Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tulips in the Park

Although the Tulip season has mostly passed in this area,
Jake and I found these beauties still very much alive in a park in Winnipeg.
My blogging friend,Krista, at Picture Imperfect has shown me how to frame my pictures.
This is a lot of fun and quite easy to do.
It was refreshing to see these beds of Tulips in all the brightest colors.
I thought the few reds among the yellow was very pretty.
The contrast of colors is eye catching.
These were all taken in the English Gardens in Winnipeg.
This bi-colored Tulip was quite unique.
The whole patch of them would have been beautiful when the flowers were in their prime.
Red and Yellow.
A perfect pair.
All pictures taken by Ruth with the Canon Rebel xti
and Canon 100-400mm lens.

You don't have to worry about eyestrain
from looking on the brighter side of life.


  1. Hi Ruth, Beautiful tulips. I especially like that red one with the yellow ones faded in the background... NEAT!! I miss my tulips ... Now I have to wait 'til next Spring.


  2. I love the framing and the composition. Excellent! The blooms are so delightful. I love all. Thanks again for sharing Ruth.
    God bless both of you.


  3. beautiful. I love tulips. And I think the sun shining through them makes them extra pretty.

    have fun with that Photoshop :-)

  4. Wow - what bursts of sunshine these are!! Gorgeous!

  5. Love the tulips, Ruth! The yellows and red look pretty together. Have a great day!

  6. I love how you presented these tulips - beautiful! Yellow ones have always been my favorite.

  7. A beautiful set of pictures. I particularly like the light and colour in the one with the mass of yellow blooms.

  8. Beautiful photos and I really like your "framing".

  9. You are way behind me in southern Iowa, we lost tulips almost 2 weeks ago.Wish they would last longer, have a bunch posted for Brendas Challenge in my blog.

  10. Great job of framing of your beautiful pictures. They remind me of mirrors rather then pictures.

  11. Oh, very pretty Ruth. Leonard loves the red and yellow. I'm stuck on the peachy pink ones. Beautiful post. Did you frame that with photoshop? Diane

  12. What beautiful tulips Ruth and I love those pictures framed. I am going to have a look at that site and see if I can learn something

  13. Ruth, these are so beautiful! I love tulips. The frames you chose are just perfect. I like the second frame the best but the oval ones you used were suited to a tee. :o)

  14. These are stunning. I really like the last two!

  15. Beautiful photos of the tulips and nice Photoshop work!

  16. Ruth: Nicely shown, tulips are a wonderful flower.

  17. That bi-colored tulip sent me over the moon! Wow - and I love how you framed it! That is just beautiful, Ruth!

  18. Oh I LOVE the framing .... and the pictures are GORGEOUS Ruth!! I think it's a bit late for Tulips here. Really stunning colors!

  19. Just gorgeous Ruth. I really like what you have done with these.Our Tulips are all gone for this year.
    Have a wonderful friday.

  20. The tulips (and the frames) are beautiful. I also like the red tulips among the yellows.


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