Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Birds,Etc.

It is time to share a few more pictures of our recent activities.
The weather is rainy and cold,so therefore not great for birding and photography.
Having said all that here are a few of my recent pictures.
On Sunday,late afternoon,Jake and I went to Lake Minniwasta.
This is a relatively small lake,but it supplies the town of Morden with most of its water.
Upon our arrival,we saw one Osprey sitting on a tree close to the lake shore.
Before we left we had seen 7 Osprey,which is most unusual for this area.
Here is one of them in flight.
Yesterday,May 3,we again went to check on bird activity at the lake.
This time we were surprised to find several pair of Grebes.
These are two of the 5 Western Grebes present.
These are the birds that in courtship will do a water dance,running side by side on the water.
The other Grebes were these Horned Grebes.
This picture is not cropped,so you can see they were very close.
Today the lake was very quiet,but that does not keep me from taking pictures.
These Saskatoon Berry blossoms looked good to me.
To see the true beauty of the world around us,one has to train the eyes as well as the heart to stop and look at each little thing.
I hope you have enjoyed joining Jake and me as we walk along the trails at Lake Minniwasta.We will be back there many times before the summer is over,and you are welcome to join us,at least via this blog.


  1. Beautiful as always Ruth! The Horned Grebes came right on up to you didn't they? That's incredible!

    I LOVE the wood duck in your header too, that's a beautiful photo! Great reflection. :o)

  2. I'm not very knowledgeable about birds, I guess growing up in town. But, I'm finding your beautiful picture's very educational. Maybe you'll make a birder out of me yet!!

  3. I just love Grebes, but really like the header photo.

  4. My visits here are always educational and inspiring me to worship our wonderful Creator! Beautiful shots!

  5. I agree, the wood duck image is absolutely beautiful. I always look forward to your images.

  6. These pictures are, as always, superb. The banner of the Wood Duck and the other Grebes are so pretty. Glad you were able to get so close. Diane

  7. Ruth, I love your blog look... The header, the colors, and EVERYTHING are so gorgeous...

    Love your birds and for taking us with you and Jake on your walk.... THANKS!

    It's raining at the beach today--so this gives me an opportunity to catch up with some blogging, some reading and some SLEEPING.. ha ha (What a life!)


  8. Seeing the pics tells me what a wonderful time you had. I look forward to more of your trips.

  9. That wood duck in the header is simply gorgeous! I enjoyed seeing the grebes so much - I don't see much waterfowl and when I do - it isn't close enough to get any nice pictures. These are great! Love the new look of your blog, Ruth!

  10. Such delightful pictures - so much beauty in them. I really enjoyed walking with you today. Thanks.

    ... and, yes, the header is superb.

  11. What wonderful pictures Ruth. Those birds are all so beautiful.Great shots

  12. Thanks for taking us with you to this beautiful lake. I hope you'll take us back often.

  13. Ruth: That was a wonderful look at the neat birds from your area. Wonderful Osprey photo on wing.

  14. These are special pictures. I don't have anything to compare to them.

  15. Your header is beautiful!! and your bird pictures great as usual. Our Saskatoon berry bush bloomed 2-3 weeks ago. Flowers are coming out early and finishing quickly in the heat.

  16. Wow...great shots! I've never seen even one Osprey! Those grebes are very pretty little birds....two very nice pairs :-) I would love to see them do their water dance. Those blossoms are gorgeous. What a perfect day!

  17. Grebes! Woohoo! Love em! Dont get a chance to see those around here! Unless you are lucky! I am not thus far...

  18. I did enjoy walking along the trails at Lake Minniwasta and look forward to another visit. I love the Grebes, and the Wood Duck in the header is absolutely supurb!

  19. I'm glad to be back and seeing your lovely photos -I love the grebes.

  20. Liked the horned griebe and osprey. Putting osprey back into the wild is a state program so when I see them here in IA I wonder where they were released. Really enjoy watching them dive but have not been quick enough with my camera.

  21. I ALWAYS love walking with you and Jake!! You show me such beautiful sights!!

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  23. How beautiful and amazing.
    The grebe is like soaring to its highest.
    Thank you for sharing.

    God bless and have a wonderuful weekend to both of you.

  24. Love the waterfowl!
    I love looking at all your photos!

  25. Beautiful,lovely and fantastic shots !!Simply amazing and fantastic !!Great Post !!Unseen Rajasthan

  26. I like the way you give God credit for everything. After all, Creation is His Handiwork and a touch of His Love for us.

  27. Ruth these images are blessings that we recieve from our Father above.
    Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!
    love and light anna xo


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