Saturday, July 24, 2010

Flower or Weed?

The humble Dandelion is often hated.
Most people do their best to rid their lawns of this plant.
recently did a post about the  Dandelion and that caused me to look at some of our Dandelion pictures.
Jake and I too, do not want a yellow lawn,but I do think this is a pretty flower.
Instead of just posting the plain pictures,I had some Photoshop fun.
I found this quote on the internet.
A weed is but an unloved flower.Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Everyone who has received that bouquet of yellow flowers from a chubby little hand,
must admit that these flowers were beautiful,and given from the heart.
This bee is busy gathering nectar from a Dandelion.
Another quote from the internet.
Roses are red
Violets are blue;
But they don't get around
Like the dandelions do.
 Who among us has not picked one of these and blown those seeds away.
It is fun to watch those little parachutes fly away.
I  think this is a lovely flower,now if only we could get it to just stay at one or two plants.

I hope all of you are taking the time to really look at the beauty all around you.
It may even be that you will enjoy the humble Dandelion.


  1. That was a fun post Ruth!! I still remember making pretty yellow chains with dandelions and also wearing them as crowns. I'm actually going to look into dandelion products at the health food store, i.e. tea! Loved your photos - thanks again!

  2. I like both your dandelion pictures and your quotes. You and Karin have given the lowly dandelion more positive press than it has ever had!

  3. Beautiful pictures, Ruth. Thanks for doing such a nice post on dandelions. I love them, not as many as I have in my yard, but I love them just the same. I love knowing the bees love them so, and for their bright color and sweet smell, also when you do recieve a bouquet in a chubby little hand, you know they didn't pick the ROSES!!! Diane

  4. You did have some Photoshop Phun and did a great job. Several people who commented on my "Monochrome Lake" post for Phun Phriday! wondered how it was done, so I posted a tutorial on it today. If you're interested just click here. Judging from your posts today I'm sure you could do a better tutorial on it than I did. Thanks for dropping by and your comment.

  5. I happen to like dandelions. I don't want themspread all throughout the yeard but I do think they're really pretty you just have to look for their beauty.

  6. I have always thought dandelions are a really pretty flower and their seed heads as well. They form a beautiful yellow carpet on an empty field. If only they weren't so eager to decorate the lawn! Lovely photos and very nice PS work!

  7. I am one of few that actually love weeds. some of the most beautiful wild flowers there are, may be called weeds, but they are lovely to me. i have even transplanted weeds. all of these photos are beautiful and precious to me. i have not seen dandelions in years and years. we don't have them in florida. thanks for shareing your weeds with us.

  8. I love what you did with your Dandelion photos and the quotes. These flowers hold a special place in my heart for the same reasons you mentioned. So...I allow them to grow.

  9. Beautiful photos and quotes, Ruth! Nature is just grand, I love enjoying the outdoors.

  10. Great post, Ruth... I enjoyed both yours and Karin's. I love seeing Dandelions out in the fields --just like I enjoy seeing all other kinds of wildflowers...

    The only problem with the Dandelion is that it enjoys invading our yard -when it's not invited.... But--even still, it does make for some great pictures, doesn't it?


  11. Nice post Ruth! That boosted the Dandelion in my opinion - if only for five minutes! LOL

  12. I remember giving a boquet to my Mom when I was little... pretty!!!

  13. YOu make the dandelion look very appealing :-) I love photos of the seed heads. That quote was great...will have to remember that.

  14. Some lovely shots of actually quite a pretty flower. Can you imagine how we'd all rave over it if it was rare! I think every photographer has a few favourite shots of the dandelion. And you have great quotes to go along with these!

  15. Fantastic and amazing!
    Have a wonderful week both.

  16. I was surprised to know there is none in Florida.
    I agree these flowers would be prized if only they were less prolific!

  17. I like how you used Photoshop for some fun and unique ways to post dandelions!

    I sure do remember blowing the seeds into the wind; a great childhood memory. Also, I remember well when my son as a little boy had brought me a yellow dandelion and the hug and kiss that I gave him; thanks for jogging my memory!

  18. Fabulous shots Ruth! I think these are dandy :)

  19. Many a time I have blown that little plant. One of the few joys we had growing up. Your dandelions and your words go very well together.

  20. I love how you showed the dandelions humble beauty! Wonderful!

  21. You did some fun things with your photos ... and now to make a wish!

  22. Yeah! that is a pretty flower and I like it. Thanks for sharing.


  23. Oh! Those flowers caught my attention I want to have that on my garden. Will certainly visit your site more often now.



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