Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall Color in 2008

It is that time of year when nature puts on a spectacular display of color.
We are in the early stages of the fall color and I have not taken any pictures of it so far this year.
Going through our pictures and uploading them to Flickr has been good,as I see some pictures of previous years.
Today I take you back to 2008,this was the year of gorgeous color everywhere.

This was taken just west of the town of Morden,our home place.We have the Trans-Canada trail passing through there.
This is along that trail,or part of it.

While we were down in this little valley,the color was so spectacular,it didn't matter which way I pointed the camera,each sight was lovely.
The following is taken at just a different angle than the first.

Fall has such a rich color palette,combine that with the late day sun and the colors are warm.
I took this one north of Morden.
A Western Meadowlark who was still hanging around.

Again this picture was taken looking the opposite direction from the first one.
A creek flows through here,actually his creek helps to give us some of our water for the town.
The beavers had constructed a dam along the creek.
Come springtime,I am sure it got washed away,as we can have a lot of water passing through here and running into our lake.

My last picture for today was taken just outside our back door.No,I did not place the red leaf there for a picture.
We have Amur Maples growing right along the fence line and they turn the most beautiful red in fall.

Thought for today:
May this Fall's blessings remind you of our Father's boundless love.


  1. Ruth, I grew up in Manitoba and Fall was always my favorite time of the year! Nothing like a crisp sunny fall day.
    Very nice shots!

  2. How beautiful all the pictures are!! I have never heard of Amur Maples. But my favorites are that leaf, the creek with the little beaver dam in the middle, and the cute bird! Fall makes for such great blogging weather, doesn't it?

  3. D was born in Winnipeg and lived his first years there. He had fond memories of life there, back in the old days. Ha, ha.

    Colours haven't started to change here. We haven't had a frost yet.

  4. These are nice photos. Our fall hasn' quite arrived yet.

  5. Gorgeous photos - especially the color of the maple! We're enjoying the green and gold combination right now. What a lovely time is autumn! Have a fabulous week-end!

  6. I'm glad you're uploading your pictures since you can share some of these older ones with us. These pictures are wonderful. We noticed yesterday that some of our trees are starting to show color.

  7. beautiful area the colors are splendid in the fall

  8. I do love Fall colors, even though I'm not ready for it to end.
    That red is striking!

  9. A wonderful fall display. Those are stunning scenes and just the right time for a rerun. Fall has to be just around the corner.

  10. awesome photos of fall. it's my favorite season. love the fusion of color in sceneries. love the photo of the lone birdie.

  11. Hi Ruth, LOVE LOVE LOVE your new Fall blog theme, background, etc... Gorgeous!!!

    We have a tiny bit of color here now--but not much. We don't usually get pretty colors 'til mid-October. Your colors are beautiful... I can't wait to see ours. I LOVE Fall.

    I took a picture in the Smokies yesterday of ONE RED LEAF--just like yours... I got so excited just to see ONE.... ha

    Have a great weekend.

  12. This is a beautiful post, Ruth. I love your new background and it just goes so perfectly with the pictures. That fall leaf is such a beautiful red. Diane

  13. Ruth, Fall sure is gorgeous in your area! I enjoyed seeing the Western Meadowlark as I have only seen the Eastern.
    Happy Fall to you and yours!

    P.S. Love your new Fall look.:)

  14. I just love that Meadowlark shot and that last one of the red leaf. The light on these fall photos is so wonderful. I'm looking forward to fall color and some rain.

  15. Gorgeous color! I can hardly wait for fall and cool weather! Hope we have more pretty color like this.

  16. So beautiful! Love the "red leaf" photo. Isn't fall wonderful? It's my favorite time of year!

  17. Gorgeous photos! I love the shot of the Meadowlark. Are the trees in your background Larches or is that just reflected sunlight on them? Either way, it is a perfect complement to your lovely fall post.

  18. Ruth,

    Thanks for inspiring us with the beautiful photos of the fall foliage. It is just starting to turn here butit has been so dry that I don't think it will be spectacular this year.

  19. i'm so excited for you as you watch the leaves changing.
    i look forward to our trees turning into these brilliant colors also!!

    have a blessed sunday.

  20. The leaves are beginning to turn here ... that maple leaf is pure beauty.

  21. LOVE the creek shot.
    I was just out this morning shooting the yellow and browns in all of the fields. Our purples are gone. :(
    But, nothing is constant - always in a state of change - except for God!

  22. I like the idea of the beavers and their dam. They make some important wildlife habitats. I enjoyed your post and pictures.

  23. I love all the pictures. I can't pick a favorite.

  24. Thank you for taking us back to a beautiful time in your world. No doubt, Canada has some of the most spectacular scenery around. Thanks for letting us enjoy it with you.

  25. aRuth: Wonderful photos of your country, you are way ahead of of.

  26. Ruth: Wonderful photos of your country, you are way ahead of of.

  27. Ruth, these are all brilliant! I love them! You know, I walk on the Trans Canada trail every single day. :o) How cool! Maybe one day I could walk to your house! LOL!

  28. Today the top news story was about the 10 best places to see color in Wisconsin. I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet! The days sure are getting shorter here.

  29. I am ready for autumn to get here and seeing these pictures is really making me look forward to it even more! The colours have changed here but only slightly. It's so beautiful when the trees are all yellow, orange and red, like you said they are such warm colours.
    Your pictures are beautiful, especially your last one :)

  30. You live in a beautiful place, Ruth. I love the bright red leaf amid the brown ones--very striking!


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