Monday, June 7, 2010

More Birds

For this post I will share with you some of our recent bird photos.
The first two pictures were taken by Jake.
Once again a visit to the lagoon provided some good photo opportunities.
This Gadwell was not going to hang around and wait for any photographer.
Another shot of the Gadwell.
The water was like a mirror and resulted in some amazing reflections.
I think the pictures should have been in reverse order.
The last three pictures are done by Ruth.
The Eastern Bluebird is usually one that stays further away.
This one gave me a chance to get some closer images.
This is still cropped a little,so as to show the bird well.
I might add that he also sang me his sweet song.
On our travels down the country road,I spotted the Red-headed Woodpecker.
I would certainly have preferred him on a tree,but will take him anywhere I get the chance.
This is  a bird we don't get to see every year,so any picture is special,even one on a hydro pole.
The Ruby-throated Hummingbird was taken a little more than a week ago.
Once again,having him at a flower would be more desirable,but since 
that is not where he wanted to be,I will be satisfied with this one.
Thought for today:
Learn to relax without feeling guilty.


  1. Gosh! Can't even begin to pick a favorite. Love the reflections in the first 2, but I also love the other 3. All great photographs.

  2. Nice series, Ruth! Love the reflection shots so much. And the Hummers are always a joy to see.

  3. Wow!!! Beautiful photos! The reflection photos are stunning - mouth dropping incredible! I've never seen water quite that still! Thanks for sharing your great work!

  4. All of these pictures are stunning. You and Jake make a great team.

  5. I love your bird photos, Ruth... You and Jake take the BEST pictures of all. Love your Red-headed... He looks so much like my Red-headed... ha

    The Gadwell is a beautiful bird. And of course, I love the Bluebird.

    Hope you are having a good week.

  6. Great series! The reflection shots of the Gadwell are amazing, and I love the Red-headed Woodpecker. Like you say, you take them wherever you can get them. Nice work.

  7. Ruth Dear, Jake's photos are just spectacular with their perfect reflections, as is your hovering hummingbird.
    It must have been quite a thrill to be serenaded by that wonderful bluebird. Lovely shot too.

  8. These are wonderful - all of them! What spectacular moments you captured. Also a good thought for the day - I am slowly learning how to do that.

  9. Wow, Ruth and Jake, these are fantastic captures, especially the one of the hummingbird! The first one of the Gadwell looks like it is swimming/floating in the sky! The reflections are SO sharp and clear; you're right, it does looke like a mirror!

  10. I did turn my head to see how the reflection looked.Nice shots!

  11. The reflection pictures are just perfect. The other birds are gorgeous, too. The little hummingbird is so cute with his tiny feet stuck out like that.

    Thanks Jake and Ruth, Diane

  12. Ruth, awesome shots of the ducks. And my favorite is of the redheaded woodie. They are all so pretty, great photos!

  13. Lovely shots Ruth; incredible reflections & that little hummer is devine!!

  14. WOW>>>Your photos are fantastic! I LOVE the hummingbird. I have tried and tried to get a good shot of one; but with my old digital camera that came out of the ice age when they were first invented isn't up to par for getting a shot like yours. Thanks for sharing!

  15. These are all really incredible, Ruth! Relax without feeling guilty - I like the sounds of that! I don't do that much any more and think I will have to start, and soon! How sad is it that my first thought was "but not tomorrow because I have other plans!"... summer in the Yukon is crazy. Anyway, I will relax while I'm hiking and taking pictures after work and you can bet I won't feel a second of guilt!

    The woodpecker and hummingbird photos are brilliant Ruth! I know I sometimes think "wouldn't it be nice" about my own shots but these are fantastic with their manmade bits of beauty as well!

  16. Excellent! I love the water reflections shots. I so seldom see a Red-headed woodpecker it is nice to see a really good photo of one! Lovely hummer shot....I haven't seen them much yet. Feeders seem to be the best way to get their photos.

  17. Ruth, your first two photos are "wow!" The reflection is just as sharp as the actual bird. And all of your photos are top notch. All of them are so crisp -- almost 3-dimensional.

  18. those reflections are superb!and I'm loving that woodpecker- he's so cute!


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