Thursday, December 10, 2009

Warm Pictures on a Cold Day

 The weather outside is less than ideal with temperatures hovering around the -20C mark all day.
Would you like to join me on a mini vacation?
Put on some sunscreen,grab a hat and a cold beverage,and let's go birding.

The first bird we encounter is the sunshine yellow American Goldfinch.

The Goldfinches love the seeds of the thistle plant.

We turn our attention to the grassy field and see this Bobolink sitting on a dry twig.

At the bird house along the fence line we see the beautiful Eastern Bluebird.
Obviously this one has young to feed.

At another location this male Wilson's Warbler strikes a perfect pose.

As we watch at the water the Common Tern is preparing to dive for a fish.

Sitting on this branch is the small,yet brightly colored American Redstart.

A black-and-white-Warbler is the next bird we get a look at.

Back at home this Baltimore Oriole is waiting his turn at the oranges.
The male of this species is such a brilliant orange.

Finally we stop at the English Gardens in Winnipeg to watch the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds.
Nothing says summer and warm weather better than these tiny flying jewels.

This one is probing deep into the Monarda to get every bit of the sweet nectar.
All these pictures were taken by Ruth in 2009,at various locations around southern Manitoba.

Stop and consider God's wonders.
  Job 37:14


  1. Ruth: Outstanding captures of all the neat birds, thanks so much for sharing these neat birds. There were some I would have no clue.

  2. Love the sunny birds! Just what we needed to see today!. I am missing the birds, Even put up and filled some bird feeders out in the backyard today. Hoping a few will still be around. The Cardinals usually are.

    So .... why do we live in these cold climates???

  3. What a fun post for a cold, cold day!!! birds have been avoiding our feeders, but today we saw a House Finch and a Goldfinch at the feeder. As I walked into the dining room I saw a mockingbird walking up and down on the bench outside the window. He seemed to be admiring himself in the reflection.

  4. Thanks, Ruth. I feel warmer already. The birds are just so beautiful. I've never seen several of those. Have a peaceful WARM evening.

  5. What fantastic photos!! When I see all these gorgeous and interesting birds, I feel that I have had a totally deprived childhood! Sparrows, pigeons, and crows seemed to be all I ever saw. My favorite was always the robin's return in the spring. I just love that I now get to visit your pictures - even if I don't get to see them with my very own eyes.

  6. Wonderful bird photos, I would love to see the Wilson Warbler. You photos are great.

  7. On a day like today Ruth your post is SO welcome. I enjoyed the walk with you, and thanks for inviting me. Some of your birds I have never seen, like the black and white Warbler, the Redstart, and the Wilson's Warbler.
    Temp here -10c, 8" of snow and still snowing. The wind had died down some thank goodness.
    Have a wonderful day.

  8. These are all so lovely, thank you for posting them. My favorite is the tern, very nice capture :)

  9. What a lovely series! It was nice to see some brightly colored birds in such a warm setting! We have minus 10 degrees this morning.

  10. Thanks Ruth...and yes we are so blessed at this time of year to know the real reason for the season! Your photos are gorgeous and just brightened up a cold dreary day here in North Carolina:-) Have a Blessed Christmas Ruth!

  11. Wow! What a beautiful variety of birds. I love them all. I must say it's strange to see them now when all is white and windy and wintery outside...Thanks for the reminder of what is to come. Spring birds.

  12. Thanks for the sunshine filled vacation! I'll need those throughout the winter! I love that beautiful Redstart and the warbler and oriole. I did see my first Redstart this year but it wasn't that colorful.

  13. They were all so delightful!

  14. What a line up of beautiful warm weather birds! I just enjoyed seeing them with the sun hitting them so nicely - I need to add a Wilson's to my life list - what a lovely picture!

  15. Hi Ruth! I missed you tremendously.
    Of course it's so nice to see such an array of feathered friends.
    I understand the cold. it is bitter here as well, I look out and snow falls as I write this.
    I think already of the Spring yet it is so far away.

    I hope you are well, my friend. Know I think about you and your family and hope that the holiday season will be special.

    Hugs and kisses♥


  16. Thanks for arranging this vacation on such a cold day. The pictures are all warm and beautiful.

  17. I return our holiday greetings to you and your family.

  18. Ruth, Oh my you can take me on vacation anytime you want..what wonderful photos of so many birds..some I have yet to see in person but hope to some day!!
    A wonderful trip...thank u!!

  19. Just want I needed on cold day like today...-24. It warms my heart to see the beautiful birds. Thanks for posting a picture of the goldfinch..its a very special bird to me..enjoy your blog...

  20. I am amazed at how you find birds sitting completely in the open on bare branches in perfect light. Great photos!!

  21. So beautiful! And... WARM! ;o) Thanks for that!

    I love the hummingbirds. I wish we had more of them around here!

  22. Wow, those are amazing shots! Beautiful!

  23. Absolutely gorgeous photos! So pretty!


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