Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dark-eyed Junco and Others

The activity at our feeders has been varied.
Some days we have lots of birds and at other times it is too quiet.
I spent some time on Sunday afternoon sitting outside and here are some of the results.
The Dark-eyed Junco is sometimes considered a drab  bird.
They are anything but drab.Take a closer look at these images.
This bird is uniformly slate grey,but notice the pink bill.
This little fellow is quite distinct.
Notice the dark hood,contrasted by the brownish back,and again that pink bill.
This is the same bird and although the picture
does not show this very well,
he had light rusty color just underneath the wings.
These two White-winged Crossbills could almost pass for love birds.
Actually they were just both drinking at the top of the waterfall.
I just had to add this picture.
A head on shot of the female White-winged Crossbill.
Take note of the shadow created by her bill.
This looks like a very long bill.

PSALM 34:3


  1. Ruth, these are great pictures of your birds!! The Crossbills are new to me! We have the Dark-eyed Juncos but it's hard for me to get a good shot!

  2. How interesting Ruth. I'm still waiting to see a Crossbill.
    All the Juncos have left here.

  3. Oh, such lovely birds! Great photos!

  4. We had no Crossbills here this winter. Your pictures of them are beautiful. This is such an early spring, yet I still have Juncos in my yard. They are going to migrate north by the calendar, not the temperature.

  5. I don't believe I've ever seen a crossbill. Thanks for the great pictures of them. The juncos are beautiful. You and Jake certainly are great photographers, Ruth. I always look forward to your new pictures. Diane

  6. Ruth: I love the Juncos and never see the other bird. Great photos for sure.

  7. You sure made those juncos look beautiful! And the crossbills do look like love birds - how cute :-)

  8. Oh --I love that Crossbill... What a gorgeous bird... AND the Juncos really are pretty little birds.

    There was love in bloom at our feeders today... A male Cardinal took a seed and fed it to his lady friend... Isn't that sweet???? I didn't have my camera though.


  9. How lovely and amazing!
    Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

  10. Beautiful photos! You're right, the Junco is a very pretty little bird. I'm looking forward to them arriving here in the North. I love watching them in my yard.

  11. Ruth my friend, I am in awe of your photographic skills. one day when I can get around again I will ask you about the equipment you use. I remember the difference when you got your new camera.

    Hugs and blessings, Arija

  12. I have always enjoyed Junco. They look like they would be so soft and fluffy to hold in your hsnd. Lovelt pictures. Beautiful Crossbill pictures and they reslly sre not such beautiful appearing birds witrh their crossed bills
    .Ann Weekwnd coming up, have a great one!@ Ann

  13. Ruth, your photos are simply PURE NATURE

    havea nice weekend

  14. I think juncos are lovely birds! We have them around here too, but they're usually too shy for my camera.

  15. These are wonderful pictures. The details on the juncos are interesting -- thanks for pointing them out. The crossbills do look like love birds.

  16. Ruth, I also still have juncos around...and I love these little guys.. always there for me in the winter morns.
    Love your captures of the crossbills, a bird I have yet to see..some day!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  17. It was nice to see a common bird as the Junco in such pretty light. Your photos brought out it's beauty. I really love the 'love bird' aspect of your Crossbills..I don't get them at my feeders, so I was glad to see them here. Thanks and have a good week end.

  18. WOW Ruth ~ these are fabulous ~ I've never seen the crossbills in person ~ such beautiful birds! and I do LOVE the Juncos! Hope you have a Wonderful Day!!

  19. Beautiful, detailed photographs. I never get to see The Crossbills, but we do have the Juncos.

  20. I love my backyard juncos. They are quite "tame" -- certainly not afraid of humans. At times they will come within 6-8 feet of me when I'm in the backyard. Your photos as always are so beautiful. Have a great day!


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