Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 12 and 13 through the years

Just for something different,today I will go back through the years 
and choose a picture from each year taken on the above dates.
I decided on three days since I don't have a picture for each year on only one date.
This first picture is from May 12,2006.
The Robin really needs no introduction.This male takes a moment to allow me to get a good shot of him.
At this time of year the Robins are very busy building nests.
Just after lunch today,we saw one carrying building material into a nearby tree.
 The path shown below is at one of our favorite places,Binney Corner and Nature Preserve.This was taken  May 13,2007.
This Nature preserve is a small parcel of land,but has a variety of habitat,
from water to marshes to woodlands.
Jake and I have spent many hours walking these trails and seen and photographed many birds there.
 On May 13,2008 I photographed this Chipping Sparrow.
This little fellow is sitting on the decorative fence around the pond.
I enjoy the Chipping Sparrows as they come to the feed on the ground.
 A Lincoln Sparrow,shot by Jake on May 12,2009 is also right in front of our house.
Take note of the feathers on his head.
He seems to be a bit perturbed.This is usually a fairly shy bird,so is not that easily photographed.
 Yesterday,May12,2010,another visit to the local sewage lagoons and another  Grebe.
I have so far this year seen 5 Grebe species,all the ones usually seen in southern Manitoba.
THis Eared Grebe was one of several which were on the lagoons.
I'm thinking he has a permanent bad hair day.
Again,notice the raised crest,a sign of agitation.
From our observation there was courtship and pair bonding going on.

Well,that is my trip through the years in the middle of May.
I should add that Jake has been taking pictures for many more years,but I don't have dates on those shots,so it would only be a guess.



  1. Oh Ruth, I love your blog look. The header and colors are fabulous.

    Love your May visits through the years.... I need to think about doing that sometime. Great idea!!!!

    Hope things are good with you two.

  2. Love the Lincoln Sparrow's head feathers - so cute! This is a great post - good idea to do 'through the years'.

  3. Just a lovely walk through the middle of May! Your blog is lovely - that reflection is gorgeous!

  4. Great post Ruth! I've never seen a Lincoln's sparrow before -- what a lovely bird :)

  5. Great pictures, Ruth! I love the one of the path into the woods! I love walking in the woods.

  6. Great shots as usual Ruth. The grebes are incredibly beautiful birds, aren't they. The little sparrow looks quite comical with his head disheveled. Always great to read your posts.

  7. What a cool thing to do Ruth. I just love that Lincoln sparrow. I've never seen one, and I'd love to walk with you on that trail.It's beautiful!

  8. A lovely idea to show middle of May photos from several years, and a great selection of photos. That path through the woods looks very inviting.

  9. Love all the photos! They are amazing as always.
    Such beautiful walk!
    Here we have lots of forest reserved but I haven't visited any.
    God bless and have a great weekend.

  10. The Grebe's red eye is so striking. May looks like a good time for you!

  11. I don't know what you did to your blog but it is just so bright and beautiful. I loved all your pictures but the L.Sparrow was my favorite. He is a handsome bird with his top feathers up. Nice walk through May with you.

  12. You have a better file system, I go by month and year so have to ramble through sometimes to retieve a file.

  13. I love the walking path at Binney Corner; I can see why you and Jake spend time there. You have great pictures of the birds!

    Thanks for your comment on my fibromyalgia post; I appreciate it! I am sorry to hear that you and your sister also suffer from this illness. There are 2 others that commented that are fellow Fibromyalgic’s.

  14. Lol---"I'm thinking he has a permanent bad hair day." These are fantastic close-ups of beautiful birds, Ruth. I really like the bad-hair-day Grebe! He's very unique-looking. Have a blessed weekend!

    Thank you for your kind comments. It is great to know members of the Body of Christ are all over the world!

  15. I like your look back at previous May days. You've gotten some wonderful pictures through the years.

  16. All of nature's beauty represented wonderfully in your photos!!

  17. I don't think I have seen a Lincoln Sparrow. What an excellent picture- better than the one in my bird guide.

  18. What a neat idea for a post. I have never seen a Lincoln Sparrow or a Grebe. Your pictures are always wonderful!

  19. A wonderful series, Ruth. The photograph of the Lincoln Sparrow, is so detailed and sharp.

  20. Such beautiful pictures Ruth. The birds are so clear. Hve a nice weekend

  21. beautiful photos and quote. I think I have a Chipping Sparrow, I will have to double check.

  22. As always, great bird shots! Last year we had a Robin's nest in our trellis. We got so much pleasure watching them hatch and grow up.

  23. The wood duck in your banner is gorgeous, Ruth! I saw my first wood duck this spring and I think they are really incredible. I've never seen a Lincoln Sparrow or the Eared Grebe - great photos!
    Have a blessed day tomorrow!

  24. I think I saw a Lincoln Sparrow the other day but it was gone almost before I realized what I was looking at. Needless to say I didn't get a picture. You guys got some very nice pictures in your collection.

    All of my photos are taken here in my small backyard. Sometimes I wish I had a trail to follow off into the woods somewhere but I don't.

  25. Beautiful blog. Have a nice day Radka.

  26. Your header of the Wood Duck is magnificent! And the rOBIN, sPaRROWS AND gREBE WERE ALL GOOD CHOICES. tODAY WE HAD A VERY FRIENDLY cHIPPING sPARROW JOINinG MY HUSBAND ON OUR BACK DECK AS HE ENJOYED HIS COFFEE. lITTLE cHIPPING sPaRROW very friendly- like kept him company. All the birds in our back yard are lovely companions.


  27. Great birds and photos, Ruth! I love the Grebe and sparrow.

  28. The middle of May is a great time for birding, isn't it? Very nice to go back in time and see what you were photographing in years gone by - fun! I really love that Lincoln sparrow - I saw my first one last year at the New River festival but it was being banded. Nice to see it in your yard!

  29. My favorite is the path photo!
    I love photo's of path's and roads - it leaves me wondering ... where does it lead ... what is at the end

    Wonderful as always!

    Love the idea of the different years!

  30. What a neat idea! I love all the photos you chose. I like that Lincoln Sparrow...I've never seen one.

  31. What a brilliant idea, Ruth! I love all of these photos; the robin and the Lincoln Sparrow are my favourites! I am so happy to hear about your photo adventures with Jake. I long for a partner to do this stuff with. You two give me hope. :o)


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