Friday, June 11, 2010

Images That Make Me Smile

Today I want to share with you a few images that bring a smile to my face.
This first picture has always been a favorite of mine.
Jake took this many years ago,using a film camera,
but I think it is timeless,and makes me think happy thoughts.
The rest of the pictures are ones I have taken over the past few years.
This Tulip shines with beauty and has a look of sunshine.
What's not to love about Daisies?
I have used this one before on this blog,but it is pretty enough to use again.
The flower for the month of June is a Rose.
How perfect since I love Roses.
Images like this simple Red Rose will bring a smile for sure.
All roses are beautiful,but there is just something about a red one that is special.

I end with  a bud of one of the Wild Roses growing in many ditches.
This bud reminds me to see the beauty of the flower in all stages of growth.
On this day,June 11,1949
Jake and Annie Janzen welcomed their first daughter
and gave her the name Ruth.
Today I am thankful for parents who showed me by example how to live.

Birthdays are blessings as seen through Gods' eyes
In the light of forever we soon realize
that birthdays are given to prompt us
to pause and assess what is precious.
Life might otherwise filter away
like sand in an hourglass day after day.
What a remarkable gift it is
that God has given to us from above:
The gift? It is Life!
And the reason? It's Love.


  1. Happy Birthday! What beautiful flowers, they make me smile, too! And that's a lovely poem!

  2. Wow! Those flowers are gorgeous. I really love the first one that Jake took. Wouldn't mind seeing these everyday.

    Happy Birthday! The world is a better place because you share your sunshine and blessings.

  3. about your flowers, exquisite is what comes to my mind. I am also blessed and happy to have had parents that taught me right from wrong and raised me to be the person I am. Happy birthday Ruth.

  4. Charming photos as are the two of you.

  5. The flower photos are just fantastic. Great job.

  6. Happy Birthday, Ruth. I hope you have a special, wonderful day.

    Your flower pictures (and Jakes) are just stunning. I love the wildrose bud, so sweet. Diane

  7. What absolutely stunning flowers - shown off in their prime and glory! Have a very Happy Birthday Ruth! May you have many, many more exciting adventures with the Lord in the coming year! Thank you so much for sharing all these beauties with us! Eye-candy!

  8. Happy Birthday Ruth! You deserve a smiley day every day... but today above all. These flowers are so lovely. The top photo is incredibly moving and as you say, timeless!

  9. You guys take some very nice photographs of your flowers on and off of film.

  10. Happy birthday Ruth. What beautiful flowers you show us. Have a wonderful day

  11. Happy Birthday, Ruth... I remembered that your birthday was sometime in June--but wasn't sure of the day. You are a YOUNG one ---since I'm 7 yrs. OLDER.... My My My!!!!!!

    Love your photos ---all of them. But there's something really special about that first one. Wow!!!

    Hope Jake spoils you today!!!!

  12. Happy Birthday Ruth! And many more! Thank you for sharing your beautiful flowers with us!!

  13. I am so easily confused sometimes. But are you saying your Daddy's name was also Jake?

    Happy Birthday! All very pretty flower photos.

  14. Happy Birthday, Ruth.
    All of these pictures are beautiful, but I also really like that first one. It is timeless.

  15. Well, Happy Birthday Ruth. Having loving parents makes all the difference in a young persons life, and I was fortunate to have such parents. Love ALL of your flowers. Awesome detail! Hope you had a wonderful day!

  16. ♫ ♫ Happy Birthday,Ruth ♫ ♫
    Have a great day and thanks for the great pictures

  17. Those images made me smile too...they are beautiful. That top one especially.

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

  18. Ruth: I'm smiling. Hope you had a great birthday.

  19. Happy, Happy Birthday Ruth. Your flowers are stunning - I love them all.

  20. I hope your birthday was a happy one! The images of the flowers are beautiful and looking at them definitely brings a smile.

  21. Ruth, I'm really sorry I missed your birthday. I really am... I have been rather absorbed in so much troubles of my own that I forgot to take time out for my friends.
    Forgive me, my friend... ♥
    I do hope your day was special, and you were able to enjoy the blessings of being brought into this world.
    You are a kind soul...

    Your photos are beautiful...
    I love daisies very much... being out here in the mountains, we see so many of them, and they give me such comfort!

    Take care!

    Hugs and kisses♥

  22. Happy Birthday a couple days late! Everyone of those flowers made me smile. That first one is really a beauty! Such beautiful photos. May God bless you with much happiness in the coming year!

  23. I so enjoy seeing Jake's first flower back in the day when it was much more difficult to expose - he must have been a very good photographer! And your flowers in the digital world are so beautiful! Happy Birthday, Ruth!

  24. Well I'm so glad you found my blog and invited me over. You have some lovely flowers here. I have a birthday coming up in the next few days, but I was was born a couple years before you. I hope yours was a very happy one. I'll be back to check out your work again.

  25. Aww, Happy Birthday Ruth. How funny that you married a Jake and your dad's name was Jake. I love it. I mean take me for instance what are the chances that I would end up marrying a Christopher with my name being Christy. I find the names in families somewhat interesting being as we have quite a few repeated names, mostly do to marriage, in my mom's side of the family. But that is another story. Love the flower images. Did you notice the web stringing off to the right on the yellow tulip? I do love the clarity that digital provides over film but sometimes film does win. Case in point your first image - stunning.

  26. These are spectacular and thatred rose doesn't even look real. My favorite has to be the daisy because it surely made me smile.

    Happy birthday sweetheart!

  27. Happy birthday!

    The flowers are so beautiful that they take my breath away. You and Jake are truly exceptional photographers.

  28. Hi Ruth! Sorry I am late on the Birthday wishes but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The favorite images you chose are superb! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  29. Well Happy Birthday my dear friend Ruth!We are both born in /49 and I on Oct. 21!
    We share the same birth year and love of roses and flowers that make our hearts sing and faces smile!! Lovely flowers!
    Stunning photography!!
    love and light anna xo

  30. Happy Birthday, beautiful beautiful flowers.

  31. Happy Birthday Ruth! I hope you had a great day! Your photos are all gorgeous!

  32. Beautiful Picture's Ruth! Happy Birthday, we are almost Birthday twins, mine is on the 10th of June!


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