Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Apple Pie!

Awhile ago I posted this picture of the apples on our tree.

Here are some of the apples,freshly picked

I mentioned at that time that these Goodland apples give a wonderful pie.
Now I ask you to get a cup of your favorite beverage,and a fork.
Here is a piece of pie for each of you.

I made the pie in a 9x13 pan instead of in a pie plate.
Of course no apple pie is complete without some ice-cream.
The little roll beside the pie is leftover dough,sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon,then rolled up and cut to lengths.
These are very tasty rolls when fresh from the oven.

I have been very busy recently,uploading our pictures to Flickr.
For anyone interested you may see them by clicking here.
It will take quite some time to get all our 14,000+ photos uploaded.

I have to share one more picture.
Kai was showing off her gymnastics skills to me.
She is making a bridge,at least that is what she calls it.
Oh to be that flexible again.
OK,I probably never was that flexible,but I can wish.

Thought for today:
This is the day to be content in the knowledge that God knows best.


  1. What I would not give for a big, hot slice of that pie. Since it was made from your own home grown apples, makes it even better.

  2. Ruth, I think I love you! ;o) That pie looks fantastic - I never thought of baking it in a square pan before! That must mean that there is more crust... ;o)

    I got your flickr invitation. I don't know how you found me, even *I* didn't know I was on there! (lol!) I don't think there are any pictures. I might have to take a look around and see what it's all about! :o)

  3. The little sugar roll up looks just as good as the pie to me!! Tell your granddaughter that she is, indeed, a perfect bridge! It hurts me just to look at that!

  4. Oh your pie looks delicious! And if I did what Kai did, I fear I would be permanently stuck in that position!

  5. Oh, yum ... would love a piece.

  6. Mmmmmmmmm - looks fantastic and delicious! Love the little extras - ice cream and the pastry wheel! I would just love a piece of pie straight out of the oven with a good cup of coffee! Thanks Ruth!!

    Your grandangel did a great job on that bridge! Not sure I was ever able to bend over backwards like that, lol!

  7. I have such a weakness for pie and that piece looks delish. I made chocolate zucchini cake today and took half to the neighbours ... something for their after school snack.

  8. your crust looks heavenly!!!

    what a great thought for the day.

  9. Let me go grab a fork and some ice tea. My...your pie is as good as it looks.:)

    How I wish I could make a bridge again!

  10. Ruth, We'll all be right over!
    Jum, Jum, Jummy!

  11. I am so happy that apple season is here. I sometimes make apple squares on a baking sheet with pastry on the bottom and then apples with a crumb topping.I don't think I have had a Goodland apple.

  12. My Goodness! If only we can truly download or upload the photo and comes out for real... I would surely do that and eat my piece of pie to my heart's desire. thanks for the thought anyway.

  13. Ruth, that pie looks wonderful. Isn't it great to cook with things you've grown or have a closeness to.

    Kai makes my back hurt. Look at that beautiful form, sure wish my body could do that. Diane

  14. man I got me wagon out and headed that a way.... drooling...slobbering all the way...

  15. I was recently telling Ginny that I have 31,000 pictures in my picture file... Amazing isn't it????? I'll try to check out yours sometime.. Gotta go to bed now since it is LATE.

    That Apple Pie looks fabulous --and I'd love those little rolled dough pieces... YUM.... You are right... You MUST have Vanilla Ice Cream with your Apple Pie---although some people eat cheddar cheese with theirs... Not me though!!!! I'm an ice cream nut!!!! ha

    Kai is adorable.... She is growing up too fast, Ruth.

  16. Looks laptop is drooling:)

  17. That pie and those little swirls of dough look delicious!

  18. The pie (and roll) look delicious. Could I please have another piece?
    Kai makes a pretty good bridge. Ahh, youth ...

  19. Your apple pie looks so delicious my mouth is watering for a bite. And speaking of grandchildren , all three of my little grandsons started school this week, one in grade one and two in kindergarden. Yesterday morning one little guy climbed up the steps of the big yellow schhobus and proudly waved goodbye to his momma, daddy and little sister. He had a great day, the beginning of this new educational adventure for him. Your grandaughter is very sweet. Ann

  20. The apple pie looks yummy; especially with the ice cream!

  21. Ruth, that pie should be illegal. lol Beautiful as are your apples. We have so few this year and those that have developed have done so poorly. Perhaps next year will be better.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  22. The apple pie looks delicious. And by the way, I like the pictures of the coneflowers (I think that's what they are?) and the background picture of the conifers. If I ever make it above the 49th parallel, maybe I'll come to Manitoba while all the other Americans head to Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver -- I like the route less travelled!

  23. Thanks for the pie, it virtually was so good! My grandmother always made extra pie crust sprinkled with sugar. It was my favorite thing to eat!

  24. *Gasp* Ruth, I don't care for apple pie, but yours looks DELICIOUS! Mmmm! :)

  25. Wow, Kai is flexible. I recall being able to do that when I was 8 or 9, but not any more!

    That photo of the apple pie made my mouth water. There's nothing like homemade apple pie from freshly picked apples---the store-bought ones just can't compare!


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