Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Common Loon

As we wait for spring,I want to share with you some of our Common Loon pictures.
Each year these birds stop at the lake just west of town.
Sometimes only one or two show up,but on at least one year we had 14.
What a treat to watch these beautiful birds go about their regular activities.
I remember well the day I got this picture.
I did not have a long telephoto lens or even a very good camera at the time.
Jake slowly walked around,while I sat at one place and waited.
The Loons came swimming within camera range for me,as I happily fired away.
How I wish that I had had the camera equipment I have now.
This picture,as well as all the others,has been cropped to bring the bird closer.
The red eye shows up well here.
This was another one of those magical moments.
Again,the quality is not really good,but considering the equipment I had,I am happy with it.This activity,along with the call of the Loon sent shivers up my spine.
One more picture of this beautiful bird.
Hopefully this spring Jake and I can again sit at the shore of the lake and enjoy the Common Loon.If this happens there will surely be more pictures to share.

Creation's design points to a Master Designer.


  1. Loons certainly are a gorgeous bird. We see them here only on occasion, and that call is haunting.

  2. A peaceful lake, the call of the loon, the sound of water lapping against the shore,sitting around a crackling campfire.....oh well, I can dream, can't I? Beautiful birds! You had patience waiting for a close-up!

  3. Beautiful Ruth... Shelley posted a blog today with the same theme. Did you read hers????? She loves loons.

    You have some gorgeous pictures, Ruth. They are such beautiful birds... I love to hear their 'call'.....


  4. Amazing critters. Refreshing views.
    Beautiful shots dear ones.

    Have a lovely day and weekend.

  5. I think everyone is ready for Spring! You did well with your loon shots. I can't wait to see what you get this year with your new equipment.

  6. What a neat experience for you! I love the movie "On Golden Pond". Have you ever seen it? I loved the call of the Loons in that movie. Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn did such a marvelous job of acting in that movie.

  7. These pictures are wonderful Ruth. Only God could have created something this exquisite. We don't have them around here but I still could hear their call as I was looking at your pictures.

  8. The red eye is haunting, yet beautiful. I'm not sure I have ever heard them -

  9. Thhese photos are very beautiful, Ruth. I think your old camera did a fine job! I have an inexpensive camera, so I have to crop images to get close-ups, too. I'll have pix of ducks, geese and a swan on our lake for tomorrow's post.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Such beautiful pictures of beautiful birds. Thank you for sharingwith us.

  11. Hi Ruth,

    Oh, how I love Loons. They are my favourite bird. We have a pair that return to our lake at the cabin every year and their call just puts a lump in my throat.

    In response to your comment earlier today - not sounding like a mother. Sounding like a sweet woman who cares and is very supportive. I appreciate it so much!

  12. I love hearing the haunting call of the Loon. Wonderful pictures of the Loons and all the spring flowers!

  13. I love to hear the loons in the evening. I am sure you do too.

  14. I think these are wonderful pictures of a beautiful bird. I can hardly wait to see the pictures you get with your new equipment.

  15. These photos are beautiful!. I have a special pond where I have started watching daily for the return of ducks. It is so exciting when you have your expectations fulfilled!. Mine haven't been yet this year. Soon I hope! Cameras perform magic. doing what I would never have dreamed possible years ago. As a young girl I worked in s couple of photography studios and was easily hooked. Now that I can afford it. I love buying cameras and lenses.Although I now find mine too heavy and awkward to use as my left arm still has not fully recovered from my stroke, but it is improving. Spring is such a wonderful time for finding and photographing wildlife. Ann.

  16. Rose: How I love the call of the Loon. I have only heard it on video but it is haunting. It reminds me of the movie "On Golden Pond".

  17. Ruth, these are beautiful pictures! I love Loons!

  18. These are very good photos and I appreciated reading how you got them. How clever of you to get Jake to move them your way! What a treat!

    I would LOVE to photograph loons on their way north.

  19. This is one bird I would love to see some day. I think you managed to get some very telling moments in the life of a loon. Do you ever see the loons when they are nesting, or after the chicks hatch?

  20. It seems like all the birds on my "most want to see" list visit you :-) Loons are so neat looking...but I have never seen one. I even quilted one, just because they have such interesting patterns in their feathers. These photos are lovely....and 14 at once?!

  21. Lovely Loons Ruth! I've never seen one that I know of...i don't even know if we have them here.
    I DO hope you and Jack can again sit by the lake and spend time watching the Loons :)
    All my best to you!


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