Thursday, November 26, 2009

Whiteshell Provincial Park 2005

 While looking through some of my first photography attempts,I saw these pictures.
In the summer of 2005 Jake and I spent a couple of days in eastern Manitoba,
in Whiteshell Provincial Park.
Here are some scenes from that vacation.

This is at the old Pinawa dam site.

Another scene in the same area.You can see the ruined structures which once served a good purpose.

Looking in yet another direction.
I like the vibrant greens all around.

Here is a lake scene,taken as we walked in the town of Pinawa,Manitoba.

On our drive that morning,we spotted this deer, still in velvet,standing in the ditch.

I don't recall the name of this lake,but the mist in the early morning created a lovely scene.

The Whiteshell has many small bodies of water and this one gave me a perfect reflection.

At another spot this was the scene.
The waters were so calm,that it looked like glass.

OK, I promise this is the last reflection in this post.
I wanted to just keep on shooting,under these conditions.

This is called Rainbow Falls.
That year  it had a fair bit of water going over the falls.
Some years you could easily walk across the top.

Looking along the falls.
It is not very high,but still sounds good.
This is also a popular fishing spot for both men and birds.

I don't think I have ever been to this place without seeing a Great Blue Heron.
He was intent on catching lunch.
My camera at the time of these pictures was my first digital,an Olympus point and shoot.
I wish now that I had a better camera at the time.

The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.


  1. The reflection pictures are just beautiful, Ruth. I don't think I've seen any so absolutely smooth and prefect like these are. And you took those with your early camera, too.

  2. Beautiful photos again - of places I can relate to! I always spent several weeks as a child at Camp Nutimik in the Whiteshell- either as a camper or later as a leader! Lovely lake and wonderful memories!

  3. These are beautiful Ruth! I LOVE the reflections...and of course the Heron. I don't see enough of those!!!

  4. Ruth, you could never post too many pictures of reflections for me!! They are all beautiful! You did a great job capturing them!

  5. Those reflections are spectacular Ruth. I always love your trips. Thanks.

  6. Ruth: that was a beautiful trip to an outstanding place.

  7. Beautiful serene images..sigh!
    Happy Thanksgiving weekend my dear friend. hugs aNNa xo

  8. If this is one of your first attempts at photography and you had a point-and-shoot camera, I have to say you did a wonderful job. The photos are all great, but of course I especially like the waterfall!

  9. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures!!
    Hope to see many more in the future.
    Greetings from Onatrio.

  10. This does look like a nice place to visit. I like places like this one where wildlife rules or have returned to make it home. I suppose the dam had worn out or was removed for some other reason.

    Thanks for the visit and comment on my blog about the Baltimore Oriole. I hope you like the way I feed them with sliced oranges.

  11. I love looking at all the green shots.
    We are so brown and well - colorless at this point.
    Supposed to get an inch or two of snow tonight.
    "Tis the season!


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