Monday, March 15, 2010

Livingston Park

I have a few more pictures taken on March 5,when Jake and I walked through Livingstone Park,in Morden.
This stone is at the entrance to the park.
The park was named in honor of a gentleman who lived in Morden for many years.
Mr.Don Livingstone was a well liked business man in town.
As a matter of fact,when Jake and I got married in 1972,
we bought all our furniture from Livingston's.
The trails were well packed and easy to walk on.
By now I think the trails would not be good for walking,perhaps we'll have to wait a while 
and let things dry up a little.
I found this rotting stump interesting.
Who knows what little creatures may try to make their hone in what is left of it.
Here is another path,but this one has been made by the White-tailed deer.
Many of the areas were covered with deer tracks and deer droppings.
One single hoof print in the snow.
It was hard to get a picture of just one or two,because there were just too many.
We were amazed at the lack of birds,but did find this White-breasted Nuthatch busy feeding on something. I know that in a short while the bird activity will increase and we will be back to capture it.
On a side note,our temperatures have been very mild and the snow is disappearing fast.YEAH!!!



  1. Beautiful pictures, Ruth.... Glad the snow is beginning to melt. They are talking now about severe flooding in Iowa and the Dekotas --due to the snow melt. Do you have that problem up there also?

    I'm featuring a Nuthatch (and other birds) on my blog tomorrow also... They are such cuties!!!!!

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

  2. It is amazing how so many animals tolerate walking and living in the snow. God sure knew what he was doing when he created!

    Am glad spring is coming to your area as well.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of snow!! I'm glad it's melting and spring will be here in a week, can you believe it?!

    That's a pretty little nuthatch you captured. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog!

  4. What a great place to go and enjoy nature and photograph. You even captured the log beautifully. I feel like I walked with you. You can come and rest on my bench anytime you want. Blessings, Diane

  5. Wow beautiful winter scenes. Looks so refreshing and such cute birdie.
    Great captures!

    Have a lovely day to both of you.


  6. Had a lovely visit here again! So glad the snow is sinking deep into the earth to nurture it again for new growth. Such a beautiful cycle the Lord created. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures!

  7. Beautiful pictures! Love that snow! We never did get any measurable amount here.

  8. Sometimes it's just nice to get out and take a walk, especially if the temps are mild. As you say - the birds will be there another day. I think the pictures are beautiful and I liked that rotting log too!

  9. Lovely photos. We have nice weather here today too. It's about 43 above now.

  10. These are absolutely beautiful photos. I really like your picture of the stump. If the temperatures stay mild I'm sure you will have many birds to photograph in a few weeks.

  11. I always love to visit nature parks and this 0ne is really nice place t0 visit I think.have a nice day!

  12. Ruth: You have so much snow left, it was a great walk with interesting captures.

  13. Nice park. It reminds me of our natural backyard in places.

  14. Looks like a good winter walking place. Everything here is so wet and sloppy right now. Need a few dry days. Lovely nuthatch! Seeing the deer tracks is nice assurance of the presence of the animals we don't see. I love that entrance stone...attractive monument!

  15. Looks like we are all thinking about Nuthatchs right now.

    I am so ready for spring, and I am in the south.

  16. I love that shot of the stump, Ruth! I am always so fascinated by how what seems like a discard to us (old, rotting stump) will be home and food for many wild critters, big and small! Nature is incredible!

  17. It's great to hear that your snow is melting now. Ours is a;most gone...although I hear we may get some this weekend. Mother Nature sure does like to play tricks on us!

    Nice shot of the deer footprint and I LOVE the white-breasted nuthatch!

  18. Such beautiful pictures. Hopefully snow will go soon now and that bgreen will come trough.

  19. What a beautiful park and such a lovely place for a winter walk.

  20. Nice photos. I'm not liking the snow... blecchy. I'm way over winter now. Here in our little city, it's rapidly melting as the days are getting warmer but nights are still cold... brrrr. But you don't have to go far up before you hit up on the white stuff so for now, I'm just going to stay not too far from home... hehe ...
    Hugs and kisses.

  21. Pretty! Our snow has finally melted and it supposed to be 70 today! WOO Hoo!

  22. Ruth, your photos are beautiful!. What a lovely walk you had. I would recommend the child's book, "The Dead Tree" by Alvin Tresselt, your photo of the old stump made me think of it. The book is about an Oak tree that has fallen in the forest and it describes all the life cycles that depend upon the rotting tree for life. It is a marvelous book!. Perhaps one to share with your sweet grand daughter.I hope I can find my copy to share with my little grandsons when they visit with us this summer. Perhaps the school libray where you drive bus from has a copy. You would really enjoy it I'm sure. Its very informative! Ann

  23. Looks like a lovely walk! And also that you have more snow than us! I hope it warms up for you soon and your birdy friends come out! Loved that nuthatch - they are always so fun to watch!

  24. Looks like you had a lovely walk, awesome shot of the WB Nuthatch.


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