Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tender Moments

The weather has been very mild,and for a change today,we saw the sun.
Snow is disappearing fast,so my mind goes to spring photography.
All of the pictures today are from last year.
This Red Squirrel was once again taken at the English Gardens.
THis was one of the first shots with my 100-400mm lens.
Jake took this Redpoll.on our yard.
THis winter we have not seen any of these,and I miss them.
My favorite photographer to hang out with.
Allow me to dream for just a little while.
Oh,how I wish I were able to do this again shortly.
Yes,I have taken some pictures in winter,but it's just not the same.
If the weather continues the way it has been for the last while,
we will soon be out there capturing the beauties of nature.
What was I photographing?
I'm not entirely sure,but these were taken in the same area on the same day.
Isn't that cute?
To capture tender moments like this is what makes me want to get out there again.



  1. That little squirrel is so cute. You must have been pleased with that first shot with your new lens. Isn't it wonderful to get so close! You & Jake make a great photo team. Here's to that nice weather that'll have you both out in nature once again ;-)

  2. What a cute lovey-dovey picture! Gorgeous photos! Wow, those are some cameras and lenses you have!

  3. Ruth, I love all of your pictures on this post, nice one of you and Jake, but that last looks like an oriental painting is is so delicate and beautiful.

  4. The squirrel is so nice and clear! My favorite is the Cedar Waxwings sharing a berry. I have read that sometimes when several are sitting on the same limb, they will pass a berry down the line until one of them finally eats it.

  5. Cedar Waxwings are my favorite! Gorgeous shots and very impressive lenses.

  6. What beautiful photographs you take, Ruth! I love the kissing birds--so sweet and delicate.

  7. Oh how I love that Cedar Waxwing picture... That is the cutest one I have ever seen..... Ahhhhhhhhhhh...

    Question about your large lenses? Are you holding the 1000mm one??? Is it ALOT heavier than the 300??? I have a hard time even holding the 300mm steady...Don't know if I can hold a bigger one.... Tell me what you think!!!!


  8. Beautiful natur shots Ruth. That is quite a canon you are toting and very clear shots you are getting freehold. What size is it? I am having trouble getting good ones with my 300mm hand-held.

  9. Those are great pictures! What professionals you look like out there with those cameras and lenses!

    I love to see the images thru your eyes!
    God is a pretty amazing creator!

  10. Wonderful bird photos. I would love to see the redpolls. The waxwings are always a treat to see.

  11. I hope you and Jake soon will be out taking more wonderful pictures like these. That last picture is priceless.

  12. Oh Ruth....what an awesome post! And i LOVE LOVE LOVE the tenderness you captured in the waxwings. Oh, I do hope you can get out again soon!!!!!

  13. Lovely photos Ruth .. each one made me say ahhh ... especially the Cedar Waxwings! I miss seeing them. Perhaps they will make a call here this year. That photo is especially worthy of framing!

  14. Ruth: It won't be long until everything will come back to life.

  15. Wow, now I know why your pictures look so awesome! You have really nice huge lens. Alvin would love one! He has one for his old fashioned Cannon non digital camera. Are the lens quite costly?

  16. Wow, you have impressive glass on your camera! I love the picture of the Cedar Waxwings.

  17. Your photos are beautiful and so full of vivid colour! The new lens seems to work wonderfully well!!11 That is the size of my lens. I know you will find yours extremerly worthwhile andyou will have manydelightful photographic surprises with it! Ann

  18. Wow. Big lens. Very nice photography.

    What is his lens? ---?mm by 500mm?

    Sure would like to have it. LOL

    Mine is a Sigma, 120-400mm and I did think it was perfect when I ordered it but it weighs a ton and I could still use the extra 100mm focal length.

  19. What lovely pictures and I love your header with the springflowers

  20. Oh, I certainly hope you are out there again soon - what a beautiful moment.

  21. frisiveproporAwesome Ruth! I would love to have that lens! There is nothing like it for sure.
    We don't get Redpolls here very often.It's so cool to see one.

  22. The picture of the Cedar waxwings is so sweet. I'm glad to see you in your camo. I bought a camo hunting coat and shirt a couple of years ago for bird watching, but for some reason I feel a little silly wearing them, (probably because my family laughed at me when I brought them home). It is not something I would normally wear!
    After several rainy days,it looks like we are warming up again!

  23. My goodness THAT'S a camera!

    I love these photos, they're so sweet. great job!

  24. I love that little squirrel and the redpole! Wonderful! That final shot of the waxwings is so sweet, but so is the one of your favorite photographer :-) I think my arm would break with those long lenses, but I sure wish I had even more zoom than I have. God has blessed you both and you bless us with your posts and photos.

  25. What a great post! I love that picture of your favourite photographer. :o)

    Soon you will be able to be out there Ruth. I'm impatient... I will be waiting a little longer but I have plenty to keep me occupied in the meantime. :o)

  26. I just want to snuggle that little squirrel he is so cute. Also I am having some serious lense envy going on. Can't wait until next year when I can get the lense that I want. My birthday/Christmas/tax return gift. This year my husband talked me into a new laptop, now I'm wishing I'd have gotten my lense instead. Oh well, I am loving the new computer though. It has a lot more memory than my previous one.


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