Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm Still Here

I thought it might be time to say 'Hello'.
I am alive and well and still working at setting up the Mac.
This post is being made from the old PC.
Not only did we get the Mac,but we had to get a new photo editing program.
We are now using Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac.
The organizer is somewhat different,therefore it is taking longer to set up.
Here are a few of my latest pictures,taken through the dining room window.

I was surprised by this Northern flicker at the suet one day.
He has been a regular visitor since.

I took this picture to show the red 'V' at the back of his head.

Did you notice that each dark spot is in the shape of a heart?

Finally,I need to show one Black-capped Chickadee.
I think these are about the happiest birds.
Listen to their song sometime and you will hear happiness.


  1. Getting a new computer involves mountains of other stuff, too, doesn't it. I missed you but I figured that's what been going on. You got some great shots, Ruth. Thanks for pointing out the heart shaped dark spots. He gave you a great shot of the back of his head too. Hope all goes well with your set up.

  2. Oh, I have to show that Northern flicker to my daughter!! All her life she's collected things in nature that are heart shaped - leaves, rocks, etc. She'll love this photo too!

    I've had to get an external hard drive for my MacBook Air and that's been a learning curve too! Lots of fun!! Enjoy!

  3. These pictures are beautiful! I have never seen a Northern flicker in person. How interesting about the hearts, I'm glad you pointed it out or I might have missed it!

    The black capped chickadee is a favorite of mine. I went to a store yesterday, I heard one in the distance and smiled. They always bring a smile to my face!

  4. Hi Ruth
    Beautiful photos! Thanks' so much for sharing.

  5. Hi Ruth, Hope you love your mac like we do--once you get it all set up. It truly is easier --once you know what you are doing. IF you have questions, be sure and ask George.

    We use iPhoto, Preview, and Picasa for our photos.. We don't have the program you mention. iPhoto is a GREAT program. We also use iWeb for our photos, iTunes for our music, iCal for our calendar (which we sync together), Firefox and Safari for our browsers, Mail for our emails and the Address Book for not only our mailing addressses but also for email.

    I noticed that you have suet sticking out of the top of your suet feeder (with the door open.. Is that what got your Flicker to come to the feeder??? I have never tried that.

    Have a great Sunday.

  6. Great pictures Ruth. Around here I've never seen a N. Flicker in the winter time.

  7. Ruth: Wonderful photos of the neat flicker. We have them in Ohio in the Summer.

  8. What amazing detail Ruth. What beautiful birds too.
    I've changed my blog "look" and hope it opens faster now.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week-end.

  9. Your photos are excellent!!! Love the Flicker and the Chickadee. I love to hear his cheerful song, too. Good luck with the the Mac!!!

  10. Your Northern Flicker is stunning - and that really does not express it well. Thanks for taking the time to post these beauties.

  11. Such great pictures thru your window! You must be good at keeping them clean and clear!!

    It is so cool to see those 'hearts' all over the flicker. Another reason why I love photography - so many things we would never notice that the camera helps us to see up close!

  12. Welcome back! I've been wondering about you. The Flicker photos are beautiful. I have a new iMac, and also am using Photoshop Elements 8. I love the Photoshop program. There's so much you can do with it.

  13. Beautiful captures Ruth.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Love Mac too:).
    But I don't have it yet.

    Have a nice week ahead

  14. Awesome shots of the Northern Flicker.

  15. Wow Ruth - that Flicker is awesome! I had no idea they were covered in hearts :) LOVE that!
    And I love the chickadee too!

  16. I hope you are getting comfortable with your new computer and software. I really like your pictures of the Northern Flicker. We haven't seen any Flickers lately. I agree with you about the happy Chickadee.

  17. Nice work with the flicker, very nice close-up work!

    I hope Jake isn't too jealous of Mac :)

  18. Glad to know that you are getting the MAC all set-up and running OK. Love those Flicker shots. They are such interesting looking woodpeckers and I don't see them much. They feather pattern is so unique. I always think the Titmice look the happiest, but the Chickadees certainly always sound perky :-)Both are favorites.

  19. Great shots - especially of the Chickadee. Our Flickers have left for warmer places but the little Chickadees are here every day.

  20. Great pictures...we haven't seen a chickadee at the feeder this year. Love the cheerful song it sings..keep up the good work

  21. The Northern Flicker is one of our prettiest birds in my estimation. I would be so excited to see one at my feeder. Beautiful pictures!!

  22. For some odd reason, I have never had a Northern Flicker here on my property though I have had all the other woodpecker varieties and I have also had old rotten logs loaded with ants but that didn't work either. I think if I ever get the first one then I will have them as you have.

  23. Beautiful photos of the Northern Flicker! Very nice!

  24. Thanks so much for the correction on my woodpecker. I would have never known there were 2 so similar. I just assumed.

    i just love learning for so many who have so much expertise in areas I am wanting to learn!


  25. Beautiful post with Fantastic shot !! Simply nice and amazing !! Great Photos !!

  26. I love love love that first flicker shot! Good luck on your new Mac!

  27. Ruth, the photos are excellent... depth of color and midtones... I feel like I could touch it. ;)

  28. Such stunning photos! That flicker sure is a handsome guy! And the chickadees always win my heart! My husband calls them little angels - and I think he's right!


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