Friday, January 22, 2010

Let's Give the Mac a Try

Well the time has come to get back to normal.
I am making this post from my Mac.
Around here the last few days,although mild have been overcast and dull.
With this in mind I will post a few of last summer's pictures.

Once again I take you to one of our favorite places in Winnipeg,the English Gardens.
This Zinnia is bright enough to lighten up any day.

On a warm summer day,what better to do than this.
The Bunny had found a shady spot beneath the Day Lily leaves.

Another color and shape of Zinnia.
The colors are so vibrant and we saw butterflies attracted to them as well.

Mr. Frog was relaxing on the lily pads.
He was not very big so a leaf was big enough for a bathtub.

The English Gardens is a must see if you are ever in Winnipeg.
This is part of the extensive flower beds.
Looking at these pictures,I know that as soon as possible we will be back there for more.

In God's garden of love,
you are His Forget-Me-Not.


  1. It looks like everything is up and working perfectally Ruth.
    Those colors do brighten up the day.
    I saw a bunny today and it's the first one in a very long time.

  2. Looks like you have more room on the page or is it just me. Looks very nice. Your pictures are, as usual, gorgeous. Beautiful flowers, bunny and the frog is even beautiful. Nice shots, Ruth.

  3. Really nice pictures! I know you are proud of your new Mac! Jeep is antsy to try out one of those!

  4. Oh I'm proud of you Ruth... I hope you will love your Mac --as much as we love ours... If you ever have questions or need tips or short-cuts, etc. be sure and ask us!!!!

    Great pictures...

  5. Wow Ruth. These are delightful!
    Amazing captures.
    Have a lovely weekend.


  6. Glad you're back and everything is running smoothly. Even your pictures look

  7. Thanks for the pick-me-up on what was for us a foggy, ice-crystal covered day. I've been seeing lots of rabbits around here, but they all still have their white coats on. Your little guy looks so relaxed, basking in the sun!
    Blessings for a great weekend.


  8. Oh Ruth...this post makes me long for spring, and flowers, and bunnies, and froggies! What a wonderful way to brighten the day...just by visiting your blog I feel lighter and happier! Thank You!
    Fabulous post!! and Fabulous Pics!!

  9. Beautiful!f And good photos. Keep up the good work. I love my Mac.

  10. Your first post with a Mac is wonderful. I really like your photos. The flowers are beautiful, but I like your photo of the bunny as well.

  11. Ruth: A fun look at your neat Summer photos.

  12. Sure enjoyed the sunny photos today. The bunny was precious. Loved the last quote - am glad I am not God's forgotten.

  13. I love zinnias, but the deer eat them here unless they're protected by a deer-proof fence.

    That little frog on a leaf is adorable!

  14. WOW! an array of great photographs...
    Nice post!:)

  15. You have left me pining for summer with your beautiful pictures, Ruth. I can't remember when I last saw the sun, seem s like forever!

  16. What a nice mixture of flowers and animals! It really makes me crave summer and sunshine! I love that little bunny and the frog shot is excellent, too!

  17. The flowers and frog are nice to see out and about. I really like the young rabbit, sprawled out and dozing in and out of the sunshine. I see them here like that and always admire them, their lives. So different.

  18. Your pictures look brilliant on my Mac :-))

  19. a great post to open this are great and summery. Just what is needed on a day like today as I listen to the wind howl and visiblity next to zero in blowing snow...thanks.

  20. So cute!! The bunny photo is my favorite! The frog photo is amazing! Such great detail! The flowers are beautiful! Love the quote at the bottom. We all need to remember that.

  21. Don't you just love your Mac??!! I wouldn't want anything else. Love the fact you don't have to bother with anti virus stuff all the time. So wonderful! Love your pics!!


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