Friday, March 19, 2010

The American Robin

The American Robin is perhaps the most easily recognized bird in North America.
Even people who know little or nothing about birds,know what a Robin looks like.
 This bird is commonly seen in summer,probing the lawn for worms.
In Manitoba,we sometimes get to see a Robin in winter.
When they stay in the area for winter,they usually feed on fruits that have remained on the trees.This bird also came to a heated bird bath for a drink.
 Not only is the Robin a beautiful bird,but,its song is so uplifting.
The cheer-up,cheerily can be heard repeatedly.
 A young Ronin has a spotted breast and as you can see often has the leftovers of the downy baby feathers showing.
 This male is no doubt keeping an eye on his territory.
For the last two years we have had the Robins nesting on top of this light on our house.
This is perhaps one of the safest places for them
Before long these birds will be back in our area and we will again be treated to their lovely songs.Hurry back my friends.



  1. Even *I* can correctly identify a Robin. Of course, that completely exhausts my bird identification knowledge. Well... not completely. I can name a Raven, Eagle, Pelican... and anything smaller than a Robin is technically a "Dickie Bird" in my world... lol

    Great photos Ruth! I am looking forward to the Robins and Dickie Birds returning for the summer!

  2. Couldn't help but think about part of that old song, "When the red red Robin comes bob-bob-bobbing along, along.
    There'll be no more sobbing when he starts throbbing his old sweet song.

    Wake up, wake up you sleepy head,
    Get up, get up get out of bed,
    Cheer up cheer up the sun is red,
    Live, love, laugh and be happy."

    We have had a few of these pretty birds looking for a juicy meal on our lawn. Happy weekend!

  3. Our Robins have a nest on the side of our neighbors house --under the roof... I watch them coming and going (from my kitchen window) working on their nest!!! I love Robins --and was thrilled when Mr. Robin came to our suet feeders during the cold, hard, snowy, icy winter....

    Have a great weeekend, Ruth.

  4. Yes, I can remember making pictures of robins and singing songs about 'little robin red-breast.(I always wondered why they said RED when his breast was ORANGE;-) in kindergarten as the first signs of spring. You surely posted your best robins and I hope they will greet you tomorrow! Is it your first day of spring - or just in the USA?

  5. They are so beautiful. Delightful God's creation.
    How I wish to capture them as clearly and close as these.
    Amazing and wonderful captures.

    Thank you for sharing.



  6. I can't wait for the robin's return! Sure enjoyed your gorgeous photos!! Have a lovely week-ends!

  7. I think like many - the robin was the first bird I learned to identify by sight. After the last couple of years I can identify it by sound as well.

    I was excited the other day on the bike path to hear one. Because I had not seen one since winter.

    Soon I hope!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Ruth: Wonderful photos of the robins, I love to see them. Such a great sign of the coming Spring. They returned to our area two weeks ago with the grackles.

  9. Ruth, these are gorgeous photos! What fun to have a robin nesting right on the light at your house! I, too, like Krista, can say, "Even I can correctly identify a robin."

  10. Ruth I saw my first Robin yesterday and now wake up every morning to their beautiful song!Yes Spring is here!!!
    Enjoy your weekend looking for Robins!

  11. Thanks for cheerful and beautiful post on robins. Your pictures are, of course, outstanding. I love to hear their different voices, the peaceful clucking, calling to each other, and a different one right before a rain. The only one I hate to hear is when they're terribly upset. Diane

  12. We've been able to enjoy robins throughout the winter this year. Perhaps because the winter was more severe, they came to the feeders. They very rarely do that. As you said, we normally see them in the yard.

  13. Awesome captures! I don't know a lot of birds but I do recognize a red robin. They are easy to locate because of their color. Happy weekend. :)

  14. Wonderful photos, Ruth, and great words to accompany the photos. I saw my first robin today. Well, I MAY have seen it a couple of days ago but today was the first day I was able to get a close look and take a photo of it. Hope the robins are in your neck of the woods soon!

  15. I sure enjoyed my moments here. The robins are pulling worms at our place. Always love to see them.

  16. The Robin is one of my favorite birds. I've been welcoming then back the last few weeks. We had nesting Robins in our yard the last few years. I hope they nest here again this year.

  17. Ruth,. all your shots are very very interesting....I know how it is diffcitul to capture photos of birds.
    Congrats and have a nice day

  18. FABULOUS post Ruth! WOW! I LOVE visiting your blog :) Happy Spring!!

  19. Terrific shots of the Robins. They are such fun, especially when they bring their babies to our yard.

  20. Fabulous robin shots, Ruth! This is a lovely selection of shots. I always look forward to seeing the first robin of the spring, but alas I'm afraid it will be a while before they arrive this far north. We still have about a foot of snow on the ground, but we can see a glimmer of spring, with bright sunny days and some snow melt.

  21. oh pretty! I don't know which one I like better.

  22. We haven't seen our first robin here as yet but the water birds are making their way back. If only they would come just a little closer! Isn't it wonderful to know that spring and warmer weather will soon be here to stay?

  23. We have plenty of Robins this year. 3 years ago they returned too early and were caught in a late winter blizzard here. Many did not survive. I felt so bad for them.

  24. Beatiful shots of the Robins. I'll admit growing up I didn't really know of any other birds besides the Robin being that it is the state bird for MI and well we just never really had many bird visitors to my yard growing up. I developed my love of nature once I was older and mostly after I was married in 1998 so it is a relatively new obsession for me.

  25. Lovely photos of the Robin! How nice that they have a good safe nesting spot at your house. I don't get to see the babies much, but always enjoy watching the parents. Your photos show how pretty they are.


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