Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Even though we have not seen the sun in several days,
there is a feeling of change in the air.
The temperatures are mild and the snow is melting.Yeah!!!
Can the new growth be far behind?
These are flowers from last years gardens,some of ours,and some in parks.
Regardless of where the flowers are growing,they bring joy to those who stop 
long enough to notice.I hope these bring cheer to your day.
I found this little verse and thought it was most appropriate for this season.
Flowers sleep beneath the ground,
But when they hear springs waking sound,
They push themselves through layers of clay,
To reach the sunlight of God's day.



  1. Those flowers are gorgeous!!!!Oh the diversity God has created! Loved the verse at the end.

  2. You've made a wonderful mosaic of some beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing these reminders of what we can look forward to seeing in the weeks ahead.

  3. That is a beautiful collage. I am so partial to pink and green. I guess yo could say it "speaks to my heart"

    I know just what you mean about the feeling in the air. Although we have been blessed with sunshine the last few days (although we didn't see much of it yesterday) and the temps are in the hi 40 - 50 range. Our snow is melting and the kids are playing outside -
    We feel the joy of freedom once again from being cooped up all winter - keeping warm in the house!

    Its funny - there is still snow on the ground and yet kids are outside in shorts and folks are hardly wearing jackets!

  4. A lovely post indeed and I adore your spring header. What a wealth of wonderful flowers

    Hugs and blessings, Arija

  5. Beautiful flowers, Ruth! Hope we have some real ones pushing through our soil soon.

  6. What color! I love your collage and it gives us all a taste of the coming season - beautiful!

  7. My mom used to say it takes both thunder and lightening to make things come up in spring.

  8. Isn't that what we should all do, what your poem says! Your flowers are so beautiful. I love the color groupings that you do. Diane

  9. I can't wait for spriiiiing! :o) Ruth, these flowers are beautiful and they certainly brightened my morning! I suspect I'll be back later today for another dose. Thank you!

  10. Fabulous collage! Looking forward to seeing some of these lovlies bloom in my area this summer :)

  11. That mosaic came together beautifully! How clever of you. Looking forward to the new flowers this spring ...

  12. Gorgeous! and I love the poem as well. It's good to think that all those 'sleeping' flowers will be emerging before long to show us the beauty of God's creation.

  13. Apparently you were feeling "in the pink" today :-) Beautiful and cheery!

  14. Hi Ruth,

    THese are gorgeous! I just wanted to thank you for continually leaving encouraging comments on my blog. I appreciate it so very much.

    Have a wonderful day!

    xoxo, Monica H

  15. Beautiful, Ruth.... I love all of the colors in your collage... WOW!!!

    We had a wonderful Birthday celebration and got home today!!! I'll post a blog tomorrow morning.

  16. What a beautiful collage and the poem is just perfect for this time of year.

  17. Today is our first really cloudy day this month. But we do need rain before those lovely flowers bloom again.

  18. This is such a beautiful mosaic. What a wonderful sense of colour you have!

  19. Beautiful flowers and mosaic, Ruth! We are just starting to see some of our daffoldils and bulbs.

  20. Just look at all those beautiful pink flowers! I can't wait! Spring IS coming Ruth. Thanks for the bouquet!


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