Monday, August 16, 2010

More Winnipeg Pictures

I am taking you back to Winnipeg,the capitol city of Manitoba.
These pictures are still from our visit there on August 5th.

No visit to Winnipeg,would be complete without a stop at the St.Vital park.
There was not a lot of action,but I found these Mallards to be rather cute.
We walked within inches of them and they would not move.

Of course as I had said in a previous post we were at the English Gardens.
Our main purpose was to photograph birds,but when they are not around,flowers are a good second.Don't get me wrong,I love capturing flower images,at least they don't fly away.
Jake and I went for a little walk in a forested area and found these little flowers.
The picture is not very sharp,but I thought they were worth posting.
I have no idea what they are,but I like the unique shape.

This is one of Jake's pictures.
I love the yellow glow created by the flowers.
The Goldfinch almost blends in with the surroundings.

The following two pictures were taken while driving(Jake was driving and I was taking pictures),and using my Canon Power Shot.SX110.
The building here is the Royal Canadian Mint.
Coins for many parts of the world are made here.
One of their most recent creations are the medals for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The medals are displayed on the outside of this building.
This is a closer shot of the Mint.
Some facts which I found on the internet,may be of interest.
The Mint produces 1 Billion coins each year.Now that is a lot of pocket change.
They tell us that their high speed circulation process can produce 20 million coins each day,that is 750 per second.
If you are ever in Winnipeg,take a tour of this place,it is fascinating.

Thought for today:
The real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money.  


  1. Thank you so much for taking me with you on this wonderful tour. I always enjoy seeing what you will share from your lovely part of the world.

  2. Hi Ruth,
    I enjoyed the tour, also! Love the fuzzy little ducks! The Mint looks like an interesting place!!

  3. Loved the tour Ruth! Great pictures!

  4. Very interesting about the mint. Beautiful building, too. The pictures were all so special. I don't know what the flowers are either but they're gorgeous! The little ducklings - precious. And Jake's yellow picture is a classic. Diane

  5. gorgeous photos....
    love the effect of the goldfinch photo. it's magical.

    and the ducklings are so sweet.
    it reminds of the book 'make way for ducklings' by robert mcloskey.
    do you know that one? such a great story.

    have a wonderful day~

  6. Wow!! Where do I start? Now I wish I knew what those tiny adorable blue and white flowers are! I've never seen anything like them, so unusual and pretty! The yellow flowers and goldfinch make the whole lens glow with golden shades. And I do love all those colorful flags around the mint. It does not look at all what I would think a mint to look like!! I think A big austere brick building with smoke pouring out the top. This building is amazing, that second pocture of it. And the medals, painted on the glass? Fascinating!

  7. I enjoyed seeing your Winnipeg pictures - it really is a great city. The ducks and flowers are just delightful. Jack's photo is beautiful.

  8. I'm sorry, Ruth, for the typo. I meant to say Jake, not Jack.

  9. 750 coins per second???? Wow---that's a heck of a lot of coins... I'd love to see that place --and those metals. How special!!!!!

    Your pictures are always wonderful... Loved the little ducks. They probably felt safe under that bench...

    The little flower is precious... And I love the picture of the Goldfinch... He matches the flowers perfectly.

    Have a great Tuesday.

  10. Every picture was a real treat! I enjoyed learning about the beautiful Mint.
    The thought of the day thought provoking. Thanks!

  11. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

  12. Ruth so very beautiful. Love the finch. The ducks are a treat to see as well.
    Blessing my dear friend and thanks for coming along with me on my Journey. You have blessed me greatly.

  13. Thanks for taking us along to Winnipeg. The mint looks fascinating. Your picture of the Mallards and Jake's picture of the Goldfinch are absolutely wonderful.

  14. Beautiful shots Ruth ... and Jake ! Love that one with the little blue flowers - whatever they are, and the 'golden' one ! Thanks also for showing us where our pocket change originates.

  15. Love the tour...the goldfinch is my favorite.

  16. 6 little cute ducklings went out to play, mama duck said quack quack.

    I can't wait for my spring to go and see the little ones.

  17. Yowza - what a shot that goldfinch image is - GORGEOUS!~

  18. LOVE the photo of the goldfinch. It is beautiful!

  19. Gotta love Mallards--they have no fear. I love the little flowers, and I have never seen them before either. The Goldfinch photo is supurb. Well done, Jake.

  20. Great series of photos, Ruth! I love the Goldfinch and the cute ducks. The wildflower is really pretty. Have a great day!

  21. Love the blue and white flowers, what are they, Great Goldfinch pic

  22. As always your shots are just wonderful. I love those flowers whatever they are. They look so delicate and the blue in them is beautiful. Interesting about the mint for sure. The Mallard and babies so cute!

  23. Your photography is breathtaking! I've enjoyed my first visit to your lovely blog.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  24. That hidden goldfinch is a real treat as are the ducklings, flowers and your drive by shooting. I really miss Canada.

  25. Beauties! Quite a unique looking wildflower - almost looks like it has a tongue :) And the goldfinch is LOVELy!

  26. Thoes little blue and white flowers are different and so beautiful. I've never seen them before.
    Those little ducks are precious.
    Have a wonderful week-end.

  27. The goldfinch shot is beautiful! I love the bright yellow - and even though their muted colors are so nice in the fall - I am just not ready for the fall yet!

    The blue and white flower had me stumped but I found it! It is called a Blue Butterfly Bush ( Clerodendron ugandese )

    Here is a bit more info:

    Now that I look at it again - It does look like a butterfly!!

  28. a wonderful series, Ruth. I too really like the artistic effect in the photo of the goldfinch.

  29. I know I will forget to comment on something! Wonderful photos in this post! Those ducklings are just cute! The goldfinch shot is real artistry. I don't know what that flower is, but it if really pretty and definitely unusual looking.


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