Monday, February 1, 2010

Dreaming of Spring

When I look outside,spring seems very far away.
Our flower beds are buried under 12-18 inches of snow,with no thought of any melting any time soon.
In my mind,my thoughts are turning towards the coming season.
Today as I was looking through some of last years pictures I suddenly 
had a strong wish for warmer temperatures and beautiful flowers.
With this in mind I give you some Tulips to brighten the day,
I love the soft translucent look of this peach colored Tulip.
Each flower has it's own beauty.
This one is very rich looking,and adds to the overall look of the flower bed.
These Tulips start out with the edges very pale,but as they
age,the color deepens.
What is more vibrant than a pure red flower.
These three stand tall in the sunshine,ready to bring delight to all.
So now that we have looked at a few of the spring beauties,
it's back to winter for a while,but,change is coming.

 If Winter comes,can Spring be far behind?


  1. Thank you for posting these lovely tupips. They are my favorite spring flower.

  2. A joy to my heart!!! Thanks for sharing these beauties!

  3. Thank you for the beautiful breath of spring, Ruth. I adore the peach tulip. Happy February. Diane

  4. I love your new look Ruth. Beautiful as are your Spring flowers. I'm with you all the way. By the time the groundhog sees his shadow tomorrow, in 6 weeks we'll be alot happier with this weather.
    Take care.

  5. Beautiful photos! The first photo is absolutely stunning.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments. I've been browsing back a bit at some of your photos. Wonderful! I'll be back again.

  6. Hello Jake and Ruth. These are gorgeous!
    Spring will come early.

    Cheers and regards.

  7. Ruth, the first one is so deliciusly peachy, especially the way you have captured the light in its heart.

  8. Beautiful photos, Ruth. I love your tulips and now I want to plant some in my garden. I love to see big groups of flowers and the tulips would look awesome.

  9. Oh yes... I cannot wait for Spring and your flowers just pushed that longing even closer and it even hurt just a wee bit. I love tulips and it's amazing how many different colors and types there is out there!! Beautiful...


  10. I have stopped wanting to rush time, but spring will be very welcome. I need to buy some spring flowers for indoors.

  11. Oh OH ---I love the new blog look, Ruth.. The black background is nice.

    Are you enjoying your Mac???? Looks like you are doing GREAT with it.

    Love the TULIPS--and like you, I'm ready for SPRING.

  12. Thanks for the day brightener!! Those tulips are gorgeous!

  13. Tulips. I like them but not much else does here in this wildlife sanctuary so what I have not dug up or got rid of is one lone tulip.

  14. Beautiful photos of very beautiful flowers! Love the first one.

  15. Thanks for these beautiful breaths of Spring. I look forward to beautiful color replacing the gray and white that fills our world today.

  16. Beautiful tulip photos. They are one of my favorite flowers. I have some in my front flower bed. I love just about all bulb flowers.

  17. Ruth, the tulips are beautiful!! I also wanted you to know the mystery bird has been solved: a juvenile Golden-crowned Sparrow.

  18. Thank you for the beautiful Tulips, Ruth! I am LONGING for spring. We've got a long time to wait yet, up here. Your tulips help though. :o)

  19. Oh, I love tulips, Ruth! These are absolutely gorgeous!

    Gophers and deer have eaten any tulips I have planted unless they were in a planter box in a deer-proof fenced area. Do you ever have problems with gophers eating your tulip bulbs?

  20. I love tulips but don't even try to grow them here as too many critters would eat them if I did. It is nice to see them in your photos! I am also dreaming of spring and want to start exploring the seed catalogues!

  21. These are so beautiful! Tulips are wonderful and their many colors just make them more special. Your photos of them are great and now you can dream about them growing this year....soon?

  22. Can't have a rainbow without rain
    Can't have spring (the way we know it) without winter
    Can't have new life without the (sacrificial) death of our Savior

    Love the colors!

  23. The tulips are beautiful and certainly are a bright spot on any day. Love the idea that is winter comes, Spring is not far behind. Yes!

  24. Ruth: Great photos of the future flowers to come. As far as that saying goes; I'd say in another 6 weeks.


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