Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weeds Of Beauty

Weeds! We want them out of our gardens and lawns.
They grow faster than any cultivated plant,or so it seems.
But,when we stop to look at weeds,they really are quite lovely.

These yellow weeds were growing beside the Lagoons.
I know I do not want them in my garden,but they are lovely here.

Another weed also at the Lagoons.
Such a beautiful color.
All I needed was for a butterfly to visit these flowers,but alas,that did not happen.

This weed has no flowers,but is still showing it's beauty,as it stands at attention beside the water.

This sunshine yellow flower brings  a smile to my face.
It may not be on any gardeners most wanted list,
but it has as much beauty as many expensive plants,
look at those delicate petals.

My next picture is not a weed to get rid of.
Many times we say,children grow like weeds,and they surely do.
This is our precious Kai,who is growing up so fast.
She had just gathered a few flowers to take home,when her Dad got this picture of her.
I think the best flower in  this bouquet is the one holding the flowers.

The above picture was taken in our back yard.
You can see that the plants are allowed to grow wild there.
Yes,part of the yard has lawn,but we leave some areas wild,to encourage wild flowers.

Thought for today:
 A weed is simply a plant that wants to grow where people want something else.  In blaming nature, people mistake the culprit.  Weeds are people's idea, not nature's.  ~Author Unknown


  1. Kai is getting prettier every day..... What a gorgeous little girl... She is a beautiful flower among the weeds.

    Speaking of weeds, they never have to be watered or fertilized... AND they are always so healthy.... That should tell us something, shouldn't it????? ha

    Great pictures of the pretty little flowers.

  2. I'm convinced that it is the root system of all the weeds and quack grass that hold this planet together! Ok, just kidding! Your granddaughter is a such a beautiful girl! What a blessing! Excellent photos again!

  3. I agree with you, Ruth, she certainly is a pretty flower. Her dress just fits the picture, too, with the butterflies. Those weeds are pretty, too. I love the purple thistles. Whenever I say that around him he nearly chokes!! He dealt with them too much in fields when he was on a tractor. (I still love them!) Diane

  4. Wonderful post and photos, Ruth! Kai is a beautiful little girl and you got a sweet photo of her.

  5. So glad someone else out there is taking pictures of weeds! I just like the idea that they pop up and flower, totally unbidden. They catch my eye everwhere we go, and I usually take a picture. Bloom where your planted! Thanks for the post; I've enjoyed looking through your blog this morning. I'll be back!

  6. What a darling little girl, and that is a GREAT photo! Enjoyed your post. And by the way, thanks again for your help on the frames and especially the bevels. I saw that little fx on the right side, but didn't know what it was! Several years ago I used to do beveling on photos, and then completely forgot how I did it. Thank you!

  7. P.S. I LOVE your Header. It was you Header that jogged my memory that I used to do some of that creative stuff with my photos! LOL

  8. This post is a wonderful tribute to the humble weed. I also allow sections to go wild.
    Kai is the prettiest flower.:)
    Love the thought!

  9. I agree about the weeds, and leaving a wild section. The goldfinches appreciate the weed seeds in my yard... and that is a beautiful granddaughter!

  10. I agree with you - some 'weeds' have the prettiest flowers. Lovely photo of your granddaughter. Aren't grandkids the best!!

  11. Wonderful post, Ruth, with a great thought and a lovely picture of your beautiful granddaughter.

  12. Kai is a pretty little girl; bright eyes and full of potential! I like the way you have described weeds and the quote at the bottom of your post – something to ponder.

  13. It's amazing how pretty "weeds" can be. Most of the wildflowers I've photographed have been "weeds".

  14. Such a beautiful granddaughter!
    :-) I spent 5 hours weeding our fields today (we are growers for the green roof industry...like sod for roofs) We do not let the weeds grow tall enough to flower, but see them all along the road leading up to our fields. Some of them are simply beautiful! I love that quote too!

  15. Very nice post! Your quote about weeds is so true. We need to pay more attention to nature's natural beauty. I enjoyed all your photos, but the one of Kai is the best. She's adorable.

  16. Kai is definitely beautiful!
    You did a wonderful job of capturing the beauty in all of these 'weeds'. I like your thought for the day. I thought it was excellent.

  17. We do love our weeds, don't we ... so colorful and full of creation.

  18. Oh Ruth, Kal is just beautiful! and you got lovely shots of the wildflowers too!!

  19. lovely.
    i like this post a lot....

    looking for beauty in unexpected places.
    very inspiring.

  20. The bees appreciate you letting those wild flowers grow. Nice post.

  21. You have an adorable granddaughter, Ruth!

    Wildflowers (aka weeds) are really beautiful up close and personal! We live in the rural foothills, and we see wave after wave of different wildflowers in the springtime. Beautiful shots!

  22. A beautiful post filled with weeds. You had a wonderful idea to feature these today. I have found some of the prettiest flowers grow well in grass or hot road better than in my yard.

  23. What an excellent post. Your grand daughter is a beauty!

    Isn't it funny what we define as a weed! I love the quote you shared. I have been noticing the brushy fields growing more and more 'weed-y' flowers (perhaps wildflowers?).

    I recently shot a whole field of Queen Annes Lace - amazed at how they have propagated all over the town this year. I couldn't believe we had whole fields of them all over!

    This summer I am taking time to enjoy the beauty in everything! I love the first photo with the delicate blue sky and the bright yellow! So very pretty!!

  24. Ruth: What a neat story and the most beautiful flower is certainly the girl.

  25. Great post. I like "weeds" and encourage some to grow in our yard too. What a lovely picture of your granddaughter!

  26. Beautiful [pictures Ruth. I love wildflowers and what a lovely little girl that is

  27. Kai is so gorgeous Ruth. What a doll!.
    You are so right, weeds do have a beauty all their own. I have a raised bed full of weeds to encourage insects and butterflies.
    have a wonderful week-end.

  28. What a lovely post about weeds. I think their flowers can be just as beautiful as the flowers in our gardens. Like you say they have their place but they are God's handiwork so you know they have to be be beautiful. And, I think the birds especially like the wild growing weeds more than the cultivated flowers. Your granddaughter's picture is so precious. I loved it!
    Thank you for always stopping by my blog and leaving such kind messages. I so appreciate your participation.

  29. I love this post, Ruth. I used to keep all of my lot close mowed, and of course I still have a decent size traditional lawn, but I allow one corner to grow in natural grasses and wild flowers. Last year I planted a wildflower mix in a small portion of it and it was very successful. It is amazing how "alive" the natural section is and how little one sees in the traditional lawn.

  30. I agree the most beautiful flower in the garden is the one holding the flowers. And just like you I love weeds' flowers too, I think they are pretty.

  31. I think that last pretty little "flower" holding the flowers is the best :-) I tend to like a lot of "weeds" and don't mind them in my garden at times. I let some thistles grow every year and love the butterflies and goldfinches they attract.


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