Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pine Siskins

Today I want to show you a few pictures of the Pine Siskins.
I know that not every one appreciates them,but I love them.

                                                         Photo by Jake
WE do not have a lot of variety of birds in the winter,
so the Pine Siskins are a welcome addition to the feeders.
They are quick to come to an outstretched hand with food in it.

                                                           Photo by Jake
Even though these birds are not brightly colored,they are cute.
The males have more yellow on their wings,but even the females,like the one above,are pretty.
                                                                  Photo by Jake
Looks like this could be a very cold perch.
When the Siskins are around in large numbers,they will perch anywhere.

                                                              Photo by Ruth
They may even sit in line,waiting for a turn at the feed.

                                        Photo by Ruth
A lone Pine Siskin sitting on the Lilac stem.
These birds do sit still for very long at any time.

                                                               Photo by Ruth
The high pitched song of the Pine Siskin is quite uplifting on a cold winter day.
In my opinion,each bird has some beauty,even though I may not appreciate all of them at my feeders.

God's mighty hand
can be felt every minute,
for there is nothing on earth
that God isn't in it.


Regina said...

Truly amazing!
Beautiful captures!
We stand in awe of His wonders.

Richard said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures. We haven't had any Siskens this winter. Guess there is more food up north then last year.

Diane said...

If a bird ate out of my hand I think my breath would stop for fear of scaring it. You and Jake are blessed to have the little creatures eat like that. They're very sweet little birds and you captured some beautiful pictures. I think your new computer shows them up beautifully. Diane

Becky said...

What awesome pictures Ruth and Jake!
I love these little birds. Last winter I had many, many, but this year only one and it left a few weeks ago.I bet they are at your house.. I'd love to hand feed a bird.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

It is amazing that this time last year, we had over 100 Pine Siskins. This year, it seems that they all went WEST --and obviously NORTH... Crazy birdies... Guess we weren't as good to them as you all are!!!!

Beautiful pictures.

Valerie said...

What a talent you have to capture those sweet little birdies! Your photos are fabulous! Love 'em.

Montanagirl said...

They are a fun little bird. The photos are all good, but the second one and the last one are fabulous!

Peggy said...

I think they are beautiful too, but never get any to the feeders. I would love to try handfeeding them though!

Connie said...

The lat photo should be on a card - beautiful. I love any bird that sounds happy!

George said...

Pine Siskins are not my favorite bird, but I have to say that these pictures are magnificent.

Anonymous said...

These are just beautiful photos and it makes me wonder if I have had some of these around here and passed them off as "finches."

Pat said...

I just love the little pine siskins, too. We have them at our house and they love the thistle seed in our feeder. Great shots! I'm amazed that they will eat out of your hand!

eileeninmd said...

Ruth, the Pine Siskins are wonderful birds and your photos are great too. I have not seen any this year but last year there must hav been close to a hundred on my deck sometimes. last winter was a great for my feeders birds.

me ann my camera said...

I like Pine Siskins also but I have seen very few this winter. I didn't know they could be enticed to land on a person's hand. I shall have to try that when they nextreturn to our bird feeder area. Sometimes we get Pine Siskins that have a lot of yellow on them. They make the photos of this quiet, gentle appearing bird a bit dramatic and pronounced and noticeable. Your photos are lovely.

jalynn01 said...

Oh how cool that you got the birds to eat out of your hand!! I have done that and it is sooo gratifying. The siskins haven't come to my feeders yet, but I an watching out for them to arrive.
Have a good week end Ruth!

Mary said...

How wonderful! I've never gotten any bird to eat from my hand. I didn't know that Pine Siskins were that friendly. I like them, but haven't seen any this winter.

Kerri Farley said...

Fabulous shots of the Pine Siskins!! I love them too! I never knew they would hand feed - that is really neat!!

D said...

Ruth, they are absolutely gorgeous! and to think they are on your hand! Beautiful creatures, amazing photos. Thank you, Diana

Kay said...

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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Ruth: Lovely captures of the cute little birds.


good works

sandy said...

This series of photos are beautiful! I have the same situation, not too many different species show up in winter here. Or really summer for that matter.

Gorgeous photos.