Monday, April 5, 2010

Hawk Watch 2010

The last week has been very busy,not with work,but instead with hawk watching.
Today I want to share a few of my many pictures with you.
I will start with the bird recognized by most people.
The Bald Eagle is always a thrill to watch.
Below is an immature Bald Eagle.
As you can see it does not have the white head and tail.
Although not wearing the white,this bird is no less beautiful as it soars through the sky.
Here is another look at an immature Bald Eagle.
Just look at that wingspan,a massive 7-8 feet.
One of the most numerous birds passing through the Pembina Valley in Manitoba 
is the Red-tailed Hawk..Yesterday,April 4,we had 1200 Red-tails pass through.
To witness this is such a thrill,something that has to be experienced to truly understand it.
The Red-tail Hawks come in different plumages.
Below is a Dark Phase Red-tail.Some are also very light 
and one of our friends calls them her White Angels.
Whether light or dark each Hawk is a joy to watch.
One of the smaller Hawks which come through is the Sharp-shinned Hawk.
These birds are very fast fliers,so to get a picture is not that easy.
The question is often asked,How do you know that it's not the same birds coming around 
for another look?
It is really very easy to see that these birds are passing through.
Often the people doing the counting will sit close to a shale cliff,
and the birds pop over the top and then proceed to head off behind us.
Today the birds chose to fly very high and that makes it quite difficult to see them.
As a photographer I prefer when they fly low and take their time.

They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength,
they will soar on wings like eagles.
Isaiah 40:31


Barbie ♥ said...

Oh how I enjoyed this post! Your beautiful BIFs are a joy to see and so well exposed - way to go, Ruth! I'm surprised about the dark phase red-tail. I see no belly band (which is always what we look for in red-tails). But I am no expert for sure ;-)

Betsy Banks Adams said...

I certainly do not know my hawks ---but the ones you show are gorgeous. AND---that blue sky as the background is amazing.

Love your Bald Eagle pictures also...

Thanks for sharing. I'm envious.. I'd love to be there and see what you saw.

Diane said...

7-8 ft wingspan! Wow! That must have been an awesome time for you. I really appreciate your detailed pictures - I know some of them must have been extremely hard to get. Great shots. Diane

me ann my camera said...
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me ann my camera said...

What wonderful photos!!. You must be enjoying your new lens so much.! What a lovely locstion you must hsve for hawk watching. My msin ares which I focus on most is our river. Have a great day! Ann

Montanagirl said...

We've been seeing a lot of Red-tailed Hawks in our area lately as well. I figured they were migrating, as we never see that many around here. Nice photos.

jalynn01 said...

Your verse was so appropriate...Can you just imagine soaring on wings like Eagles? What a thrill.. Your pictures are wonderful .. from Eagles to Hawks.. Great post Ruth.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Ruth: Wonderful photos of the Eagles and Hawks, nicely captured.

Shelley said...

I love seeing the eagle's wings spread so magnificently in these photos! Great, great shots!!

George said...

These are certainly marvelous pictures of both the eagles and the hawks. It must be thrilling to see these majestic birds in the wild. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Elaine said...

These are wonderful photos! I can imagine what a thrill it was for you to see all these magnificent birds in one day.

valerie@composition-life said...

Oh how exciting to be part of that. I hope some day I can see something like that. Especially an eagle.

I think I need to make a list of birds I have seen and those I want to see.

It is amazing all we can learn from taking pictures of birds and then looking them up to find out what they are.

I had a Great Blue Heron in my yard yesterday. I was so excited - I scared it away and only got a somewhat good picture. I'll post it soon!

Have a great day!

Ruth said...

I love the passage from Isaiah which ends with the verse you quote. Beautiful pictures!

D said...

Remarkable photos Ruth! Thank you.

Pat said...

Oh, these are fantastic shots, Ruth! We have red-tailed hawks here, too, though I've never seen one in the wild. How cool to be able to go to a place where you see lots of them!

Anonymous said...

Just think of all time work that went into the development of all those birds. Amazing to see that many in one flock. Wow.

Regina said...

Such amazing blue skies and creatures.You captures their wings spreading magnificently.
Love the verse also.
Thank you for reminder, the Lord will give strength to those who will wait upon Him. "We shall run and not get tired, We shall walk and not become weary."

God bless.
xo Regina

Tina said...

Such a nice post, Ruth! You have such patience to sit and wait for these beauties to fly by. Some were more cooperative than others but all your shots were very nice! Such a nice way to spend the day!