Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flowers and Such

I think it is time to head back to the A Rocha Canada Field Station,
located at the edge of the scenic Pembina Valley.
A Rocha is a Christian conservation organization,
working to show God's love for all creation.
I invite you to click on the name to visit their site.
Jake and I love to visit this place,so we are excited to share a few more pictures.

As one drives onto the yard this is part of the scene which greets you.
The directors live in a very lovely home,perched at the edge of the valley.

Here is a look into the valley.All around the wrap around deck are beds of beautiful flowers,and as you can see bird feeders of all kinds.

Walking around to the back or valley side of the house,this is the view.All flower beds look very natural and relaxed,yet so colorful.

I was impressed that even a few volunteer plants beside the driveway were left to grow.

Just another look into the valley.I could easily spend all day sitting on that deck,enjoying the view.

Part of conservation is to use water wisely.
We all know that flush toilets use a lot of water with each flush.
A Rocha has gotten around this by the use of an Outhouse.
I remember the old outhouse from years ago,but not with fond memories.
It was smelly,and not a pleasant place to be any longer than one had to.
A visit to the Outhouse at A Rocha is a pleasant experience indeed.
Here is the overall view.
Take note of all the little details,that make this place look great.

Upon opening the door,which I might add has a plexiglass frosted panel in it,
this is the inside view.
I think they were in the process of repainting this place.
 two seater no less,one white and one pink.Hmmm,was one for boys and one for girls.

To the side is this assortment of useful items.
Of course we need the toilet paper,but we never had  hand sanitizer in ours back home,
or incense sticks,candles and matches.
Previously when I visited this room,there was a picture on the other wall,but it was being redecorated and hence no picture this time.
I hope you have enjoyed this little tour.
I am quite certain that I will be featuring more pictures from this are.

Thought for today:
Contentment is not getting what we want,
but being satisfied with what we have.


  1. Hello Ruth

    I remember my grandpa's outhouse - it was always cold and sometimes he had cut up pieces of newspaper hanging from a piece of string rather than toilet roll and in the winter time there would be ice on the inside of the little window. I sure was glad when he got a bathroom built unto the cottage in the early 70's!

    Lovely quote


  2. What a neat place... I can understand why you two had such a beautiful day... I love the wrap around deck--and all of those flowers.... The Outhouse is like one I saw in GA (which they called the Royal Restroom).. ha ha

    The first time I used an Outhouse was when I went to church camp when I was about 8. You had to hike from your cabin to the Outhouse... I was scared of it --at nights (after the older kids told us there were snakes in there)... ha

    Thanks for a cute post, Ruth.... Love your pictures.

  3. Great post! It's very beautiful there. Love the Outhouse shots.

  4. Ruth, what a beautiful valley! I don't know the half of what exists in MB, eh?!!! Love the 'throne room' complete with modern amenities!!! Not sure if I would leave matches in there though, lol!

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  6. Doesn't look like our outhouse either. Since my well is in the backyard if I had an outhouse now it would have to be in the front yard. Wonder what the neighbors would think about that?

  7. Cute and colorful post! In the second picture, what are the pink flowers toward the left and the bright blue one bottom right?? That's a fancy outhouse!

  8. Ruth: What a neat place, that outhouse brings back memories of hunting days.

  9. what a feast for the eyes ... even the outhouse is decorated

  10. Very well appointed outhouse, Ruth. It does look like a pretty place with the lovely flower beds, sounds like a place I'd like to know more about. Diane

  11. I am very familiar with outhouses. In all my life have I have never seen one like this. That is so neat.

  12. What a gorgeous place - thanks for the tour! That outhouse might jut be the neatest one I've seen!

  13. Lovely photos Ruth - love the view of the valley from the balcony. The outhouse story made me smile - I remember one from my youth - also a 2-seater; there were 4 of us boys so never much of a line-up - and especially not in winter!

  14. Ruth what a delightful tour...not a bad looking outhouse either!The view from the balcony is stunning looking out at the woodland!
    Love your thought for the day!blessings from a happy lady..
    anna xo

  15. What a wonderful place to visit. Love the fancy outhouse. The ones I remember as a child had a Sears and Roebuck catalog hanging up. We had to tear off pages to use for toilet paper. Those were the days.:)

  16. Thanks for taking us to this beautiful place. I can understand how you spend all day on that dock. Outhouses have certainly improved since my grandparent's outhouse!

  17. I could easily spend all day on that deck! It is a beautiful place. Here in Fairbanks, many people have chosen to live an uncomplicated lifestyle and there are many creative outhouses. Because we get such cold temps in the winter they also look for ways to make the seat a bit warmer, an important consideration.

  18. Nice post love the restroom image.

  19. Good evening. I can see why you enjoyed sitting on the wrap around porch. Even the outhouse looked inviting. I use to hate ours. I was afraid of bugs and bees. There were always spiders in them. Thank goodness for indoor plumbing.

  20. I like the outhouse. We had a new one i built when Patty and I got married. It was new and smelled good while we lived there and put in a bathroom.

    The one we had when i was a kid during the war, had lots of scrap Sears and Roebuck catalogs in it to use for toilet paper.

    I did change toilets here where we live now to those newer models that use considerably less water with each flush. But still to pee once and flush away several gallons of good drinking water seems a waste.

  21. Oh my this is priceless Ruth. First I love your header.
    That valley is gorgeous with all it's flowers and the beautiful breathtaking view.
    The outhouse does bring back memories.My parents had a cottage and the outhouse had bats and spiders. My dad always went with me when I was young because I was scared to go alone. We used a kerosene light too at night.

  22. I've never heard of a Rocha center. What a wonderful idea and such a beautiful place. I can see why you like to go there. I'm not a fan of outhouses, but that's a pretty nice looking one :-) I can remember the outhouse at my uncle's house in Ohio when I was a child...dark and smelly. You often find restrooms that are like outhouses at some of our parks...partly I'm sure it is impossible to get the plumbing in for anything else. Hand sanitizer is nice to have! I like your header, too. All it needs is a Goldfinch to pick the seeds from those flowers...LOL.


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