Monday, August 23, 2010

Around The Yard

The last few days have been busier as far as birds and Butterflies are concerned.
We have finally seen some Hummingbirds at the feeder.

Of course I would like to get that perfect shot while the Hummer is hovering,but that is easier said than done.
I will settle for just a decent shot,like this.

We have had quite a few Butterflies around.
I think this is one of the Sulfurs,but would welcome correction.
I just like the way it looks against this yellow flower.

While shooting the butterflies,I noticed two bees on one flower.
I tried to get a quick shot and ended up with this.
I am not disappointed that they are both in flight.

We used to have two large apple trees,but are down to one.
Jake pruned it quite severely last year,so I didn't expect any apples,but look,we have some.
These are the Goodland variety and make a fantastic pie.

Earlier this spring Jake and I saw a Life bird,the Olive-sided Flycatcher.I got a couple of pictures,but nothing really good.
I looked out the back door the other day and look who was sitting on the top dry branch of our Willow.
This is the Olive-sided Flycatcher.
I got a number of really good pictures while it was sitting,but this is my favorite.This was definitely a lucky shot,but I'll take it.

Today has been a little cooler and that came along with high winds.The forecast is for hotter temperatures again by the end of the week.
Morden is getting ready to host the annual Corn and Apple Festival this coming weekend.
This means the town will be filled with visitors and action.

Thought for today:
In God's economy nothing that happens to you is ever wasted.


  1. Ruth: Your photos are wonderful, love the Hummer best.

  2. Oh wow! Each of these photos made me more excited than the last. I LOVED the bees and the apples, for some reason, really tickled me. We don't have fruit trees up here so I am always fascinated by them. The Olive-sided Flycatcher (did I get that right?) is a really great shot also. It's so great to be making the rounds again and I was very excited to come visit your place after being gone so long. :o)

  3. simply awesome. love all the photos. the bird feeder scene is so cute. the flower and the moth photo has good composition. the flying bees photo is amazing. and the apples are gorgeous. great details on all the photos.

  4. Ruth - just amazing isn't it what one can find in the yard. And you did very well indeed ! Great captures of the various birds, and bees, and it looks like you'll have a bumper crop ... of pies ! Looking forward to your shots of the corn and apple festival!

  5. Such a cute little Hummer. Ours are still here too.
    Your shot of the Bees is awesome.
    Good looking apples too. Ours are spotty and not too many.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week.
    Looking forward to your shots from the corn fest.

  6. I love the hummer photo.


  7. I soooo enjoyed these photos today! Funny, on my blog tonight I mentioned the hummingbird that I got NO photo of...hehehe. Was happy to view yours!

  8. Ruth, you have some awesome pics for just sitting around in the yard! :) I love the hummingbird pic. You are right; it is so difficult to catch them. The bee shot is good too, but the bird with the outstretched wings is amazing!

  9. Your bird photos are outstanding...the detail on the feathers of the hummingbird are so clear!

  10. Wonderful pictures today, Ruth!!!
    Those apples look scrumptious! I bet they would make good apple jelly, too. Love the birds, bees and all your pictures! Blessings!

  11. Your photos turned out amazing! Love the wingspan of the Flycatcher! The hummer is gorgeous and the bees in flight and, and, and!! Love them all Ruth!

  12. Hi Ruth, That may be one of the best hummingbird pictures I have seen.... So CLEAR.... Thanks!!!!

    I also love the Flycatcher picture... I can't catch them in flight yet....

    Your apples look so good.... Make a pie for me --and I'll stop by to pick it up ... (I wish!!! ha)

    Great post, Ruth.

  13. Oh, my, so many amazing photos! First, the hummingbird. We only have the Ruby Throat around here, and I've never seen this kind. The picture is more than decent, if you compare it to my pitiful hummer snaps. They just DART about so! The butterfly also, I've never seen a white one like that. It sure isn't white to camoflauge with snow! And wow to the bees! Two together in mid flight! I notice they are flying AWAY from you, it's much better than flying toward you, yikes! I love the way the light is on the apples.

  14. Ruth, I adore your Hummer shot. I feel better now since I can't seem to a good picture of one in flight.
    The Bumblebees in flight is a super capture. The Flycatcher taking off is amazing!

  15. Ruth, you got some terrific shots! I need to set up my camera and tripod in the window and attempt to get a few hummingbird pictures. They still seem a bit skittish right now, probably because it has been too hot to venture outside much this month.

    I've never heard of that kind of flycatcher. It is always a thrill to attract new species to the garden!

  16. I have a feeling you make a lot of your own luck when you get 'lucky shots'. All of these photos are just wonderful. Hummingbirds were slow to arrive at our house this year, but now we have several flitting around all three feeders. Now if I could only get a picture!

  17. Beautiful pictures Ruth. I bet you were really surprised to see the life bird that easy! It probably made your day. The little hummer is so cute. You always put yourself in your pictures. Diane

  18. Wonderful series of shots! I liked them all. Sometimes the best things happen in your own yard.

  19. Ruth, wonderful shots.
    Hope the weather holds for the festival. It was clear and sunny in BC today, and is forecast for the next few days, so hopefully it makes it the MB!
    Love the Hummer! They fascinate me!

  20. Very, very nice! That hummingbird is so cute. Wish I could get that kind of picture.

  21. The Olive-sided flycatcher is quite a find! and such a lovely picture too. We have had rain for days but I hope to get out this weekend in the sun to look for butterflies.

  22. Those "lucky" shots are sometimes the best ones. I know they have been for me. When I get a shot as a result of "pure luck", people just look at me and go "ya, right!" But it's true.

  23. I know how hard Hummers are to get hovering...I have been trying forever to get mine at the luck yet. mmmm apple pie makes my mouth water and seeing the apples ready for pickin does too. Flycatchers are really pretty especially if you get them with their wings out like you did. The yard is always a place to look first! Have a great day Ruth. God Bless

  24. Ruth, these are all gorgeous shots. My very most favorite one is the one of the Olive-sided Flycatcher- spectacular in its detail with the wings and tailfeathers all spread wide.

    I also really like the sitting-still hummingbird.

    It makes me wish I had a better camera, but my husband won't go for it (spending that kind of money). Have a great day!

  25. gorgeous photos.
    love your lucky shot!!

  26. I loved this post. Great photos especially of the bumble bees in flight--what a catch. Those apples look awfully tasty.

  27. You did a marvelous job on all these wonderful bird shots. I love them and, so pleased you had time for a visit.

  28. Lovely photos, Ruth! The bees and the flycatcher in flight are both awesome shots.

  29. The hummer photo won't come in for me but I love the bees and the capture of the flycatcher

  30. These are such amazing photographs! Really!!

  31. I believe the white colored butterfly is the "Cabbage White." And the hummingbird is really nice. I like them when they perch too. The Flycatcher is one I have not knowingly seen. I put up the White Throated Sparrow for today. Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

  32. simpy beautiful. nice to follow your blog. God bless!

  33. I think it is more than are a talented photographer! Neat shot of the flycatcher! That hummingbird shot is lovely. Those apples look so juicy and good. The butterflies and bees look super. I've run out of adjectives, but your posts always amaze me and make me smile :-)

  34. Oh Yum on that apple pie Ruth! If you make one take a pic so we can enjoy it "virtually" Apple pie is a fave of mine! The flycatcher in flight is AWESOME!!!!


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