Monday, July 26, 2010

Scenic Manitoba

On July 22,Jake and I went to Treherne,Manitoba to visit friends of ours at the campground.This is about an hour drive from our place,but it took us much longer,
as there were things to photograph.
The day was overcast with some drizzle and later also rain.
We stopped at a small lake called Swan Lake.
This was one vantage point to the lake.

Below is another view of the lake.
Even with the cloudy conditions,I thought this gave a good picture.
This is a popular place to go fishing,for those who enjoy that sport.

As we were leaving the lake area,we saw this meadow filled with yellow flowers.
No,these are not Dandelions,I think they are something called Birdsfoot Trefoil.

While taking pictures of the flowery meadow,this pair of White-tailed deer ran across the meadow.They were too far away for a good picture,but I had to try.

The campground is in the small town of Treherne.
I thought that this old brush pile,covered with weeds,looked pretty
The few bright red Poppies among the weeds really stood out.

ON our trip home we stopped to shoot a few pictures of the countryside.
The area is very rolling,and quite scenic.
The yellow in the distance is a field of Canola.

Thought for today:
All seasons are beautiful for the person
who carries happiness within.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Ruth... I love all of those pictures --but the last one really caught my eye.... Fabulous!!!!

    Thanks for taking us on your trip to the campground...


  2. Those are fabulous-that last one too brings me the greatest peace. For some reason those bales of hay and the open fields - are just heaven for me. Thank you for sharing them!

  3. Wow - I can see why your trip took a lot longer than an hour; I'm amazed you made it at all. Not sure I would have made it past Swan Lake. Beautiful photos - each one!

  4. I came by Kerris Blog. Im new here and also live in Canada. Your photography is a delight and Outstaning. It would be a pleasure to follow you.

  5. Very beautiful, I haven't been in that part of Manitoba

  6. What a beautiful place to visit...I wish we could somehow travel in person to each other's blog. YOur photos make we want to go on a road trip! Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. I dearly LOVE your thought for the day and your last photograph!!! The composition in that picture is perfect!!! Have a happy day!

  8. Very beautiful! The Lake looks so peaceful. Really like the last photo with the Hay bales: nice composition and depth.

  9. You've captured such beautiful country scenes! Love the meadows and the hay bales!!

  10. Thank you for sharing such beauty with us ... I like the way you framed the lake through the trees.

  11. Very pretty shots, Ruth. I especially like the 2nd shot of the lake, beautiful colors everywhere, even on a cloudy day. Diane

  12. Looks like the clouds have brought plenty of rain this summer. Everything is so lush and green.

  13. You certainly showed how beautiful Manitoba is. I enjoyed the views of Swan Lake, but the picture of the countryside is also gorgeous.

  14. Beautiful series of shots! The second one of the lake and the last one across the counryside are exceptional. We have not made it to Manitoba on our travels, but it is definitely on the list to see soon.

  15. It looks very much like happy country.

  16. Such a beautiful country. You capture it well in your photo's. I am enjoying so much the chance to get out and photograph some new places this summer. I love seeing yours - they inspire me.

  17. I love them all, but the last one is my absolute fav!

  18. Absolutely beautiful pictures Ruth. And how wonderful you could make the picture of the running deer. Awesome.

  19. All your pictures are very good regardless of the weather. That is a very pretty lake area. I am not a camper, but the trip with you was nice.

  20. Wonderful photos, Ruth! I lvoe the action shot of the deer. The last shot is my favorite. A very pretty scene!

  21. How did I miss this one?
    What gorgeous scenery!
    I especially like the mama and baby deer.

  22. Gorgeous and breathtaking scenes!
    Thank you for sharing these.
    Blessings both.

  23. I think the deer running through the grass is a great shot! Love the hay bales at the end, too. I really want to get up to Canada sometime for a long trip. You have a beautiful country.

  24. Ruth, these are all so lovely! I love the poppies and the DEER are SO cute! And what a beautiful lake and the last shot... it makes me miss the prairies! There is so much beauty around us at all times. I am so blessed to be able to see at all. Your site just reinforces that. :o)


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