Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Day at the Marsh

Jake and I spent several hours today,at a local marsh area.
These are a few of the many picture I took.
The weather was beautiful,a few clouds,almost no wind and comfortable temperatures.
This combination,together with quite a few birds,resulted in many pictures being taken.
Some of the more numerous birds were the Black Terns.
This one is flying away with a morsel of food.
The picture has been cropped a little,to show the bird better.
We were also pleased to see a few Common Terns diving for food.
This one is just taking off from the water.
Again the image is cropped as these birds stayed farther away.
Here you can see a Common Tern almost submerged.
I do hope he ended up with a tasty lunch,for all these efforts.
Again the image is cropped quite a lot.
A shorebird who graced us with his presence was this Willet.
This is a fairly nondescript bird,until he takes off and shows  the lovely wing patterns.
As we were about to leave this area we saw this cute scene.
Mother American Coot is tenderly feeding one her babies.
There were several babies,but only one was close enough to Mom to get a good picture.
Thought for today from George Washington Carver:
I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station,through which God speaks to us every hour,if only we will tune in .


  1. Excellent photos of those birds in action! Just wondering if while at this marsh you got a picture of Manitoba's provincial bird - the mosquito!! When we lived in Winnipeg we had lots - some the size of helicopters, well, ok, hummingbirds, well, alright, maybe not that big!! I'm just a tease tonight! Smile!y!

    I've only seen a coot on your blog! Sweet pic of mamma feeding baby!

  2. So many fantastic photos! That baby coot was cute - even w/ his bald little head! LOL!

  3. Being in tune is indeed a wonderful thought.
    Those bird shots are amazing Ruth! beautiful pictures.

  4. Nice to get the Terns taking off and in the water.

  5. Very nice pictures, Ruth. Very sweet one of the mother with the baby and I love the quote. It's so true. Diane

  6. Hi Ruth, LOVE the pictures... That Willet is new to me... Beautiful bird... Love the Terns also--and the Mama Coot is so pretty--as she feeds her little one.

    Thanks for sharing... Glad you are having wonderful weather.. I'm envious... ha

  7. Lovely series of shots! The one of the mama Coot and her baby is special. The quote is so true--we have to tune in to the wonders around us. There is so much happening that we miss as we go about our everyday lives.

  8. Ruth you and Jake do 'tune in'. Let us hope that more people will. Beautiful photos!

  9. Great shots of the birds in flight. Love the shape of the commonTern's wings, so like an Egrets at take off.

  10. the putt putt putt of the willet is so funny. great photos and I am borrowing the quote. I love it and it is one i have not seen before.

  11. Wonderful shots of these birds, Ruth. I love the one of the mama coot feeding her little one.

    I really like the Geaorge Washington Carver quote. I didn't know much about him until I taught a lesson about him in my Good News Club last fall. What a great man of faith and what a great scientist he was!

  12. I'm with everyone else picking the mama Coot and baby as my favorite. What is it about nurturing that just melts our hearts... Also love your flight pictures and the detail on the wings... Have a great day Ruth

  13. Excellent photos! I really enjoyed the flight shots and the quote.

  14. Those terns are hard to catch in the air! I loved the willet in flight - wow! And the coot feeding the baby is precious and a perfect picture, too!

  15. These photos are just great! I especially like the pictures of the terns trying to get their lunch. The picture of the mother American Coot and baby is wonderful as well.

  16. I really love that you guys go spend time watching birds and photographing. You remind me of the (hypothetical) couple that I would really love to find myself a part of someday.

    Your birds are, as always, lovely! The little coot is adorable! I love his bald head. How sweet!

  17. I've never seen a Tern do anything but skim the surface, amazing!

    It's so true about being in tune unfortunately even in the wilderness with beauty to see and hear all around, many people have their attention on something electronic and man-made.

  18. Great shots. I see your American coot looks like the Australian coot which migrated to New Zealand.

  19. Amazing - fantastic and how fun it must have been to click these!

  20. I love the last two photos! Just beautiful, and a great quote too! 2 days left for this week, 2 with kids next week and 3 days to clean our rooms at school - then a little break (2months of summer yay!).

    I wonder ... if I didn't know it was coming - would I be so anxious for it?

    Your post helped settle my mind and get me going this morning. Can't wait to catch up on all I have missed, these weeks have been so hectic!

  21. Great captures Ruth! Super action shots. I'd never seen a coot before, and this baby one has a face that only a mother could love :)

  22. That coot baby is so cute! I've never seen one! the diving tern is pretty cool, too.


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