Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada Day 2010

Canada Day has come and gone for 2010,but the memories will last forever.
Jake and I spent the afternoon and evening with our son and granddaughter,Steve and Kai.
We went to Winnipeg,the capitol city of Manitoba.
This was the scene in the Jeep as we drove.
Kai was kept busy with her Leapster.
 I had my little point and shoot camera,so these pictures are all from it.
I apologize for the poor quality.
This is a common scene along the highway,
canola fields and elevators.
I wanted to give the frame a soft look and it ended up over the whole picture.
I kind of like that soft focus for this scene.
 Our first stop was at Portage Place,a shopping mall and also the home of the IMAX theater.
The fountain in this mall is a popular attraction.
Steve took my little camera and had some fun with it.
I guess a professional photographer always finds something to shoot.
Thanks,Steve for taking these shots.
Looking up into the roof of the mall,this was the scene he saw.
I like the architectural lines.
 Here is one more of Steve's shots,looking down the mall.
This mall is three stories high and has a lot of unique shops and attractions.
I got my camera back and was able to get this photo of father and daughter sharing a special moment.
We watched a 3D movie at the IMAX,all about Whales and Dolphins.
Kai loved the movie and wanted to reach out and touch these creatures,they seemed so close.
After this we found a small park to have a few snacks and wait for the fireworks.
Kai enjoyed the play structure.
In the next picture I think she was daring Daddy  to go down the slide.
The following pictures are courtesy of Steve at Personal Expressions.
These pictures were taken with an iphone.

The only negative about the day was the extreme heat and later the mosquitoes.
To my US friends ,Happy 4th of July .
I hope you are able to enjoy the celebrations with those you love.


  1. Looks like great fun! Where is Portage Place - seems to me I should know but I need some help! Very nice fountain. Love those fields.....and wide open spaces! Your granddaughter is such a cutie!

  2. Wow Ruth. I can see by these pictures you had a wonderful Canada Day! Spending it with family is the best!
    We're headed to a chicken bar-b-q on Sunday and fireworks later with our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughters..
    An awesome header.

  3. Great pictures, Ruth, and I know how much fun you had with son and granddaughter.... That little gal is gorgeous ---and is growing SO fast.

    Love the fireworks pictures... We'll have some on Sunday night I hope.

    Sorry about the heat and bugs.... Our horribly hot temps and humidity is GONE for now. Hope it doesn't come back on Sunday... Thanks for reminding me that we'll need to take our bug spray though!!!!

    Have a great weekend. Thanks for sharing your sweet family with us... Love the picture of your son and his daughter... What special LOVE.


  4. It looks as if you had a great Canada Day. All of these pictures are wonderful, regardless of the camera used.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. What a collection of great photos chronicling your wonderful Canada Day. I'll bet even the skeeters couldn't put a damper on your day. Have a great weekend.

  6. Glad you had such a wonderful day, Ruth. How fun to spend the day with your son and granddaughter, she sure is a charmer. The pics are great, each one in it's own way. It's supposed to be a wee bit cooler here for the 4th - Great!! Diane

  7. What a lovely mother and son post! My, hasn't Kai grown since you baked cookies together! I just loveseing your family. My son is a photographer too and I loved getting another glimpse at Winnipeg which we visited when we drove cross Canada from east to west so our Canada born son would get a look at the country of his birth.

  8. Ruth, what a great way to celebrate Canada Day. Love the Canola field shot, the colors are gorgeous. And the fireworks are beautiful, it is hard to believe they were taken with a iphone. They must take geat photos.

  9. Your post is filled with happiness and excitemet of a very worthwhile day.I could hear the laughter shared.

  10. what poor quality???? these are all beautiful. glad you had a good Canada day and thanks for sharing it.

  11. Hi Ruth what a wonderful day you had and what a beayutiful granddaughter you have. She is gorgeous. Great photo's both yours and your sons, can't seen they come from a small camera.
    Have a nice weekend.

  12. Thanks for the happy fourth wishes. We will. The whole gang will be here and roast wieners and fry hamburgers and some years somebody gets pissed at somebody and doesn't speak for a period of time. LOL I guess it is the same all over the world.

    I liked all of your pictures. I was especially drawn to the mall pictures. It reminds me so much of our mall. The mall is no more but now sports a vacant field. Even the parking lot is gone. I used to make a lot of money at that mall showing and selling my artwork.

    But a fortune is never enough for some people so they raise the rents so high nobody can afford their sites and the business goes into bankruptcy -- which is what the owner wanted. They take the money they made and scamper into something new.

  13. I got all wrapped up in your mall pictures and forgot to tell you I enjoyed the post and all your pictures.

  14. A beautiful family post, Ruth! Love that picture of Kai and here daddy! You had one lovely day - And a Happy Cananda Day to you all!

  15. Your Granddaughter reminds me of my own.:) My son-in-law who is a professional photographer told me " Great pictures are possible with any type of camera". Your super pictures supports his statement. I am blow-away by the fireworks photos. Happy belated Canada Day!

  16. Sweet pics of Kai ... noticed the band-aids! Looks like such a fun time together. That is quite the mall and enjoyed those photos.

    Enjoyed the fireworks and am trying to decide where we might go to see some tomorrow night.

  17. Definitely looks like a nice day! Happy belated Canada Day to you. Lovely pictures despite the p&s camera.

  18. Always a great time when it's spent with family! I think that point and shoot did really well!! And the fireworks with the Iphone are super too!!

  19. What a great day you had, and you and Steve did an excellent job of documenting it.

  20. Your photos definitely show how wonderful of a day you all had. It is nice to see the love...
    Fireworks are awesome and I know we had some here as well but nights I sleep deep for when I take most of my heavier meds but here I see the festivities and I am sitting here ooohing and aahing and I thank you!!
    I am glad I came by!

    Hugs and kisses♥

  21. What a wonderful day you had! Being with family is so great! The photos are all wonderful. I love that field shot and how you softened it around the edges. The mall shots are terrific! And the fireworks! We skipped the fireworks this year, but I can hear some popping off in the area. I love your header shots of the wren, too. My little wren is such a busy little singing bird and I can see yours is too :-)

  22. Looks like you had a lovely family day. Nice post.

  23. Ruth: Very cute family shots, I can see you had a great day.

  24. Great firework shots. Looks like you had a fun day with family.

  25. Some one once sent an email rubbishing that canola is no such grain. Thanks for your photo.

  26. Great photos to chronicle your day. The mall looks like an inviting place to shop.

  27. These are magnificent! No apologizing for quality of these photos! LOL!

    Thanks for sharing your day with us. It looks like a great time was had by all.

    Because I'm so generous... you can send some of your heat to us. I don't mind... hehe

  28. We live in such a vast and beautiful country. Wonderful scenic pictures!

  29. Happy Canada belated!
    These are wonderful and precious.
    Have a great week both.

  30. Canada sure is beautiful. Steve composed the mall shots really well. The point and shoot cameras have a great wide angle. Glad you had a fun day out together with family.

  31. What a wonderful day you had! I just loved the pictures of fireworks taken with the iphone.. Better than with my camera I must say. Have a great day! Blessings.


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