Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ducks and More

The birds seem slow in returning.
This may be in part because it is still early,yet the weather has been so nice.
We may be getting a little impatient,here are a few of the recent birds.
The pictures shown today are done by Jake.
This Hermit Thrush stopped long enough for a picture.
They rarely sit still for very long and often are in the underbrush.
New growth is abundant right now.
Each new leaf is a promise of the summer to come.

An American Coot and its perfect reflection.
This was taken at a marsh quite a few miles to the south-west of Morden.
It seems that these birds are usually quite shy and will not allow close photos.
This bird obviously was the exception.
A pair of Blue-winged Teal at the same marsh.
These birds blend into the background fairly well.

Here is the male Blue-winged Teal.
He is quite striking with that white face patch.
The blue of the wings only shows up in flight.
A master at camouflage,
this Coopers Hawk is well hidden,but still caught by the camera.
This bird is at our local park in town. 
We are aware of at least two nests of the Coopers,so we look forward to 
pictures of the young and perhaps feeding time.
All images were shot with a Canon 40D and 100-400mm lens.
They all have been cropped a little to show the birds better.
The above bird is not a Coopers Hawk,but instead a Broad-winged Hawk.
This correction is thanks to a friend who is much more knowledgeable than I.

Psalm 46:8


  1. Thanks for sharing these marvelous photos of birds and ducks and more that I've never personally laid eyes on! What an awesome Creator we have!

  2. Hi Ruth, Great pictures... Love the one of the little thrush... And the reflection ones are excellent...

    Soon--all of your birds will be back!!!! I'm sure that that hawk is waiting for them also ---for another reason!!! ha


  3. Goodness...y'all take really fabulous pictures! I love the Ducks and you have nailed the "reflection" picture.Hermit Thrushes visit here in winter. It is good to see you have them also.

  4. All of these are so good, cannot begin to pick a favorite.

  5. That Thrush shot is gorgeous! Just beautiful. I love the teals and the Cooper's hawk, too. Wonderful variety and beauty from our God.

  6. Wow, these are amazing photos. Love that beautiful tree. I have never seen one growing like that.

  7. Your phots are lovely. I especially enjoy the teal one. Isn't such a lens as the 100-400 lovely! I haven't been using mine much over the past year as my left arm is still a bit weak from my stroke, but I have been using it this past week and the power of it amazes and delights me so much. I am glad you have yours to enjoy. Your recent photos are marvelous! and I look forward to see what you have found and poated. Ann

  8. I love your bird pictures, Jake and Ruth. The thrush is so pretty, and the duck jpictures are extraordinary. Just great! Diane

  9. Ruth, you are getting better and better with those pictures!! Enjoyed all of them! Thanks for your prayers for Joe. He looks better today, Thanks be to God.

  10. These are beautiful pictures. I can't decide which I like more -- the teal duck and it's reflection or the Cooper's Hawk. Both are excellent.

  11. You got some GREAT pictures in this post! I love the close-ups of the new growth and the Coopers Hawk, too! But the water fowl all turned out lovely!

  12. Beautiful photos as usual,I remember the first time I saw Coots feet, I couldn't believe how much like leaves they look. I'm originally from Manitoba so it's nice to see familiar sights, thanks.

  13. Ruth: Love your photos of the birds, they are beautiful.

  14. ABSOLUTELY Stunning images Ruth! My heart skips a beat every time I visit :)

  15. Beautiful scenes from nature! And as always, great photography!

  16. What a wonderful series of photographs.

  17. Gorgeous pictures Ruth and Jake :) I really enjoyed the ones of the blue-winged teals, I saw some for the first time last weekend but they were way too far to get a good picture.

    Have a great weekend Ruth :)

  18. I did get to see a Grey Catbird for three solid days. Then he disappeared and continued on his migration.

    I like the thrush photo a bunch. I never see them here but did see a brown thrasher two years ago.

  19. Nice closeups of all! Spring has finally produced what we are looking for!

  20. great bird photos! I love to see your ducks - they are so unique to me.

    That is a really cool shot of the new leaf as well -
    and of course have to love that hawk - vou must have the trained eye to not miss that one!+

  21. Ruth, came over from another blog and love your nature shots! I've signed up to follow so I can remember to come back. :)

  22. Those are truly amazing and wonderful. Love all.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a blessed weekend to both of you.

  23. Wonderful series! I love the one of the Coopers Hawk in camouflage, and the closeup of the new growth is gorgeous. What kind of tree is it?

  24. I really like the Blue-winged Teal---he does have very striking coloring. I don't think I've seen an American Coot before. I wonder how the phrase "old coot" for a crotchety old man came about!

    As always, beautiful shots of ducks and more, Jake.

  25. I have only seen teals once and what a great sight to see a Hermit Thrush on a branch.

  26. What wonderful pictures Ruth. It is so great to come here and learn about all the different birds.
    Have a nice Sunday

  27. Ruth, beautiful shots of all the ducks and birds. The Hawk is an awesome bird and photo!

  28. Ruth, beautiful photos!! and I love the shot of the emerging foliage

  29. 2, 2010, 5:55:00 PM

    Nice Cooper hawk. I like seeing one in the leaves

  30. Beautiful pictures as usual Ruth and Jake. You have different birds from us, and it's so neat to see such good shots of them.

  31. The more i envy your lenses with these photos! I have only Oly 42 to 150mm so i cant get nice photos of our birds. I can see you change your headings also, that is a very vivid duck! thanks


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