Sunday, August 29, 2010

44th Annual Corn and Apple Festival

The 44th annual Corn and Apple Festival in our hometown of Morden has come to an end.
This event takes place during the last full weekend in August.
The activities start on Friday at noon and end Sunday at about 6PM.
There are activities for all ages and tastes.
Of course face painting is a big one,especially for our Granddaughter,Kai.I think she is the cutest butterfly around.
After the face painting it was on to the rides.

All the rest of my pictures were taken on Sunday,
therefore the rides were not in operation.
They are only allowed to start until noon,so as not to interfere with the downtown worship service.
As you can see the sky was grey this morning,but all events went on as planned.

The Ferris Wheel looks pretty,but I prefer to watch it from on the street.

This slide is very popular with the kids.
Depending on the weight,a person can travel quite fast on the way down,again,not for me.

This fellow has been at the festival for many years.He takes his spot at the center of the street,and before long has children lining up to get their balloon creation.
I must say that he makes some very intricate designs.
I bet he gets real tired standing on those tall 'legs'.
When he walks he actually is really good,looking almost natural.

For Jake and me the big event is the Sunday morning church service.People from all the different churches attend.
Most of the local churches don't have a service on this day,but encourage the people to come here.
This year we had some local talent,like this quartet.
These are the Glencross Quartet.
We have known most of these fellows for many years.
They sing well and give a good gospel message in song.

Our special guests this year were Mike and Lynda Randle.
Mike gave the morning message and blessed our hearts
with God's Word.
Lynda has sung on the Gaither Homecoming shows.
She has a powerful voice and a great testimony.

These pictures are not great for quality,but they do give you a glimpse into our festival.
I will be doing another post about this,in a day or two.


  1. I like this sort of thing! All the festivals people have in the Fall are fascinating to me. Thanks for the tour!

  2. Thanks for sharing your great festival Ruth. Your pictures are colorful and exciting and I can almost smell the cotton candy. Diane

  3. What a neat festival, Ruth... I think I remember you talking about this last year. Kai is just adorable... She does make an adorable butterfly....

    What a neat church service... Having all kinds of people and denominations there --plus that special music, must have been awesome... I can see you smiling from here!!!!!! God is GOOD!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing your festival with us. I'm like you... I'd watch the rides from the GROUND... ha ha


  4. What wonderful pictures! The color is just amazing on the first two rides, is that straight out of the camera? They almost look like watercolors, Or like something in a dream. Your granddaughter is a cutie pie!!I am scared of all rides, it is like a ride just being in my 60's. I spin around on my own without even being on a ride! It must be very hard to stand on those stilts for too long, surely he doesn't do it for more than half an hour at a time? The lady singer, Lynda, does look kind of familiar, it must have been the Gaither show that I saw her on. I look forward to more pictures of the fun!

  5. We attended the church service this morning and really enjoyed listening to Linda sing and listening to her husbands message. Thank goodness the rain held off until the service was over...Morden festival is always the last fair around this area...we all feel fall is in the air..

  6. Great job and it looks like a ton of fun!

  7. Yup, I'd be watching those rides from the ground with you! Never was one for rides even in childhood - sensitive tummy if you get my drift! Your little Kai is just so sweet! What a blessing to take part in such a meaningful, uplifting worship service. Have a blessed week!

  8. Ruth, it looks like a wonderful family event and additionally an uplifting one.

  9. What a wonderful festival! Kai is so cute as a butterfly.:)
    I'm glad y'all had a wonderful time!

  10. Glad your weekend was enjoyed by all!
    What a perfect butterfly!

  11. What a fun day and neat festival. Your photos are wonderful.

  12. It looks like you all had fun. Festivals are usually great events for fine food.

  13. Looks like lots of fun for all ages! Love the idea of the combined worship too!

  14. What a great festival! I love Lynda Randle's voice. (my daughters prefer her brother, Michael Tait's style) Glad the weather held out for you.

  15. Sounds like a wonderful time. I didn't know 2010 was Manitoba's homecoming?

  16. How much fun, I adore that beautiful butterfly in the first photo!

  17. I think it's wonderful that the town unites for a single church service. I can't think of a better way to celebrate the harvest.
    Kai is an adorable butterfly.

  18. Nice photos - looks like fun. Lyndle Randle is a wonderful singer. I downloaded from iTunes a song she sings called "God On The Mountaina"'s so good.

  19. What a wonderful happening that must be and what a lovely granddaughter you have. So cute.

  20. Corn and Apple festival sounds fun!! Although I won't be taking any rides I'll definitely have a blast in this festival :) Thank you for sharing these great shots :)

  21. this is one of my favorite things that i always look forward to here in the US... the festivals and agricultural fairs. i love the first photo. the little girl's smile is something you can't ignore.

  22. Thanks for the tour of your festival. I, like you, like to look at the rides but don't ride! Your granddaughter made the cutest butterfly! God Bless!

  23. The Corn and Apple Festival looks like lots of fun! I'm with you--I don't like ferris wheels any more or slides that are very high, or scary rides of any sort, for that matter! Kai is so cute! What fun to take her to the festival.

    I really like the idea of the churches coming together with one big service and praising the Lord together. Great post, Ruth!

  24. Thanks for sharing. That looks like a neat festival.

  25. I love going to festivals. I bet everybody had a wonderful time, especially Kai. She looks so happy.
    I don't like rides, but do enjoy watching all everyone else doing their own thing and all the delicious food smells.

  26. Kai is just a cutie pie!! I'm with you on staying on the ground, no rides for me either. Looks like the festival turned out great!

  27. Wonderful! I love the idea of the community church service. Looks like a terrific festival.

  28. Those rides looks like so much fun but that slide scares me. Where are you supposed to go? What if you kept going? Not for me either :-)

  29. I got my wish and got to see your beautiful granddaughter Kai again. She has grown some and looks just like her grandma.

    Great festival for the end of summer.

    Hugs and blessings



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