Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Life

It is that  time of year when when new life is all around.
As Jake and I spend  a lot of time looking for photo opportunities we also get to see  many newborn birds.
A mother Wood Duck and her little family swim away from the photographer.
 This looks to be a family of Northern Shovelers.
The proud father follows at a distance to make sure his family is alright.
 Although there are no parents around,it is obvious that this is a young Great Horned Owl.
 One of the more special moments we encountered was this baby Least Flycatcher.
He looked much too small to be out of the nest,but with mother feeding him,he has a chance at survival.
 Aat the same park where the previous picture was taken,there are several nest boxes.
This one is now home to the second brood of Eastern Bluebirds.
 A young Killdeer is trying to hide in the grass,as nearby mother is doing her broken wing act.
 All of the above pictures were done by Jake,using a Canon 40D and the 100−400 mm lens.
The last picture is mine,using a Canon Rebel XTI and the 100-400 mm lens.
These young Northern Flickers are anxiously waiting for mother to return with lunch.
It is exciting to see the new birds grow up,assuring us of more photo opportunities in the future.

Thought for today:
A hug brings heaven a little closer to our hearts.


  1. Great bird photos ... isn't it a wonder to see how protective nature is of its young?

  2. I wish I could drive to Canada and take a walk with you! I love these photos, but my biggest joy was to think you saw a great horned owl. We hear them at night, but I have never seen them during the day. These photos are amazing!
    I'm still looking for the humming bird nest, several people have suggested I make a giant egg foo yong out of the turkey eggs! LOL

  3. Ruth and Jake, beautiful photos of wonderful life forms. We are excitedly and patiently waiting to see when the CA quail eggs hatch like any grandparents would be. ;) Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings to you.

  4. Summer is certainly the time to see babies of all kinds. I love your baby Flickers sticking their little heads out and the other babies as well. Your walks are so rewarding not just to you but to us too...we get to see the results. Thanks!

  5. Just precious baby bird pictures. Is there anything cuter? I just love them all, you two are blessed to find so many. Diane

  6. Very sweet. I love that color blue of the blue bird. Wow - it just pops!!

  7. a hug does bring heaven closer, but so do your photos of wonderful wildlife and just the fact of stopping to look at all that is around us that God gave us makes us think of heaven.

  8. What a wonderful collection of photos, just beautiful

  9. The two of you got some wonderful pictures. I really like the first picture of the Wood Duck family as well as the last one of the little Northern Flickers. I hope you continue to find, and share, newborn baby birds.

  10. Hi Ruth, First of all, Happy Birthday to CANADA today!!!!! Secondly, I love seeing all of the new babies... I also love seeing the way the parents take care of them... SO SPECIAL.....

    Those little Flickers are adorable...

    Have a great holiday.

  11. Wow, once again I'm just thrilled to see those excellent photos Jake and you took of all those babies! Absolutely wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  12. Beautiful, awesome pictures!!
    have a nice wonderful weekend!

  13. I love the new photos in your header. Then as I scrolled down and the pictures loaded...all I could say was "Wow!" with each picture. There isn't a good adjective to really use to tell you how I felt...other than Wow!!!

  14. These are great photos - both you & Jake did a wonderful job capturing these. I especially like the action in #4.

    By the way, we have killdeer near us - 2 years ago I finally (!) found that year's eggs - I had to pile a few stones nearby so I could find the spot again to show my wife - they were perfectly camouflaged, right on the open ground (2 out of 3 hatched).

  15. What a joy it is to see creation thru your eyes and know that you praise God for it all!

    He has blessed you with amazing sights to share with us all. Love the momma feeding the baby - but I said
    AWWWW at every one!

  16. Ruth: Those were wonderful captures of the local bird families.

  17. Gorgeous and amazing captures.
    Have a wonderful weekend both.

  18. Great photos of the ducks and birds. I wish we could get some Bluebirds around our yard, but don't think it's going to happen. Have a great 4th. of July week-end.

  19. Super shots Ruth, but I LOVE that last one .... anxiously awaiting Mom's return :)

  20. An excellent series, Ruth. I love documenting the young at this time of year and enjoyed seeing what you and Jake captured.

  21. Oh, my what wonderful baby bird shots! That mother flycatcher feeding her baby....Wow! I'm especially glad to see the Killdeer. I've wondered what their babies look like and we are keeping an eye on a mother who is nesting at a local park, but I figured I would miss them or someone will disturb the nest....she sits there so patiently right by the edge of the road. I'm glad to see yours in case I miss them here!

  22. Baby birds are just so darling! Thank you so much for sharing your discoveries with us! :o)


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