with the complete shadow of the third leaf - neat!

  14. Ruth,
    Love all those wonderful photos you scanned. What great colors and reflections.. just love that pond of diamonds!!
    Do have a nice and relaxing weekend!!

  15. Lovely photos in your last two posts. I love milkweed pods in the fall and the lower sun illuminates them well.

  16. Thanks for another beautiful trip down Memory Lane. These are all wonderful photos.

  17. Ruth: What a neat series of seasonal photos, very artistic.

  18. These are gorgeous photos of God's creation! Thank you for sharing, Ruth, and thank you for visiting my blog. Have a very nice Thanksgiving with your family tomorrow.

  19. I really did smile Ruth, since all the color from our area has long gone, and snow on the way.
    Thanks for the memorable beauty.


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