Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Corn and Apple Festival Part 2

As promised,here are a few more pictures from our annual festival.
What would a Corn and Apple Festival be if there were no corn   or apples.
I will not be showing the free apple cider,but they back a big truck into the street and serve small sealed cups of apple cider to all who want it.
The free corn is a bit more of a production,so I will try to show some of that.
This old tractor sits on a side lot and it is used to power the cooker for the corn as well as the husker.

Unfortunately,when I was there they were not husking the corn,so I have no pictures of that.
Here are the bins of corn,ready for the cooker,which you can also see.
Several men oversee this operation.
To the left you can see the volunteers who are handing out the corn as people walk by.

This picture shows some of the line-up,waiting for their one free cob of sweet corn.
The town has got this down to a science and the line flows very smoothly,and quite quickly.
On the long planks are bottles of pourable butter and salt shakers.

The town also makes sure that everyone gets their corn,even the people in the booths.
One fellow takes a shopping cart,with a cooler,filled with freshly cooked corn and a load of apple cider and makes his way down the street,handing out corn and cider to the vendors.
This fella enjoys his free corn.I might add that this is a very common sight on the street over the days of the festival.

I have mentioned A Rocha in previous posts,and they also had a booth.They were giving out samples of a fruit smoothie.
This was not just any smoothie.
Look carefully at the back of that bike and notice the base of a blender on it.
Someone got on the bike and pedaled away to generate the power to drive the blender and make a smoothie.

I cannot do a post on the festival without showing my favorite booth.
This is our son Steve and Jake,at Steve's display.
No,he doesn't sell anything right there,but hopes to generate interest in people who want to get their pictures taken by a pro.He had a good weekend,inspite of the fact that the weather was not ideal.

Thought for today:
Happiness isn't the easiest thing to find,
but one place you're guaranteed to find it is in a friend's smile.


  1. Another terrific post, Ruth! Those ears of fresh boiled corn look mighty good. I like the apple cider, too!

  2. This was a very interesting post, Ruth. I was fascinated by the bicycle-powered blender for making smoothies! The photo your son has displayed looks fantastic. I hope he gains lots of new customers.

    I love the fact that one guy takes a shopping cart with a cooler of cooked corn and also fresh apple juice to all the vendors--It's so nice when people think of others and serve them!

  3. That corn sure looks good.

  4. That corn looks mighty good. We don't have a long enough growing season to grow it here in the Cariboo ... and corn is best picked and cooked within hours! I did get to eat a cob at the coast while there.

  5. What good pictures that can really give us an idea of what went on. I feel a bit like I've been with you. The bike blender is wild, and I would have had to get one just to say that I'd drunk a bike powered smoothie! Did you?

  6. That corn looks mighty good. I can almost taste it from here!

  7. I always meant to go to this festival and now I'm sorry I didn't. Love the bike blender idea and the photos

  8. what a nice quote to end with.

    it must have smelled so good with all those yummy things brewing and cooking.

    a wonderful fall festival!

  9. Great post, Ruth! Looks like such fun, and I really do LOVE corn on the cob. I would like that festival. LOL

  10. Well you've made me hungry for corn on the cob and apple cider. It looks like a wonderful festival. Blessings to your son in getting that going. Diane

  11. Surprised to see a steam tractor operating, they have all but disappeared here because of all of the regs and inspections. It was the old steamer that powered the early day harvests.

    Apples n corn a great combo.

    Thanks for the tour.

  12. Now you've gone and done it....made me hungry from looking at all that. :) I love to go to functions such as that.

  13. That was a fun walk through your town's Corn and Apple Festival! So much fun!I think I'll try to find me some corn for hubby and me for the week-end!!

    How inventive to power the blender by bicycle!! I've heard of parents who have hooked their TV up to be powered by their kids cycling!

    Hope your son made lots of great connections!

  14. Interesting and unique. Pedalling bicycle to generate power? Quite creative.

  15. What a wonderful festival! I'll bet that sweet corn was delicious. Thanks for sharing some more of the festival with us.

  16. Thanks Ruth... I loved this post.... I laughed when thinking about a bike-powered Smoothie....I'm sure I would have wanted one--just to say that I had drunk one... ha

    We had some sweet corn on the cob tonight for dinner... I love it!!!!! That is so nice to give everyone --including the vendors, some goodies... I'll bet that apple cider is fabulous also.

    Hope your son does well with his photography business. He learned all from his parents....

    Thanks for a great post.

  17. A wonderful post Ruth! I would love to have seen a corn husker at work, but your photos of the festival were great - love the one of the tractor! We grow our own corn - so good to take straight from the garden, into the pot and eat if fresh!

    Thanks for sharing.

  18. This looks like a great festival! And free corn and cider? wow! We have a huge fall festival here with booths supporting every organization you can imagine, but nothing is free. This looks like a lot of fun. Glad our son did well with his photos.

  19. Since corn is my favorite summertime food..I was delighted to see all the pictures of crates of corn and the guy chomping on a freshly cooked ear. I enjoyed all your photos of the festival. It looked like the place to be!! The bicycle driven blender was a hoot. I bet it would take a strong peddler to get the job done.

  20. That looks like a wonderful festival. The fresh corn and apple cider sound scrumptous. I hope they had some available to buy after you got your free ear of corn. I don't think one would have been enough!

  21. How I would have loved and enjoyed being there. I dearly love corn on the cob. This looks like such a fun place to go and enjoy the food.

  22. I enjoyed you blog Ruth. I love the old tractor. I almost felt like I was right there with you all . Wonderful Blog Ruth.
    Leaving you with a smile. Have a wonderful day tomorrow and Happy September.
    Your a blessing.

  23. Just wanted to drop by and say hi! With school preparations underway (we went away for the weekend and I started school yesterday) things have been pretty hectic. Hopefully I will have time to catch up this coming weekend!

  24. This festival is very different from the ones around my area. I would love to attend this one someday. Thanks for sharing with us!

  25. This looks to me like you had a fascinating post and lots of visitors already commented. Nice old steam engine. I wonder what ever happened to the roof? The person driving that or using it would be showered with red-hot sparks.

  26. I like the picture of Brian Fehr!! Alvin's good friend for many years!

  27. Ruth: What a fun post, love the steam engine.

  28. I am new here! Would love for you to come visit me too :)

    Have a great day!


  29. Nothing is better than corn done right!

  30. I felt like I was there. It looks like a fun event and all that corn looks so good. (I posted some corn photos on my blog today, too.)

  31. Wonderful photos from the festival. The corn looks delicious. I hope your son does well.

  32. Oh, it looks like such a fun time! I would LOVE to eat some of that corn!!

  33. This must have been one terrific festival. I love sweet corn and it's been such a good year. To feed everybody must have been quite a feat! Good yrar for the apples too.

  34. What a fun day for all of you ...

  35. Wow beautiful festival. And interesting smoothie.
    Congrats to your son.
    Happy long weekend to all.

  36. What a fun and interesting post! I've enjoyed visiting the festival through your wonderful photos this morning. Thanks for sharing!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  37. I sure would love a cob of that fresh corn.
    This afternoon we watched a programme on TV (it was raining heavily) and saw the new club house for the Morden golf club being moved cross-country. Most interesting and nice to see a bit more of where you live.

    Hugs and blessings



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