Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Black and White World

I am finding it difficult to make a up a new post right now.
I don't know if its the lack of new pictures,or simply a blogging slump.
In looking for something of interest,I found some pictures taken by Jake in 2006.
I am hoping that I have not used these before.
In transferring our pictures to the Mac,we lost some of the tags,so I am not quite sure which ones I had posted before.
Obviously these are taken close to Christmas.
This building used to be the town Post Office,then the Library and now it is the Art Gallery.
 Jake took these in color and then turned them into black and white pictures.
I think they are more dramatic this way.
Above is a scene taken in the local park.
This park has the creek running along side of it.
This is a popular place in summer,because of its play ground areas,a small water feature for the children,and for us,
lots of birds along the creek.
Here we are looking along the main street in town.
Several small stores are located here,as well as some restaurants.
This is just another angle along our main street.The proper name of the street is Stephen Street,but around here it is most often just called main street.
Just in case you had not noticed,all the pictures were taken before the sun was up.
Here is a look down First Street.This happens to be the one we live on.
The blur you see on the left hand side is a vehicle driving by.

Begin the day with prayer,end it with praise.


  1. Sure do always enjoy black and whites. Remind me of the olden days. There is just something nostalgic about such photos! Thanks for your verses on the posts as well! Ending the day with praise here!

  2. Your downtown looks a lot bigger than our downtown. Our's was three blocks long when we moved here in 1962. Now only two or three stores remain. The rest are torn down, closed up or abandoned.

    I also like the black and white photos.

  3. I like these in Black and White, too! They are all really good!

  4. Some pictures just don't look right when you switch them to B&W but these are absolutely great.

  5. I understand the blogging slump! I've been feeling that way a lot this winter. Your Black and White photos are so pretty! Who needs color for these? Like a small piece of by-gone days. They have a feel of having been taken a long time ago. The light in them is great.

  6. These are awesome pictures! I agree, sometimes there is just something about changing them to black and white. Very dramatic! Love it! I know about the slump thing too. We need Spring to bring us back to life and inspiration!!

  7. What a great peek down your street and into town. Looks great in black and white - reduces all the distractions to one common theme - winter lights.

    - remembering to pray and praise.

  8. Your use of black and white and taking the pictures before sunrise gives a quiet stillnes quality to them. Very nice Ruth. I think the blogging slump has to do with winter doldrums. It forces us to go back and rethink some of our pictures in a different way. Hope you have a lovely evening. Diane

  9. You and Jake are both so talented, Ruth! These photos are stunning and I really like the black and white choice, I agree that they are very dramatic!

  10. I always enjoy looking at black and white. It gives such a difference appearance to everything, and in winter so much better.Really nice Ruth and Jake!

  11. All of these pictures are beautiful -- and dramatic. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  12. These are w
    wonderful, very striking photos, Ruth. Jake did a great job! The black and white emphasizes the lights and the lines of the street and building.

  13. Beautiful winter scenes!
    Such great place and fantastic B/W! Loving the snow here. Its warm out here.

    Have a wonderful day and weekend dear Jake and Ruth.

  14. The pictures do lend themselves well to black and white. Beautiful low light photos!

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