Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Refreshing and Clear

The pictures I have for you today are a little different.
These are all taken by me,Ruth,and aside from the frames have not been altered.
The difference in color is due to the light conditions.
I will show the pictures and give you a chance to guess what this is.
Take a close look at the center of the picture.
This is the same as the above photo,but without the frame.
Crystal clear.
Silver ripples.
Crinkled Tinfoil?
On a recent trip to Oak Hammock Marsh,about a 2 hour drive from our place,
we drove to the far north end of this marsh.
About a t the half-way point ,there is an Artesian Well.
All of these pictures were taken at this well.
In the second and third picture you can see the water coming up through the rocks.
It was most interesting to see this water bubble up like this.
The water was was as clear as any tap water,but they ask you not to drink from it.
I was fascinated by all the patterns in the waters surface.
I also enjoyed adding the frames,just because.

Thought for today:
How strange that nature does not knock,
and yet does not intrude.


  1. Don't think I've ever seen one of these! Such beautiful pictures Ruth!

  2. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. I've seen an artisan well before, but nothing as wonderful as these. Very well done!

  3. When you say add the frames you are taking back a layer or adjusting the color with a software?Remarkable, had one well that the water was almost carbonated and real cold to drink from..

  4. I enjoy this post, Ruth. This little village where we live, Bellefontaine, used to be almost famous for its many Artesian wells. There were about six or more that I can remember. Several people piped the water into their homes so they could have runnibg water. They all finally became very weak. Our village may have been named for them.

  5. These are so cool looking and welcoming, Ruth, makes me just want to jump in (or at least stick my feet in!)I don't think I've ever seen an artesian well before. Diane

  6. Gorgeous Ruth.... I had no idea what it was...Love the clear water and the patterns in the water caused by the ripples. Beautiful!!!!

  7. I've never seen an artisan well ( I had to look it up on google ;-) The pictures are really nice and the frames also! I'd like to see one some day!

  8. Beautiful! Nature forms some beautiful patterns. We just need to keep our eyes open.

  9. Wow - these are from a well? Gorgeous...love those ripples.

  10. I love waters like this. Often when I go out to fish, I'm a little frustrated when I see it this clear because I know if I can see down to the bottom, the fish can surely see up at me! Heh... so it's a challenge to sneak in. It's fun!

    Your photos are beautiful. I love the rainbows colors glittering.


  11. Oh it looks so pure! Very nice captures Ruth!

  12. Oh it looks so pure! Very nice captures Ruth!

  13. That was fun. Lots of color variations.

  14. It really is fascinating to watch water bubbling out of the ground. We once traced our biggest river to its source in the mountains and were awestruck by the great horseshoe circ it rose out of.

  15. Beautiful photos, what a neat place to visit, the water is so clear.

  16. Beautiful photography of a difficult subject. I really like the artesian wells. Here, not far from where we live is a spring that has been here since time began. It served a farm and family for generations and now is directed to spill into a basin by the edge of the road. People drank from it for years but they prefer you not drink now as they have lost control of the stuff that might get into the water.

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  17. You got some interesting effects...neat! I like the tinfoil look :-)


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