Sunday, February 21, 2010

Diamonds in the Snow

Yesterday was a beautiful day,only partly cloudy and mild.
Jake and I went out looking for photo opportunities.
Here are a few of the pictures I got.
The area we were in had seen a lot of hoar frost recently.
Some of the trees and weeds were still coated with this beautiful frost.
Do you see the diamonds? They are so pretty.
As we pulled up to this carcass in the field there were two Black-billed Magpies and a Bald Eagle feeding.Obviously the Eagle was not in a photogenic mood.
I saw this Magpie approaching and started shooting,hoping for the best.
I was too far away,but this picture is still OK.
A much smaller bird,the Snow Bunting has been a challenge to capture.
This is the first time I had ever seen one sitting in a tree.
Again,I was much to far away for a great shot,but this is better than none.
The White-tailed Deer was standing fairly close to the road and allowed me several shots.This one stands out well against the whiteness around it.
I give you one more picture of the Diamonds in the Snow.
These were small weeds at the edge of a field.

The wonders of creation reveal God at work.


  1. Hi Ruth,
    This is a wonferful series of pictures!! I like all of them! The diamonds in the snow are so pretty! Great shots of the deer and the Magpies, too.
    Hope you have a great new week!

  2. I think the pictures are fine. I don't get to see any of these animals and to see a deer like that would make my knees wobble.

  3. Ruth: Thanks so much for sharing your walk and beautiful diamonds. I enjoyed the birds which I never see. You sure are blessed with a variety of them.

  4. Your photos RE BEAUTIFUL. i ENVY YOU THE SNOWBIRD PICTURE. i have seen very few and photographed none this winter. The deer photo is very delicate looking and special, Ann

  5. Just beautiful...a crystalline snow and frost cover. Those do look like diamonds on the weeds. The shot of the deer is lovely, and (s)he really does stand out against the snow

  6. Stunning photographs! Animals do pose beautifully against the snow. Yes, I see the diamonds. Dad always had us look for diamonds in the snow and in the rain. I must say again, wonderful photos.

  7. Thank you for the diamonds! Aren't God's diamonds totally amazing and our Creator is due all the praise!Thanks for sharing your excellent photos!

  8. Nice series! Love to get snow/diamond pictures. Nice work.

  9. I have always loved the shimmer and sparkle of the diamond studded snow which I nw get to see so seldom. Thank you for all the beauty.
    Ruth you have captured the magpie's tail to perfection even from a distance.

  10. You captured the diamonds beautifully. The birds and deer are great, too, the snow makes a perfect backdrop. I've never seen a snow bunting, this is a great set. Diane

  11. Beautiful, Diane... I love the Diamonds in the Snow!!!! The deer photo is amazing... Actually they all are!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  12. I sure am glad you were able to get out and capture these great scenes. The diamonds are truly beautiful and you got good pictures of the birds, even if they didn't always cooperate.

  13. Wow! Your photos are amazing! Great shots.


  14. We haven't had a pretty hoar frost yet this winter. I love your pictures, especially the Magpies.

  15. I agree with Abe, my knees would wobble seeing a deer in the snow like that. What a great shot!

    Love the sparkling snow!

  16. Lovely photos! We get to see the diamonds in the snow often here, and I always marvel at the beauty. It's a perfect time to be out and about with your camera.

  17. Amazing when we take the time to really look - even weeds can be "Diamonds in the rough" - makes you think even more about people!

    Love the white and black bird, magpie? another one I have never seen. I am so excited that you even saw an eagle.


    Have a great week!

  18. WOW!! All of these are very nice, but the first and last ones are breathtaking! It truely does look like diamonds in the snow. Beautiful :)

  19. I love your diamonds in the snow! That white coated grass and white snow and background is just so pretty! Wonderful bird shots. I didn't realize a bald eagle would share food with anyone else. You got the Magpie at just the right moment! And the Snow Bunting...I've never seen pretty. That deer shot is lovely, too. You have a wonderful day seeing what God gives us in winter to make it a better time :-)

  20. What beautiful diamonds in the snow Ruth. So sparkling. I've never seen a Magpie. You got great shots of the one in flight.

  21. As far as I know I have not seen 'hoar' frost here in PA... It always interests me when I see it posted on someone's blog. Diamonds indeed.. beautiful sparkly and God's artwork. Your Magpie would be a lifer for me.. Loved seeing them and I'm always into deer. Nice post... Have a great day Ruth

  22. Ah, diamonds in the snow - a beautiful name for this post! Enjoyed it so much.

  23. Ruth it is sad at times to see a fallen animal but I suppose we must remeember it's the law of Nature..your photos are wonderful to view especially the deer!!

  24. Wow! Your photos are always so beautiful... but those diamond shots blew me AWAY! Great captures Ruth!

  25. What gorgeous photos. I saw a comment on another blog and came here because of the name. I already had 3 blogs but started another just for photos. Here is the url if you are interested in checking it out.
    I said I already had 3 blogs. Actually I had 3 and a half. I co-host Spiritual Sundays with another lady.


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