Thursday, February 25, 2010


The winter Olympics are almost over,and all the athletes 
have worked hard to 'Go for the Gold'.
Today I feel a sense of pride in my country.
The women's hockey team just won the Gold. Go Canada!
With this in mind I put together a collection of pictures
which to me say Canada.
The Maple Leaf is the one that graces our flag,so that is a sure symbol of Canada.
I had to add the red berries,our color.
Anyone watching the hockey games has seen a sea of red in the seats.
The snow scenes serve two purposes,one,white is the other color on the flag,and two,
this is typical of our winters.
It is wonderful to see all the countries participating in this one event,
too bad not everyone can go home with a gold medal.
Each one of the athletes has given it their best and that is what is most important.

The world crowns success,God crowns faithfulness.


  1. Ruth, I always enjoy the winter Olympics and this year I really have enjoyed the snowy scenes there!! I enjoy the personal stories about the individuals who compete, too. You should be proud!

  2. Ruth, You have every reason to be proud of your country. We have SO enjoyed watching the Olympics every single night. I cried when the little Canadian skater did so well despite losing her mother this week. Brave girl!

    We're having a wonderful time in Arkansas--but it's passing by too quickly. The weather has been great considering the fact that it was snowing at home.


  3. What a beautiful collage Ruth! It's so neat that all of us as blogger friends have been watching the same Olympic games! Love that God crowns faithfulness!

  4. I love your photos and know you are very proud of your hockey team!

  5. Lovely collage! Living in Alaska we feel a certain kinship with Canada and much of our scenery is very much the same.

    We've been watching the Olympics too, and the hockey especially as all my family enjoys playing and watching hockey. We are big fans of women's hockey. I started playing a bit over 30 years ago here in Fairbanks and played until last year. My daughters and step-daughters all play. Of course, today we were cheering for USA! It was a super game and the Canadian team is to be congratulated for their win! I would so have loved to be in Vancouver for the Games.

  6. I am not a big sports fan but was very proud of our Canadian women last night...the hockey team and Joannie Rochette. We do live in a wonderful country and have good neighbours!

  7. I think I have watched the Winter Olympics more this time than ever before and I don't know why. I wish they would show more of the countryside and less of the announcers.

  8. Very nice! Have I mentioned that I LOVE your Header?? Nice shots one and all.

  9. I'm feeling proud of Canada too, Ruth! I think we have done very well. Sometimes we Canadians forget that our population is is only one-tenth that of our neighbour to the south, then beat ourselves up for not doing as well as they do in the total medal count.

    Instead, I think we ought to concentrate on how well we have done...especially for being such good hosts.

  10. Congrats for the gold!
    Gorgeous photos and mosaic.
    Great post Ruth.
    I enjoyed so much.
    Again a wonderful weekend to both of you.

  11. Love love love the collage of Canada... and congrats on the hockey team winning the GOLD!! But the heartwarming story as it was played out of the skater who lost her mother was just so real.. Seeing her father cheering her on. What a story. Have a great week end.

  12. I've thought of you often through the Olympics, Ruth, and knew that you must be so proud of your country. It's been an exciting and emotional time. I'm glad we're neighbors and friends

  13. I've thought of you often through the Olympics, Ruth, and knew that you must be so proud of your country. It's been an exciting and emotional time. I'm glad we're neighbors and friends

  14. I congratulate all of your wonderful athletes. They certainly have done well. I notice that your athletes almost always sing along with "Oh Canada" - I like that.

  15. What alovely wonderful post and what wonderful Canadian spirit that has graced the Olympics. And the Canadian Curlers have been doing so well. The big challenge to be faced is the men's hockey team. Go Canada!

  16. Ruth, You should be very proud of your country not only have they taken many medals they have hosted a wonderful and most enjoyable Olympics!
    Canada is truly a gorgeous country and your collage represented it well! A gold medal for you and Jake..your blog is always so nice to visit!!

  17. Congratulations to Canada! They did a terrific job.
    Your collage is gorgeous Ruth. I love all the bright colors. So welcome with all this white surrounding us right now.

  18. Wonderful photos, Ruth! The red leaf sure does say Canada to me!

  19. A beautiful collage for a beautiful country!

  20. So lovely! My maternal grandfather's parents were from Canada. Possibly a place called Glen Williams in Ontario. So my mom and her family spent a lot of time up at a cabin on a river. (I know Canada is a big place with lots of cabin's and rivers).

    But my reason for sharing is they always brought back little souvenirs. One of my favorite was a necklace with a gold colored maple leaf. My mom's finer china was that of the maple leaf.


  21. THis is a lovely post and I am glad to say that our athletes had a wonderful time in your country

  22. Very creative.
    God Bless our great neighbor to the North.

  23. Ruth: congrats on this neat Olympics your country put on. It was a lot of fun to watch.

  24. Beautiful pictures, Ruth. I am so excited to be back online and able to catch up with my friends online. You have been a true encouragment to me and I have looked forward to your comments when I have had something to post. Now I am just trying to figure out my schedule again now that I have internet at home. Thanks so much for your friendship and God Bless You.

  25. "The world crowns success,God crowns faithfulness."

    Oh how true this statement is. It is only a reminder that we need to focus on God instead of the world.


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