Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A New Month and a New Scene

December has arrived and with it also a significant change in the weather.
November the 30th we had green grass,and a few hardy Johnny Jump-ups still in bloom.
December 1st.this is what we woke up to.

This is looking west from our yard.
We had about 4 inches of wet snow overnight.

The snow transformed everything into a winter wonderland.
This is at an Agriculture Research Station,just a block south of our home.

The evergreens were loaded with snow,as seen above and below.

Here is a different angle of the Slinky which is on the bird feeder.
By the way,this does help to keep the squirrels away from the feeder.

Another shot of the same Slinky,only this time taken with a lens which had some fog on it.
I kind of like the effect.

These Mountain Ash berries create a wonderful contrast against the snow.

Every branch is heavy with a layer of snow.

The seed heads of the Purple Coneflowers are wearing tall snow hats.

These pictures may look like they are taken in black and white,but they are really in full color.
I think the snow creates a look of old fashioned lace.on the trees.

In the background of the above picture is our Lake Minnewasta.
It is hard to tell that it is water,the colors are all so similar.

Just another scene of the snow covered trees.
We have had snow off and on all day today as well.
I was waiting for this already,the browns were getting a little boring.

Be exalted,O God above the heavens.
Psalm 108:5


  1. Beautiful, glorious snow pictures! Here in the deep south we hardly ever get any snow!.

  2. What a change! It's so amazing to me how the weather can change in the blink of an eye. You captured some really pretty pictures, I love the purple coneflowers, they almost need little faces, and I agree with you, the one slinky picture with a slightly foggy effect is very pretty. The others are gorgeous, too. Happy Winter, Ruth.

  3. The 1/2" we had has all gone away, but more is promised for the week-end.
    I love all your shots Ruth, especially the Mountain Ash.
    I'm not sure if I'm waiting for winter or not. I really don't like coats and boots anymore.

  4. While I like to see snow in your pictures, I hope I wait a long time for mine. Actually, don't mind the snow as much as I hate the cold that comes with it. Hurry up spring, I can hardly

  5. Just wonderful, wonderful pictures! I LOVE such a snowfall! It's just the cold and the length of winter I have trouble with! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous views!

  6. Just beautiful!
    My favorite time of winter is when the snow is heavy and lands on the trees branches to create such a beautiful "wonderland."

    There is beauty in every everything, if we only look for it!

  7. We have been "spared" this much snow so far, but it does look very pretty. I love the mountain ash berry picture. The birds have eaten all our ash berries already.

  8. Ruth: What a neat set of photos, You can keep it up in Canada for a while. I'm not ready for that much snow.
    Your header change is really nice.

  9. Beautiful photos. We don't see this where we live. It does snow in the mountains but not right where we are. I especially love the snow on the tree branches. It looks so pretty. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Wow, what beautiful snow. I wonder if it will be heading our way soon. I had no idea a slinky would work like that, must try that! Thanks for the tip.

  11. Your snow pictures are just beautiful. The first snow is always welcome to take away the brown dreary colors of a dead autumn and usher in winter. I love all of them. We are still waiting but they say its a comin' soon.. The birds love it too. Have a blessed day!

  12. I know Betsy is jealous -- she loves snow, especially wet snows like the one you've shown so beautifully. I'll admit that you've shown a very pretty winter wonderland.

  13. I am going to have to dig up one of my kids old slinkys. That is a good idea if it works.

    I don't envy you that snow, Ruth. Way too much for me.

    I was watching a young squirrel after the sharp shinned hawk today. The squirrel wasn't afraid and would chase the hawk. Then when the hawk had enough it would turn and chase the squirrel. I managed to get some interesting photos.

  14. OH MY GOSH----That is absolutely gorgeous.... I love love love it. AND---I'm so jealous. That is my type of snow (a wet one which clings to everything). WOW----I have checked out your pictures over and over.....My heart is beating fast... I'm just so excited. Hope we get just a little this winter..... Hope-Hope--Hope...

    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Gorgeous pictures, Ruth!
    I had full intentions of taking the camera after I got home from work to get some shots; but alas :( the grandkids were over and then they want Nana's attention :)
    Thanks' for sharing yours with us, Ruth :)

  16. REAlly, really beautiful! I always enjoy the first snow and then hope there won't be more :-) Hadn't heard of that slinky trick. I've got about 8 squirrels that have come for the winter, but I will feed them.

  17. Absolutely gorgeous, Ruth! Stay warm!

  18. So very pretty. I hope we get some snow this year, I would love to get out in it with my camera. We have not had much snow (just flurries, basically) since I went digitial. Suppose to snow in the mountains tonight, but I won't be able to go there tomorrow. We probably will just get flurries, if that.

  19. Simply Beautiful series! I love to see the snow come and then can hardly wait for spring once its here :) I just checked the forecast for our area, 1-3" tomorrow.

  20. I love your pictures and one day it will snow in Toronto too.
    That is time I enjoy walking along Lake Ontario and visit our parks.
    Wish you all the best,

  21. Very Nice Pictures!! We have over 8" of snow, in the Haskett area.

  22. Isn't it fun to see how the snow makes every picture look different - I love the snow - even if it does cause havoc at times! The birds flock to the feeders as well - a gift for all that are home bound!


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